Mafia Wars: Mystery Animal List

More new releases from Mafia Wars today. This time, our regular giftable Mystery Bags have been turned into giftable Mystery Animal Boxes.

The Mystery Animals are obviously building on the recent announcement that Animals are going to play a more important role in the game, and are now used as part of our Attack and Defense ratings.

When collecting and opening a Mystery Animal Box (just as you would a regular Mystery Bag) you will find the details of the animal you received, along with a running tally of your current weapons, armor, vehicles and animals. The animals list their Attack, Defense and how rare it is (Common, Uncommon and Rare). Here is an example:



Here is a list of Animals we have found so far within the Mystery Animal Boxes:

King Cheetah – 21 Att / 42 Def – RARE
Piranha – 23 Att / 35 Def – Uncommon
Electric Eel – 36 Att / 20 Def – Uncommon
Kangaroo – 30 Att / 29 Def – Uncommon
Dingo – 13 Att / 24 Def – Common
Badger – 17 Att / 19 Def – Common
Arabian Leopard – 20 Att / 16 Def – Common
Buffalo – 25 Att / 12 Def – Common
Cassowary – 18 Att / 18 Def – Common

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