Mafia Wars: Fight Mastery Victory Tokens

Fighting in Mafia Wars just got a little more interesting! Mastery levels are now being applied to fighting, increasing your level with each fight you win. To make fighting even more attractive, Victory Coins/Victory Tokens are also awarded, which can then be traded in for special Fight Club loot available at the Marketplace.

From what we have been able to find out so far, everyone starts with 7 Victory Coins, and at 0% of Level 1. This evens the playing ground for ALL Mafia Wars players. There is a little discrepancy as to whether these are called Victory Coins or Victory Tokens as the game uses both terms in two different places.

For each fight you win, 1% is added to your Fight Club Mastery Level when working on Level 1. So far, it seems random as to if, when and how many Victory Tokens are also awarded. I ran down approximately 200 stamina, and there seemed to be no discernible pattern when they were awarded. No mastery percentage or Victory tokens were awarded if the fight was lost.

Level 2 Mastery seems to earn you approximately 0.5% per fight won. Confirmation is needed on how quickly you will earn mastery on each of the Levels, as well as what level players are capped at.

Victory Tokens accumulate and can be traded in for special loot under the Fight Club tab of your Marketplace. The loot varies from weapons, vehicles, armor and even stamina refills. It does seem however that most of the items require an additional sum of either Rewards Points (RP) or money. I am also assuming at this time that the money is New York cash. (to be confirmed)



Once we have more details on how exactly Victory Tokens/Victory Coins are awarded, we will update this post!


FarmVille: Requirements For Crafting Building Ribbons

With the recent release of the new FarmVille Crafting Buildings, it is not unexpected that we now have new Ribbon Achievements to challenge us. As you craft recipes, purchase crafted goods from your neighbors and sell your own crafted goods, these tasks will count towards 3 new ribbons.

These new FarmVille Crafting Building Achievements are:

Cunning Crafter: Crafting Goods will count towards the Cunning Crafter Ribbons.
Super Seller: Selling your Crafting Goods will count towards the Super Seller Ribbons.
Best Buyer: Purchasing Crafting Goods from your FarmVille neighbors will count towards the Best Buyer Ribbons.




FarmVille: Sell Crafting Goods For Fuel Chart

One of new features included with the new FarmVille Crafting Buildings is the ability to receive/purchase Goods from your neighbors and then trade those Goods in for fuel.

Currently, all Crafting Buildings can store up to 200 purchased/gifted Goods. There are a few different ways to receive these Goods. When you complete a 6 hour recipe, 1 crafted item from each batch you make is automatically deposited to your inventory. You are also able to grab free samples that your friends post to their news feed. When a friend purchases one of your crafted Goods from your Farmers Market, they have the option of posted another freebie to your wall. When you collect this gift, it is also added into your inventory.

The final option of adding to your Goods inventory is to purchase them directly from your neighbors. Enter your Crafting Building as shown below and click on the Buy tab. It will show you a summary of all Goods currently available for sale by your neighbors:


FarmVille Buy Goods From Neighbors


Select the type of Good you wish to purchase and it will then show you a list of neighbors currently selling that item. The higher the crafting level of the item, the more expensive it is. However, your neighbors need you to purchase in order to assist them in crafting even higher levels.

To trade in your Goods for fuel, click the Use tab and bring up the following screen:


FarmVille Sell Goods For Fuel


As you can see, each crafted item you have received/purchased is grouped together by item name and level. Despite the higher leveled items costing more to purchase from neighbors, they do give you a greater amount of fuel wen traded in. Here is the list:

  • Level 1 trades in for 30 units of fuel
  • Level 2 trades in for 35 units of fuel
  • Level 3 trades in for 40 units of fuel
  • Level 4 trades in for 45 units of fuel
  • Level 5 trades in for 50 units of fuel
  • Level 6 trades in for 55 units of fuel
  • Level 7 trades in for 60 units of fuel
  • Level 8 trades in for 65 units of fuel
  • Level 9 trades in for 70 units of fuel
  • Level 10 trades in for 75 units of fuel

Currently, the only use for our Goods is to trade in for fuel. However, FarmVille has announced that soon we will be able to use these goods for special items and other goodies. We will update this post once we know what those are!


Facebook Hoax: Christopher Butterfield Hacker Warning

Facebook Hoax: Christopher Butterfield Hacker WarningCurrently circulating Facebook walls is a message warning friends that by simply accepting a specific friend request, you will have your computer and all your friends will be hacked too. This is not only untrue, but impossible.

In addition to Christopher Butterfield and Jennifer Christina Smith, other known names included in this hoax are Claudia Rivalta, Daniela Mainardi, and Simon Ashton. I am sure there are dozens more floating around as well, but will appear something similar to:

Do not accept a friend request from a CHRISTOPHER BUTTERFIELD and JENNIFER CHRISTINA SMITH they are hackers. Tell all on your list because if somebody on your list adds them, they’ll be on your list too. They’ll figure out ur computer’s ID and address, so copy & paste this message to everyone even if u don’t care for them cause if he hacks them, he hacks you. Be careful.

As you can see, the message warns that by accepting a “friend request” from Christopher Butterfield (or whatever other name is used), not only allows him or her to hack into your computer and gain access to your email account, but also the accounts of anyone on your friends list. The warning has been circulating rapidly through Facebook, other social networking websites, and by email.

This is technically impossible. Hackers (or crackers) use a variety of ways to trick you into giving them access to your computer or personal information. They may send a phishing email coercing info from you, or they may trick you into downloading something that installs trojan software, allowing your computer to be controlled remotely. But, even the best hackers cannot get into your system simply by being on your friends list. There has to be an exchange of information, or the transfer of a file in order for this to happen.

Unfortunately, it is hoaxes such as these, where people feel it is better to be safe than sorry, that turn us jaded and suspicious of all ‘pass it on’ messages. This inadvertently affects truly important valid messages and warnings from being sent to friends.

Be cautious of sending things on to friends. A 30 second Google search on a section of the warning will almost always let you know if it is real, or simply another silly hoax.


Facebook Confirms Again ‘No Profile Spy’

The dreaded “see who’s been viewing your profile”, aka Profile Spy, has reared its ugly head yet again. Late last year, the hoax had millions of Facebook users scrambling to either try it out, or hide out!

Facebook Security itself recently posted the following statement, proving that any sort of advertised “Profile Spy” does not work, nor can work. The functionality required for an application such as this work has been disabled by Facebook developers.

Here is what they have to say:

On Facebook, there’s no way to see who has visited your profile. We’ve also prevented others from providing this functionality. We’re working hard to block and remove websites, Pages, and applications that claim to do this. If you see one, don’t be fooled, and report it to us immediately.

This therefore includes such sites out there as (I have intentionally not linked to the domain but feel free to visit it if you wish!) The page redirects visitors to an on-page application called Facebook Profile Snitch. I strongly do not recommend you enter your email address into the box provided. The name of the domain you are redirected to (theblackboxproject) is suspect enough and should raise red flags to those who noticed. The app is most likely some form of email harvesting, most likely redirecting you again to some sort of paid survey set up.

Hopefully the actions of Facebook Security will help reduce the number of deceptive groups and apps from popping up. I honestly suspect it will not though, as there just seems to be so many people out there who really do want to see who is looking at their profile



Algadon: Free Medieval Fantasy Multi-Player RPG

If you like Runescape, Mafia Wars and other similar text based role playing games, you will certainly be interested in taking a look at this week’s featured role playing game Algadon. This game pulls the best features from top online favorites, mixes in its own unique story line and brings to you an extremely attractive well designed medieval fantasy RPG.

Algadon is a free browser based game; light loading for those of you with limited computer resources. Creating an account is as simple as selecting a username, password and your email address. You will also need to select the type of player you want to be from a whopping 14 different free character classes. I recommend reading though these different races first, to determine which one best suits your typical style of play, as each character generates gold, energy and hit points at a different rate.

Algadon players perform quests, battle boss monsters and beasts, fight other players, place bounties on each other, and more. To increase your character strength you can buy weapons, armor, food, and potions. Learning spells and training also aids in further advancing your level. Players have the option of joining a clan, and can send either private messages or post public profile messages.

As you advance through Algadon, additional quests, weapons, armor, and more become available. The game features a large selection of weapons, armor, spells, and special items available for either purchase in the shops and/or drops from bosses and quests within game play.

For those of you wanting to give your character an extra boost, 4 different Premium characters are also available. Premium accounts are a reasonable one time fee, not a monthly subscription. These characters give you an higher rate of gold earned per hour, higher daily gold bonus and faster hit point regeneration.

Royal Credits are also available for those wanting to buy very special items, such as extraordinary weapons, armor, spells, and other goodies. You can also use Royal Credits to refill your energy, increase your base strength or defense, and obtain gold quickly. All members are given 25 free Royal Credits when opening an account, and can easily earn more. For each new player you refer to Algadon, you will receive an additional 25 Royal Credits, and 600 gold, to spend how you wish.

Want to take Algadon mobile? You are in luck! Algadon apps are available for both the Android and iPhone.

If you are a MySpace user, you will be please to know that you can play as well. This version is a completely different game with different goals and challenges, allowing you the opportunity to explore playing a different type of character.

If you are looking for a well designed free online role playing game with a medieval fantasy twist, Algadon is definitely worth a look. Enjoy!


This post is part of our on-going series of “off-facebook” interactive games. If you would like to have your game or app featured, please contact us for the details on how to get started.


FarmVille: Lightning Gemstone Collection

The bugs have been worked out and FarmVille’s latest feature, Lightning Collections has released its first set – the Gemstone Collection.

This new series of collection items can only be found when planting crops. As usual, there are 6 items in the collection; 3 that can be gifted and 3 found when planting:

  • Topaz – 10 Required – Common – Giftable
  • Amethyst – 10 Required – Common – Giftable
  • Turquoise – 10 Required – Common – Giftable
  • Ruby – 7 Required – Uncommon
  • Emerald – 7 Required – Uncommon
  • Diamond – 3 Required – Rare

The collection can also be purchased using a total of 10$FV Farm Cash.



These Lightning Collections are limited time (hence the name…zap and they are gone!).

You also can only Trade In the collection once. The Gemstone Collection earns you XP and a Gemstone Trophy. So be sure to keep an eye on your News Feed for neighbors sharing these ‘gems’ and complete your collection as soon as you can!




Mafia Wars: Las Vegas Job Mastery Rewards

Mafia Wars: Las Vegas is now open for business and the rewards for successful job mastery are well worth the wait!

Similar to Bangkok, there are four Tiers within each District; Bronze, Silver, Gold and Ruby. This however is where the similarity ends. In past cities, Job Mastery Loot was awarded only when completing the final Tier. Las Vegas is working a little differently.

Upon successfully beating the District Boss in Tier 1, you will be rewarded with a specific piece of bonus Loot. As you beat the district boss in each following tier, that same piece of bonus loot is improved. The Attack and Defense rating of the loot will increase.

Here is an example… I beat Victor ‘Lil Loco’ Alves in District 1 Tier 1 and received:


District 1 Tier 1 Reward Alves Muscle Car


When I successfully beat him again in Tier 2, I received the following:


District 1 Tier 2 Reward Alves Muscle Car


As you can see, not only did I receive V$ and Experience, but the Attack and Defense ratings of my Alves’ Muscle Car increased. This increase in V$, Experience, and the rating of your bonus loot increases again when beating Tier 3 and Tier 4.

Note: You only receive 1 bonus loot item per District. Beating all 4 tiers earns you the top rating on that districts’ Job Mastery loot item. You do not earn 4 items.

Here is the complete list of Las Vegas Job Mastery Rewards released so far:


MW Las Vegas Job Mastery District 1 Alves Muscle Car

District 1 – North Las Vegas

Alves’ Muscle Car

Bronze Mastery: 55 Attack / 73 Defense
Silver Mastery: 61 Attack / 83 Defense
Gold Mastery: 73 Attack / 94 Defense
Ruby Mastery: 81 Attack / 105 Defense

MW Las Vegas Job Mastery District 2 Mancusos Shades
District 2 – Paradise City

Mancuso’s Shades

Bronze Mastery: 62 Attack / 80 Defense
Silver Mastery: 64 Attack / 90 Defense
Gold Mastery: 68 Attack / 105 Defense
Ruby Mastery: 76 Attack / 125 Defense

District 3 – The Lower Strip

Trieste’s Pistol

Bronze Mastery: 85 Attack / 58 Defense
Silver Mastery: 101 Attack / 75 Defense
Gold Mastery: 113 Attack / 85 Defense
Ruby Mastery: ? Attack / ? Defense

MW Las Vegas Job Mastery District 4 Bidwells Suit
District 4 – Shogun Casino

Bidwell’s Suit

Bronze Mastery: 71 Attack / 92 Defense
Silver Mastery: 79 Attack / 111 Defense
Gold Mastery: 98 Attack / 135 Defense
Ruby Mastery: 130 Attack / 151 Defense

MW Las Vegas Job Mastery District 5 Jacksons Motorcycle
District 5 – Mojave Desert

Jackson’s Motorcycle

Bronze Mastery: 107 Attack / 73 Defense
Silver Mastery: 120 Attack / 92 Defense
Gold Mastery: 138 Attack / 105 Defense
Ruby Mastery: 162 Attack / 140 Defense


FrontierVille: Tend Unready Neighbor Animals

You can now tend unready animals on the homesteads of your FrontierVille neighbors. This is excellent news for those searching for specific collection items.

Tending an unready animal is easy. You simply click the animal. Brushing/tending the animal multiple times will change it to a Hungry state. For example, tending to a chicken once will most likely change it to “Hungry”, whereas you will be able to brush an Oxen numerous times before it changes.

You still will earn coins, XP, reputation and collection items when tending unready animals. However, the neighbor you are helping does not gain any rewards from your assistance, unless the animal is tended in its Hungry state.


FarmVille Teams Up With Green Giant Produce

As a result of a successful pilot project, you can now find free FarmVille cash at your local supermarket! Social gaming giant Zynga has teamed up with General Mills to cross promote FarmVille with Green Giant® Fresh produce.

This on-pack promotion features 25 different kinds of specially marked Green Giant® Fresh produce packages with a peel off FarmVille sticker. These stickers are worth 5 Free Farm Cash each, and you are able to redeem up to 3 stickers per person.

Participating stores currently include Target Stores (with Fresh Produce), United Supermarkets, Hen House, Price Chopper, Wal-Mart, Winn-Dixie, Sweetbay and Aldi. Every store will have a different assortment of Green Giant Fresh items. Be sure to visit here to find store offering FarmVille promotional stickers nearest you.

This is the second time this week we have seen FarmVille cross-promotions. Earlier this week we saw the limited time offer of Cascadian Farm® Organic Blueberries. Surely this is a sign of more to come; merging our online virtual worlds with our every day reality.

What do you think of these cross-promotions crossing over into our every day lives? Has it influenced your decision to purchase the Green Giant® brand? Let us know below!


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