Algadon: Free Medieval Fantasy Multi-Player RPG

If you like Runescape, Mafia Wars and other similar text based role playing games, you will certainly be interested in taking a look at this week’s featured role playing game Algadon. This game pulls the best features from top online favorites, mixes in its own unique story line and brings to you an extremely attractive well designed medieval fantasy RPG.

Algadon is a free browser based game; light loading for those of you with limited computer resources. Creating an account is as simple as selecting a username, password and your email address. You will also need to select the type of player you want to be from a whopping 14 different free character classes. I recommend reading though these different races first, to determine which one best suits your typical style of play, as each character generates gold, energy and hit points at a different rate.

Algadon players perform quests, battle boss monsters and beasts, fight other players, place bounties on each other, and more. To increase your character strength you can buy weapons, armor, food, and potions. Learning spells and training also aids in further advancing your level. Players have the option of joining a clan, and can send either private messages or post public profile messages.

As you advance through Algadon, additional quests, weapons, armor, and more become available. The game features a large selection of weapons, armor, spells, and special items available for either purchase in the shops and/or drops from bosses and quests within game play.

For those of you wanting to give your character an extra boost, 4 different Premium characters are also available. Premium accounts are a reasonable one time fee, not a monthly subscription. These characters give you an higher rate of gold earned per hour, higher daily gold bonus and faster hit point regeneration.

Royal Credits are also available for those wanting to buy very special items, such as extraordinary weapons, armor, spells, and other goodies. You can also use Royal Credits to refill your energy, increase your base strength or defense, and obtain gold quickly. All members are given 25 free Royal Credits when opening an account, and can easily earn more. For each new player you refer to Algadon, you will receive an additional 25 Royal Credits, and 600 gold, to spend how you wish.

Want to take Algadon mobile? You are in luck! Algadon apps are available for both the Android and iPhone.

If you are a MySpace user, you will be please to know that you can play as well. This version is a completely different game with different goals and challenges, allowing you the opportunity to explore playing a different type of character.

If you are looking for a well designed free online role playing game with a medieval fantasy twist, Algadon is definitely worth a look. Enjoy!


This post is part of our on-going series of “off-facebook” interactive games. If you would like to have your game or app featured, please contact us for the details on how to get started.

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