Facebook Confirms Again ‘No Profile Spy’

The dreaded “see who’s been viewing your profile”, aka Profile Spy, has reared its ugly head yet again. Late last year, the hoax had millions of Facebook users scrambling to either try it out, or hide out!

Facebook Security itself recently posted the following statement, proving that any sort of advertised “Profile Spy” does not work, nor can work. The functionality required for an application such as this work has been disabled by Facebook developers.

Here is what they have to say:

On Facebook, there’s no way to see who has visited your profile. We’ve also prevented others from providing this functionality. We’re working hard to block and remove websites, Pages, and applications that claim to do this. If you see one, don’t be fooled, and report it to us immediately.

This therefore includes such sites out there as profilespy.info. (I have intentionally not linked to the domain but feel free to visit it if you wish!) The page redirects visitors to an on-page application called Facebook Profile Snitch. I strongly do not recommend you enter your email address into the box provided. The name of the domain you are redirected to (theblackboxproject) is suspect enough and should raise red flags to those who noticed. The app is most likely some form of email harvesting, most likely redirecting you again to some sort of paid survey set up.

Hopefully the actions of Facebook Security will help reduce the number of deceptive groups and apps from popping up. I honestly suspect it will not though, as there just seems to be so many people out there who really do want to see who is looking at their profile



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3 Responses to “Facebook Confirms Again ‘No Profile Spy’”
  1. tee hee says:

    i want to see who looks at my profile because im curious, but facebook practically makes it impossible… unless you track someones ip address with some sort of third party program, and im not willing to do the effort.

  2. Kevin Prunty says:

    I found another group with claims such as this… -_-


  3. Margaret Davidson says:

    Help! I stupidly clicked on the profile spy link that one of my friends had put on facebook. When I did, it took me to a site to download background pictures, which I did on my profile. However, I clicked the wrong one and now I cannot get it off. I can’t even remember the download that I did to get this.

    Can anyone advise me please??

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