Facebook Passing Out Free Facebook Credits For Gamers

In an effort to promote their own online payment method, Facebook started rolling out free Facebook Credits to selected account holders yesterday.

Although these freebies have not made their rounds to everyone yet, it is assumed that at some point many, if not all of us will receive something. The total gifted has also been differing from one person to another.

I myself received 10 credits ($1.00) yesterday, whereas Jeremy (my co-editor) received 20 credits ($2.00). Once the credits are deposited to your Credits Balance, you will see a large blue message at the top of your profile once logging in:


These credits can be used to purchase in-game special items from games and apps that accept Facebook Credits as a method of payment.

If you click on the Get Info link shown to the right, you will be taken to a Facebook Credits page where you can purchase additional credits. This is not where you redeem the free credits you have received.

To redeem the free Facebook Credits, select Facebook Credits on the purchase/donation page of your favorite game or app. So far we have found that FrontierVille accepts Facebook Credits when purchasing horseshoes, and Zoo World for a variety of items.

Let us know below if you have found any other favorites that your free Facebook credits can be used on!

Warning: Beware of the “Free Facebook Credit” scams already popping up! So far we have found one claiming to give you 900 free facebook credits. We will update this once we have the full details.



9 Responses to “Facebook Passing Out Free Facebook Credits For Gamers”
  1. You can use the FB points in Zoo World to purchase animals and other things.

  2. Kansas says:

    You can use credits to buy boost coins for Bejeweled, one of my fav games on FB.

  3. Wendy Hall says:

    I tried to redeem the facebook credits on Frontierville, but still got money deducted from my account. They’re supposed to be free!

    • Joanne Dolles says:

      If you used the instructions in the article, you would not have been charged. However, if you clicked the “Get Info” link beside your credit balance, you WOULD be charged, as all that would have done was add to the balance you were given free.

      • Wendy Hall says:

        I did not go to the Get Info link. I did just like the article says, go to the purchase/donation page on Frontierville and look for facebook credits. When I do that, it still takes money from my account .

  4. Lily says:

    I got 25 credits. I tried redeeming 10 for Frontierville Horseshoes. My FB credits was deducted but I did not get the horseshoes. Am soooo frustrated



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