FarmVille: Build A Beehive For Pollinated Crops

Bees have finally made their way to FarmVille and need a home to settle into!

Beehives can be built with the help of your neighbors and require 50 building materials; 10 boards, 10 nails, 10 bricks, 10 beeswax, and 10 smokers. Each player will have 2 of the above special items available to gift to neighbors on the Free Gifts page.

As with the other FarmVille buildings with a purpose, you can also purchase the supplies needed in the Market with Farm Cash ($FV).

If you would like to be able to gift a specific item to your neighbors, we have the special links to help your friends below!

FarmVille Beeswax Gift Link

FarmVille Smoker Gift Link

FarmVille Brick Gift Link

FarmVille Nail Gift Link

FarmVille Wooden Board Gift Link


After you finish building your Beehive you will need to find the Queen Bee. Queen Bees can be found around flower crops on your farm, or your neighbor’s farm. You can also purchase a Queen Bee from the FarmVille Market for 10 $FV and then immediately start adding Honeybees to your hive.


Once you have found or purchased your Queen Bee, you can then start building your colony. This is done by adding Honeybees to the hive. Honeybees can be gifted to you from your neighbors, as well as purchased for Farm Cash from the FarmVille Market. 5 Honeybees will cost you 5 FV$.

As you add more and more Honeybees to your hive, it will grow as we have seen in temporary events such as the Tuscan Wedding and St. Patrick’s Day. You will also be able to see how you compare to your neighbors by viewing the Comparison tab.



Your hive will grow and change in its look after collecting 10, 25, 50, 100 and 200 Honeybees. You will also be able to harvest your hive once per day.

HOT TIP! Once you reach 50, 100, and 150 Honeybees, the Beehive will split, eventually giving you 4 working Beehives.

Once you have your completed hive, your Queen Bee and your Honeybees, you will now be able to produce pollinated crops! These crops yield special rewards once harvested, similar to how fertilized crops do.




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