FarmVille: Crafting Buildings Arrive At Your Farmers Market

Crafting Buildings are now rolling out to a limited number of FarmVille players. If you have been granted access, you will find all the details of this new feature in your Farmer’s Market.

Not all of the details are known so far (we do not yet have access), but here is what we’ve been able to find out:

As you can see below, the Crafting Building is located inside your Market Stall. There are 4 stages to progress through once you complete the initial construction of your selected building. The goal is to create products, which you can sell in your stall or trade in for fuel. In the future, we will be able to also trade in for other Goods and special rewards.




The general overview of the steps are:

  1. Craft your Bushels into goods.
  2. Sell your goods to level up and improve your recipes.
  3. Leveling up your recipes allows you to upgrade your Crafting Building.
  4. Trade in your crafted goods for fuel.

As soon as we have more info on the exact details inside the Crafting Buildings, we will certainly post them! Until then, keep your eyes on your Farmer’s Market for access.



6 Responses to “FarmVille: Crafting Buildings Arrive At Your Farmers Market”
  1. Kathe says:

    Why are the craft buildings only being sent to certain people? How on earth is that fair to all the diehard farmers?

    • Joanne Dolles says:

      It’s being rolled out to random people so that they can squash any bugs easier. It’s much easier to fix things with a few thousand players testing it out versus 60+ million at once. So hang tight… It’s coming eventually to everyone.

    • nesh says:

      seriously…i dont have one either, and majority of my neighbors do…how about keeping it fair farmville…this is total BS

      • Joanne Dolles says:

        I don’t have one either and the majority of my neighbors do not either. It will roll out to everyone eventually. It’s not as if there is a contest or any time limit so it shouldn’t really worry anyone

  2. shasta fuller says:

    Just sucks that my husband got one and i dident, means he gets a head start on his, n not mine ;*^(

  3. EricC says:

    Nice, thanks Zynga, because of your limited beta test I have to sleep on the couch until you fully release this. My wife is sooo mad at me right now, and its not even my fault!


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