FarmVille: Sell Crafting Goods For Fuel Chart

One of new features included with the new FarmVille Crafting Buildings is the ability to receive/purchase Goods from your neighbors and then trade those Goods in for fuel.

Currently, all Crafting Buildings can store up to 200 purchased/gifted Goods. There are a few different ways to receive these Goods. When you complete a 6 hour recipe, 1 crafted item from each batch you make is automatically deposited to your inventory. You are also able to grab free samples that your friends post to their news feed. When a friend purchases one of your crafted Goods from your Farmers Market, they have the option of posted another freebie to your wall. When you collect this gift, it is also added into your inventory.

The final option of adding to your Goods inventory is to purchase them directly from your neighbors. Enter your Crafting Building as shown below and click on the Buy tab. It will show you a summary of all Goods currently available for sale by your neighbors:


FarmVille Buy Goods From Neighbors


Select the type of Good you wish to purchase and it will then show you a list of neighbors currently selling that item. The higher the crafting level of the item, the more expensive it is. However, your neighbors need you to purchase in order to assist them in crafting even higher levels.

To trade in your Goods for fuel, click the Use tab and bring up the following screen:


FarmVille Sell Goods For Fuel


As you can see, each crafted item you have received/purchased is grouped together by item name and level. Despite the higher leveled items costing more to purchase from neighbors, they do give you a greater amount of fuel wen traded in. Here is the list:

  • Level 1 trades in for 30 units of fuel
  • Level 2 trades in for 35 units of fuel
  • Level 3 trades in for 40 units of fuel
  • Level 4 trades in for 45 units of fuel
  • Level 5 trades in for 50 units of fuel
  • Level 6 trades in for 55 units of fuel
  • Level 7 trades in for 60 units of fuel
  • Level 8 trades in for 65 units of fuel
  • Level 9 trades in for 70 units of fuel
  • Level 10 trades in for 75 units of fuel

Currently, the only use for our Goods is to trade in for fuel. However, FarmVille has announced that soon we will be able to use these goods for special items and other goodies. We will update this post once we know what those are!

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