FrontierVille: How To Collect The Manure Collection


There’s a new FrontierVille collection that has pooped…Err… I mean popped up; the Manure Collection. It is of course collected from a variety of animals.

Here is the complete list of the collection items, along with what animals you have a chance of finding these little “gifts”:

The Manure Collection – Rewards: 1 Saltpeter

Poultry puddin’ – Chickens and Geese
Piggy Poop – Pigs
Brush Brownie – Goats and Sheep
Prairie Pile – Horses and Mules
Meadow Muffin – Cows and Oxen

Note: You will need 5 complete collections in order to complete the Limited Time Party on the 4th – Part 1 quest.

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