FrontierVille Quest: Breakfast In Bed

There is lots of crafting involved in FrontierVille’s Breakfast In Bed quest. Here are the full details on what you need to prepare for:

Breakfast In Bed – Rewards: 200 XP + 500 Coins

  1. Craft a Feather Bed
    • Craft the Feather Bed inside the Sawmill with 2 Comforters and 1 Furnishing
      • Comforters:
      • You should have 2 Comforters already made during the Prepare A New Bed quest, but if for some reason you do not, see the next 2 steps.
      • Each Comforter requires 1 Downy feathers and 15 cloth
      • Downy Feathers are rewarded with each Chicken Coop Collection and Goose Collection trade in.
      • Use your Chicken Coop to craft Comforters
    • Furnishings:
      • Furnishings are crafted inside the Sawmill using 4 Sawhorsed and 4 Tools
      • Sawhorses are crafted inside the Barn using 5 Planks and 2 Tools
  2. Have (to USE) Two Pillows
    • Pillows are found in the Inn Collection
  3. Buy a Breakfast Meal at the Market
    • Breakfast Meals cost 80 Food and give you 7 Energy from the Market



6 Responses to “FrontierVille Quest: Breakfast In Bed”
  1. Marilyn says:

    Impossible to get the two pillows for the last quest. What;s with that? I’ve tried building multiple inns, etc. to no avail.

    • MANOLIS says:

      yea me too!!i have crafted 22 inns i have 21 of all other collectables from inn but no pillows!!what happens!!??

  2. Marlene says:

    after I build my Inn got 2 Pillows the first 2 Bonus’s

  3. Betty says:

    I literally just a few minutes ago completed this quest. It has changed from two pillows to two linens. Or it was for me. Still impossible to get and I had to build and delete several inns to get the two…..

    • Carolina says:

      Yeah, me too, Betty! I completed the goal with the second pillow but instead of a reward it changed in “two linens needed”

  4. shann says:

    i finished the bed task, but the bed and blankets are still in my inventory, yet it does not give me the option to use, anyone else have that problem?

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