FrontierVille Quest: First Day of School

Miss Fanny Wildcat has finally opened up the Schoolhouse! Here are the details on the first quest you will come across:

First Day Of School
Rewards: 450 Coins + 55 XP

  1. Craft Four Fancy Clothing
    • Craft Fancy Clothing in your General Store using 2 Ribbon + 2 Clothes
  2. Buy One Lesson at the Schoolhouse
    • Lessons can now be purchased at the Schoolhouse for various combinations of Coins + Food or Ribbon

Full details on how to Purchase, Enroll and Complete Schoolhouse lessons can be found at FrontierVille Buildings: School House



8 Responses to “FrontierVille Quest: First Day of School”
  1. Joey says:

    how do i get schoolhouse quests??

    i completed my school two weeks ago and nothing yet…only have three on screen now….party on the 4th part 2, Found a town part 3 and Become a master farmer part 3…

    are they just random??

    • Joanne Dolles says:

      That Schoolmarm quest seems to have a mind of its own. It took a few days for mine to show up and others I’ve heard longer. Unfortunately, all you can do is wait

      • Louise says:

        I’ve waited so long and was just about to give up when the schoolmarm showed up this morning. Hang in there she will show up when she is ready lol. Good luck and enjoy the game!!!!

  2. Georgina Paredes says:

    I’ve had my school build for weeks and I’m still waiting for a darn welcome mat to come from my cabin collection ! it’s driving me nuts !……if anyone has an extra one, please send it my way ! thank you

    • Louise says:

      add me and I’ll send you one.

      • mrraber says:

        Has anyone figured out how to get the welcome mat yet? 3 weeks and nothing!

      • n2fisher says:

        How do I add you? I need a welcome mat as well!

  3. bre says:

    I am finished the school quests have been for the last 3 weeks and when I enter the school it still says school is out… what am i missing???

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