FrontierVille Quest: Welcome Fanny Wildcat

After collecting your School House daily bonus for 7 days during the “Get Ready For The Schoolmarm” quest, Fanny Wildcat has finally arrived in the “Welcome Fanny Wildcat” series of quests. Here are the details on this multi-stage mission:

Welcome Fanny Wildcat Part 1 – Rewards: 50 XP

  1. Give One Welcome Mat
    • Welcome Mats are found in the Cabin Collection
  2. Give Three Bouquets
    • Bouquets are rewarded when trading in the Wildflower Collection
  3. Give Four Ribbons

Welcome Fanny Wildcat Part 2: Prepare Dinner For Fanny – Rewards: 50 Food + 50 XP

  1. Give Four Mashed Potatoes
    • Mashed Potatoes are in the Potato Collection
  2. Give Four Ribeye Steak
    • Rib Eyes are from the Ox Collection
  3. Buy Four Meals
    • Any meal, including Light Snacks, can be purchased from the Energy tab of the Market

Welcome Fanny Wildcat Part 3: Everyone Loves Cake – Rewards: 65 XP + 25 Food

  1. Harvest 16 Peach Trees
  2. Craft Four Cakes
  3. Craft One Present

Welcome Fanny Wildcat Part 4: Finding The Perfect Apple – Rewards: in progress

  1. Use Your Child to Harvest 25 Apple Trees
  2. Use Your Child to Collect 1 School House Daily Bonus



22 Responses to “FrontierVille Quest: Welcome Fanny Wildcat”
  1. Violeta says:

    I can’t seem to get the welcome mat. I have built, collected bonuses, and then deleted over 10 cabins. Is there an easier way or should I continue building more cabins?

    • JuJuBee says:

      Ask all your neighbors if they have one. If they send it to you, you can gift it right back to them. Maybe they’ll help you out.

  2. Heidi says:

    I Have completed the collect 7 bonuses quest for the school house but I dont have any of the welcome Fanny Wildcat quest pop up, and I hace since completed other quests and have had new ones pop up. I am having the same issue with the 4th of july task, (not poping up) Is there some special sequence of taslks i must do first?

  3. Juli says:

    I haven’t had the school quest show up either. I completed the 7 day bonus and now nothing. I’m currently harvesting 1500 peanuts and trying to gather 500,000 coins. I heard the school house makes farm life easier by eliminating the need to use energy when clearing stones etc. Seems that should happen BEFORE you need to make room for over one thousand peanuts. I do keep getting new quests just nothing to do with the school. Anyone else have this experience?

    • Matilda says:

      Yeah I have the same problem. I’m also on the peanut and 500 000 coin quests… I thought the welcome Fanny Wildcat quests would appear when I compleated other quests but so far it hasn’t.

    • staci says:

      I am on level 30 still no school quest they say visit and collect for 7 days I am well over 7 days nothing I have been looking for answers anyone know??? I have finished the 500,000 coins then it goes to a million

      • Wendy says:

        me too i have level 30 so still have 1500 peanuts and 500,000. so keep collects coins from gooses and peanuts earns more good luck but i have hard time to get tricrone hat. nothing. i have all 4 of it. and never get it. seems like bullshit.. is still keep running or last day as end today ? i wish that person who make frontierville ANSWER it..

  4. Gaby says:

    so hard to get 4 ribeye !!!

  5. Evelyn says:

    Have done all the quest and i still cant open my school..what is going on..all i got was more and harder quest to do nothing more said about the teacher arriving

    • SLM says:

      It will take you forever when the teacher quests do arrive – there just aren’t ANY welcome mats to be had anywhere… it’s ridiculous to keep playing and playing the same stuff and not getting ahead because of one thing you can’t get!

      • Evelyn says:

        I have the welcome mat and have done everything else..and still no school open..whats up with this shit..i emailed Zanga but we all no u dont get a decent answer

      • SLR says:

        You have a welcome mat?? I have been stuck on a mission for 2 weeks because I can never get the welcome mat!! None of my friends have one either (

        • shelly says:

          It’s funny because I actually have a welcome mat and can’t seem to get the teacher quests. I did the whole ‘collect from schoohouse for seven days’ but then nothing…just new and totally unrelated quests. I’m doing the 1500 peanuts (taking forever), 500,000 coins, collecting a dozen eggs (Also taking forever) and teach hunting. As soon as I finish quests, new ones show up right away, but not the school ones. Many of my friends at lower levels are already on theirs and haven’t even gotten the quests I have right now. Very strange.

  6. bell says:

    Did anyone contact Zynga about this? i have the same problem. i finished school, and collected all daily bonuses 5 days ago, and still nothing. And i didn’t get 4th if July quests.
    And every time i enter frointerville i get this letter “My name is Fanny Wildcat and i am a schoolteacher. I am happy to hear that you have built a schoolhouse on your homestead.”

    • Evelyn says:

      yes i contacted them ..They dont even give a real answer..This is crazy

      • Lucy says:

        I have contacted them and got this answer I do not understand.
        Thank you for contacting Zynga Customer Support, nothing has changed.

        My name is Jack and I am sorry to hear that you’re frequently getting an email from Ms. Wildcat when loading the game.

        I sincerely apologize if this has interrupted your game play. By design, you will receive an email from Ms. Wildcat to build excitement in this quest and game.

        I really appreciate for voicing out this concern. Rest assured that I’ll forward this comment to our game developers where it will be discussed and reviewed. Please know that we appreciate all of our players’ ideas, feedback and suggestions to make our games better.

        • Joanne Dolles says:

          It’s their way of saying the same thing 2-3 different ways in one email – aka ‘We have no idea what’s wrong’…

  7. Brian Ellison says:

    Three weeks of everyday collecting bonus from cabin and still no welcome. I don’t think they exist

    • Joanne Dolles says:

      They do Try building another cabin since the best chance to get the collection items is while building.

  8. player says:

    i have build 20 cabins and no welcome mat. it is 20*7=140 days if just taking collectibles everyday. will post later when found mat.

  9. player says:

    5 more cabin have been built on my farm and nothing. i have already 7/9/9/8 of other items from cabin collection but no single welcome mat. i think it is a miracle or rather items is blocked or it is a bug.
    1000 of wood and another of food is lost. i am giving it up.


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