Mafia Wars: Fight Mastery Victory Tokens

Fighting in Mafia Wars just got a little more interesting! Mastery levels are now being applied to fighting, increasing your level with each fight you win. To make fighting even more attractive, Victory Coins/Victory Tokens are also awarded, which can then be traded in for special Fight Club loot available at the Marketplace.

From what we have been able to find out so far, everyone starts with 7 Victory Coins, and at 0% of Level 1. This evens the playing ground for ALL Mafia Wars players. There is a little discrepancy as to whether these are called Victory Coins or Victory Tokens as the game uses both terms in two different places.

For each fight you win, 1% is added to your Fight Club Mastery Level when working on Level 1. So far, it seems random as to if, when and how many Victory Tokens are also awarded. I ran down approximately 200 stamina, and there seemed to be no discernible pattern when they were awarded. No mastery percentage or Victory tokens were awarded if the fight was lost.

Level 2 Mastery seems to earn you approximately 0.5% per fight won. Confirmation is needed on how quickly you will earn mastery on each of the Levels, as well as what level players are capped at.

Victory Tokens accumulate and can be traded in for special loot under the Fight Club tab of your Marketplace. The loot varies from weapons, vehicles, armor and even stamina refills. It does seem however that most of the items require an additional sum of either Rewards Points (RP) or money. I am also assuming at this time that the money is New York cash. (to be confirmed)



Once we have more details on how exactly Victory Tokens/Victory Coins are awarded, we will update this post!



2 Responses to “Mafia Wars: Fight Mastery Victory Tokens”
  1. Just Me says:

    Just FYI, but I didn’t start out with that many coins. I began with only 2. I’m a level 397.

    • Joanne Dolles says:

      Ok… 2 of us here at TFI both started with 7 so we assumed everyone did. It could be that extra are awarded to start based on past fighting experience? I will see what I can find out


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