Mafia Wars: Las Vegas Job Mastery Rewards

Mafia Wars: Las Vegas is now open for business and the rewards for successful job mastery are well worth the wait!

Similar to Bangkok, there are four Tiers within each District; Bronze, Silver, Gold and Ruby. This however is where the similarity ends. In past cities, Job Mastery Loot was awarded only when completing the final Tier. Las Vegas is working a little differently.

Upon successfully beating the District Boss in Tier 1, you will be rewarded with a specific piece of bonus Loot. As you beat the district boss in each following tier, that same piece of bonus loot is improved. The Attack and Defense rating of the loot will increase.

Here is an example… I beat Victor ‘Lil Loco’ Alves in District 1 Tier 1 and received:


District 1 Tier 1 Reward Alves Muscle Car


When I successfully beat him again in Tier 2, I received the following:


District 1 Tier 2 Reward Alves Muscle Car


As you can see, not only did I receive V$ and Experience, but the Attack and Defense ratings of my Alves’ Muscle Car increased. This increase in V$, Experience, and the rating of your bonus loot increases again when beating Tier 3 and Tier 4.

Note: You only receive 1 bonus loot item per District. Beating all 4 tiers earns you the top rating on that districts’ Job Mastery loot item. You do not earn 4 items.

Here is the complete list of Las Vegas Job Mastery Rewards released so far:


MW Las Vegas Job Mastery District 1 Alves Muscle Car

District 1 – North Las Vegas

Alves’ Muscle Car

Bronze Mastery: 55 Attack / 73 Defense
Silver Mastery: 61 Attack / 83 Defense
Gold Mastery: 73 Attack / 94 Defense
Ruby Mastery: 81 Attack / 105 Defense

MW Las Vegas Job Mastery District 2 Mancusos Shades
District 2 – Paradise City

Mancuso’s Shades

Bronze Mastery: 62 Attack / 80 Defense
Silver Mastery: 64 Attack / 90 Defense
Gold Mastery: 68 Attack / 105 Defense
Ruby Mastery: 76 Attack / 125 Defense

District 3 – The Lower Strip

Trieste’s Pistol

Bronze Mastery: 85 Attack / 58 Defense
Silver Mastery: 101 Attack / 75 Defense
Gold Mastery: 113 Attack / 85 Defense
Ruby Mastery: ? Attack / ? Defense

MW Las Vegas Job Mastery District 4 Bidwells Suit
District 4 – Shogun Casino

Bidwell’s Suit

Bronze Mastery: 71 Attack / 92 Defense
Silver Mastery: 79 Attack / 111 Defense
Gold Mastery: 98 Attack / 135 Defense
Ruby Mastery: 130 Attack / 151 Defense

MW Las Vegas Job Mastery District 5 Jacksons Motorcycle
District 5 – Mojave Desert

Jackson’s Motorcycle

Bronze Mastery: 107 Attack / 73 Defense
Silver Mastery: 120 Attack / 92 Defense
Gold Mastery: 138 Attack / 105 Defense
Ruby Mastery: 162 Attack / 140 Defense

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