FrontierVille Buildings: How To Build a Storage Shed

The following details what exactly your FrontierVille Storage Shed is used for, and how to build one:

To Purchase & Build:

Purchase: Market
Cost: 20 Wood + 20,000 (19,000) Coins
Bonus: receive ? XP when you purchase and place onto your homestead
Requirements to Build: 5 Cement, 5 Shingles, 5 Pegs, 5 Mallets, 5 Window, 10 Energy and 100 Wood

Once you have collected all of the above building supplies from friends and neighbors gifting them to you, you will also need to collect 10 Elbow Grease. This is not available on the Free Gifts page and cannot be gifted in-game. You must post this request out to your news feed and have 10 friends click on it to send.


The Storage Shed can be customized via the Walls, Roof, Trim and Details.


Level 1 – Only the first level of storage has been released, allowing you to store up to 20 items inside.

Daily Bonus:

The Daily Bonus on your Storage Shed gives you the chance at finding an item from the
You also have the chance at receiving an item from the Storage Shed Collection Collection.

FrontierVille Cement
FrontierVille Pegs New Exclusive Gifts

FarmVille has updated their exclusive gifts with a few new goodies! Be sure to send a new Blue Bench, Cement Planter, Tropical Planter or Arjuna Tree to your friends and neighbors today! Decoration Blue Bench

FarmVille Decoration Cement Planter Decoration Cement Planter Decoration Tropical Planter

FarmVille Tree Arjuna Arjuna Tree



FarmVille: Spinach & Carnival Squash Crops

Farmville has just released two new permanent Crops – Spinach and Carnival Squash. Since these are permanent additions to our seeds list, Crop Mastery is possible for both.


Req: Level 6
Cost: 35 Coins
Sell: 95 Coins
Harvests: 14 Hours
XP Earned: 2 XP

Mastery Level 1: 300
Mastery Level 2: 600
Mastery Level 3: 900

Carnival Squash

Req: Level 63 + Pattypan Squash Mastery
Cost: 355 Coins
Sell: 435 Coins
Harvests: 8 Hours
XP Earned: 1 XP

Mastery Level 1: 2000
Mastery Level 2: 4000
Mastery Level 3: 6000



FarmVille: Build Your Underground Storage Cellar Now

FarmVille’s new Underground Storage Cellar has now arrived! If you do not yet have access to it, hang tight, it will be arriving shortly. This latest feature is now in roll out to everyone.

The new Underground Storage Cellar increases your storage capacity. You will now be able to store up to 500 items, while only taking up a small amount of space on your farm.

Underground Storage Cellar

The nitty-gritty:

  • Cost: 1 Free Storage Cellar found in your Gift Box. If you accidentally delete or sell it, you can purchase one in the Market for 10,000 coins.
  • Capacity: up to 500 items
  • Level Required: Players who have reached at least Level 16

Building your Underground Storage Cellar works similar to how we built Tuscan Wedding. You will need to collect Shovels from your friends and neighbors, which in turn both increase your cellar depth, and can be redeemed for exclusive gifts and decorations.

Once you place your Storage Cellar on your farm, look inside to view your progress, your friends’ progress, view your inventory or “Ask for More” shovels.




Inside FarmVille Underground Cellar


Once you have placed your Storage Cellar, ask your neighbors for Shovels:




The above request will go our directly to the specific neighbors you ask, allowing them to easily send you Shovels. In return for their assistance, they will get to choose from the following rewards as thanks:



As you increase your quantity of shovels, you are able to redeem them for exclusive prizes and decorations:

  • Mole – 20 Points
  • Crystal Rock – 40 Points
  • Miner Sheep – 60 Points
  • Cave Gnome – 120 Points
  • Antique Tractor – 200 Points

Underground Storage Cellar Mole

Underground Storage Cellar Crystal Rock

Underground Storage Cellar Cave Gnome

Underground Storage Cellar Vintage Tractor



FrontierVille: Build A Storage Shed Coming Soon

Running out of room for all your FrontierVille decorations? Think it’s past time for some storage? Well hang tight to your knickers and bloomers – Storage Sheds are on their way!

FrontierVille just made sneak status update, indicating that we will soon be able to build a storage shed.




Mafia Wars: Snoop Dog Blows Up An Armored Truck Live From Las Vegas!

In celebration of Mafia Wars latest city release Las Vegas reaching 10,000,000 visitors, it has announced it will blow up an armored truck – yes, a REAL armored truck!

The event will be streamed live from Las Vegas on, Thursday August 19, at 6pm PST / 9pm EST.

To make things even more interesting and exciting, the armored truck will be blown up by none other than rapper/actor/producer Snoop Dogg.

Zynga, the developer of Mafia Wars, has teamed up with some big names lately; General Mills/Green Giant, 7/11, Cascadian Farm, and now Snoop Dogg.

What do you think of this partnership? Will you be watching Snoops’ explosive endorsement? Let us know below!





Mafia Wars: Fight Mastery Leveling

With the release of Mafia Wars Las Vegas, fighting within in the game changed slightly, as detailed in our post Fight Mastery Victory Tokens. Below you will find a chart showing how many fight wins are required in order to level up your Mafia Wars Fight Mastery.

Keep in mind, these wins need to be on an alive player; not one that has been already iced or snuffed. Check and see how close you are to leveling!




FarmVille Decorations: Limited Edition Dinosaur Slide, Bouncing Castle, Octopus Pool, Summer Campsite & Fireflies

Following along with FarmVille latest Limited Edition Summer theme, there has been 5 new decorations just released into the Market. These are a Dinosaur Slide, Octopus Pool, Bouncing Castle, Summer Campsite and Fireflies.

The Summer themed decorations are available for a limited time only – for the next 9 days, so get them while you can:

  • Dinosaur Slide – $FV 30
  • Octopus Pool – 80,000 coins
  • Bouncing Castle – $FV 32
  • Summer Campsite – 50,000 coins
  • Fireflies – $FV 4

FarmVille Limited Edition Dinosaur Slide

FarmVille Limited Edition Octopus Pool

FarmVille Limited Edition Bouncing Castle

FarmVille Limited Edition Summer Campsite

FarmVille Limited Edition Fireflies


Send a pic your farm featuring any of these decorations to and you could be featured here on the Insider!



FarmVille: Backyard Fort & Ice Cream Shop

FarmVille’s newest Limited Edition theme, Summer, brings us two new limited edition buildings; the Backyard Fort and an Ice Cream Shop.

Both items are available for the next 9 days in your Market:

  • Backyard Fort – $FV 30
  • Ice Cream Shop – 220,000 coins

FarmVille Limited Edition Backyard Fort

FarmVille Limited Edition Ice Cream Shop


Send a pic your farm featuring either of these buildings to and you could be featured here on the Insider!


FarmVille: Mystery Eggs & Mystery Gifts Now Automatically Open

You no longer have to take the time to place your Mystery Eggs and Mystery Gifts onto your FarmVille farm in order to open them! With FarmVille latest update, as soon as you click on “Use” button under the item in your Gift Box, it will open, revealing your gift inside.



Keep your eye open for extra XP as well. Certain gifts, such as the Gold Gnome and Golden Chickens earn you additional XP. 50 XP was awarded for receiving a Golden Chicken and 200 XP for the Gnome.

A few less clicks certainly makes play easier!



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