FrontierVille Buildings: How To Build a Storage Shed

The following details what exactly your FrontierVille Storage Shed is used for, and how to build one:

To Purchase & Build:

Purchase: Market
Cost: 20 Wood + 20,000 (19,000) Coins
Bonus: receive ? XP when you purchase and place onto your homestead
Requirements to Build: 5 Cement, 5 Shingles, 5 Pegs, 5 Mallets, 5 Window, 10 Energy and 100 Wood

Once you have collected all of the above building supplies from friends and neighbors gifting them to you, you will also need to collect 10 Elbow Grease. This is not available on the Free Gifts page and cannot be gifted in-game. You must post this request out to your news feed and have 10 friends click on it to send.


The Storage Shed can be customized via the Walls, Roof, Trim and Details.


Level 1 – Only the first level of storage has been released, allowing you to store up to 20 items inside.

Daily Bonus:

The Daily Bonus on your Storage Shed gives you the chance at finding an item from the
You also have the chance at receiving an item from the Storage Shed Collection Collection.

FrontierVille Cement
FrontierVille Pegs


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  1. ashley says:

    why did they make it where we can only get 3 request at a time instead of all 10. that was part of the reason i liked the game so much was because there was always somthing to do now i have to wait on it to let me send the request again. change it back..

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