FrontierVille Quest: Homestead Expansion

The ability to expand your homestead has finally arrived! The quest can be activated from the Specials tab for 5000 Coins, and once complete, will increase your homestead to 29×29 Big Homestead.

Note: All prices below are assuming you have not completed the Rithmatic School House lesson.

There are multiple parts required to complete the Homestead Expansion mission. Full details of each mission is detailed below:

Expand Your Homestead Quest/Mission

Homestead Expansion Part 1 – Rewards: 80 Food

  1. Have 200 Wood
    • Fulfilling this mission will consume 200 Wood
  2. Purchase One Lumber Cart
    • Lumber Cart costs 3500 Coins + 25 Wood
  3. Collect One Axe
    • The Axe is part of the Oak Collection
    • Fulfilling this mission will consume the Axe

Homestead Expansion Part 2 – Rewards: 200 XP

  1. Visit Ten Neighbors
  2. Receive Ten Survey Authorizations
    • Ask your friends to send Authorizations by clicking on the “Ask Friends” button shown below
    • Clicking your Friends Authorization reqest from your News Feed will also earn you one
    • Fulfilling this mission will consume the Authorizations
  3. Clear Ten Neighbor Debris
    • Debris are items such as Grass, Thorns, Rocks and Wildflowers

Homestead Expansion Part 3 – Rewards:

  1. Get Ten Map Coordinates
    • Fulfilling this mission will consume the Coordinates
  2. Chop Neighbor Trees 20 Times
  3. Create Four Plants
    • You will lose the planks too!
FrontierVille Map Coordinates

Homestead Expansion Part 4 – Rewards: 5000 Coins + 25 Wood + Unlocked Land Office

  1. Lay Ten Stone Borders
    • Stone borders cost 200 + 1 Wood at the Marketplace
    • Task can be unlocked for 14 Horseshoes
  2. Lay Six Flower Beds
    • Flower Beds cost 2000 at the Marketplace
    • Task can be unlocked for 18 Horseshoes
  3. Place Four Log Benches
    • Log Benches cost 1000 Coins + 50 Wood at the Marketplace
    • Task can be unlocked for 32 Horseshoes

Homestead Expansion Part 5 – Rewards: 100 XP + Unlocked Big Homestead

  1. Purchase Land Office Frame
    • The Land Office frame costs 5000 Coins + 25 Wood in the Marketplace
  2. Finish The Land Office
    • The Land Office requires 120 Wood & 8 of each Building Supplies to build
  3. Craft One Sextant
    • the Sextant is crafted inside the Land Office using 3 Tools + 25 Wood
    • can be unlocked for 8 Horseshoes
  4. Craft One Land Grant
    • the Land Grant is crafted inside the Land Office using 15 Cloth + 100,000 Coins

Note: Watch for new Land Office Collection items!

Once you have completed the above tasks, you will have the ability to expand your Homestead for the cost of 1 Land Grant.
FrontierVille Land Office Purchase Big Homestead


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26 Responses to “FrontierVille Quest: Homestead Expansion”
  1. Fred says:

    When I go to the ‘Specials’ tab. My expansion quest requires that I add three neighbors to activate, or pay 7 horseshoes to unlock early, not paying the 5,000 coins you show above. I also only have a cabin and two barns, and I am working on the sawmill. Does that affect what is required to activate the expansion quest? Does it vary depending on the player? Thanks.

    • Joanne Dolles says:

      Fred, I suspect just adding 3 neighbors will fix the problem. Once you add 3, the cost should be just 5000 coins.

      • Sophie says:

        Thanks, Joanne….thats the same with me. I will try your suggestion thanks

    • carol marks says:

      i will be your neighbour, anything to help out.

    • cynthia says:

      Fred I have a lot of neighbors, over 100. Assuming you’re in FB, use game scrubber to find new neighbors.
      It also will let you find all your neighbors activities. It’s not cheating in anyway, it only is collecting information from your own neighbors. But has an area where people post to find new people.

  2. Denise says:

    I have completed the quest and expanded my land with the one land grant. However, in my inventory I have a surplus of extra map coordinates and survey authorizations. The game does not give us the option to gift them or delete them. It doesn’t appear I will need them in the future. How can I get rid of them so they don’t take up space in my inventory? Is this a question I should pose to Zynga?

    • Joanne Dolles says:

      I suspect they will be required in the future in order to expand again.

      • cynthia says:

        I sure hope so, because they a rapidly stacking up in my inventory.

  3. Barby33 says:

    do i need to pay the 8 horseshoes to make the sextant?

    • cynthia says:

      No Barby33, you won’t need to use horseshoes to make a sextant. You need to have the right materials that you made in other buildings to make the sextant.

  4. Julie B says:

    I need the axe from the oak tree collection. Can I receive it chopping neighbors trees?

    • Joanne Dolles says:

      Yes you can.

  5. Joe says:

    Stupid question but what are the odds of getting more Thickets while expanding ? I have 5 for the kid, but don’t want to use em all (not sure if you need atleast 1 to get more, like rocks, grass, trees, wildflowers).

    • cynthia says:

      Joe, I made the mistake of clearing away the thorn bushes when I started out. I didn’t know the kid would need to cut them down. I think I needed the kid to do it in 2 different goals. Don’t remember for sure. But when you expand your homestead, it will have more thorn bushes on it. So hide them and use them for the kids goal.
      I think it was 3 or 5 in one of the goals. Maybe someone else will be able to clarify it more.

    • Marshall says:

      There is a trick with the grass, thickets, rocks, ect… it has to due with open spaces on your land. example if you leave the bottom left space open you will start to see more cacti showing up. i believe the top left open drops more thickets. Fill these up with buildings and control the clutter.

  6. Pete says:

    I’ve completed the expansion, but have a friend who says her goals completely disappeared after she completed goal 3. She even completed goal 4 in hopes that the icon was just hiding, but nothing doing. Anyone else heard of this problem occurring?

  7. marie says:

    bonjour tout le monde, j’ai créee le sextant j’ai payé 100 000 et je n’ai pas mon extension 33*33 quelqu’un sait til pourquoi merci à tous

  8. Kaye says:

    I realise that this is probably the stupidist question asked in this forum but I will do it anyway. When is tomorrow? We have recently changed over to daylight saving so it ought to be one hour later than it was before but… seems variable. Sorry about that.

    • Joanne Dolles says:

      FrontierVille works on GMT-0 time. Right now, the day changes at 8pm EST for me. Hope that helps a little.

  9. Fred says:

    I’m in the second homestead expansion (33 x 33), and the third mission requires you to either have or make 3 snake cakes, which are made in the inn. I don’t have an inn; didn’t want to build one. Am I able to get any cakes from neighbors, or am I stuck with having to build the inn? Thanks.

    • frontierville addict :) says:

      you have to build the inn and your gonna need it for other missions, also when you collect you bonus you recieve energy

  10. Ruth says:

    I have a ‘thorny’ question:)
    After reading through all the posts, I don’t see the answer to this one. I’ve already done the mission that requires Jr. to clear the thorns. Yes I had to wait and expand the property to do that. Then they really seemed to disappear, until now. Every time I sign on, yup, you got it. Thorns are popping up all over. I’m afraid to clear because I have a feeling there may be a BIG’ thorny mission coming up so every thorn is being boxed in w/narrow cobble stone so as not to spread too far. Anyone know if we’re going to need an over abundance in a new mission? I have my second child mission almost complete, just need 10 names, am thinking the poor thing will need to chop thorns also.

  11. owen says:

    its been a month since the last time i started completing my homestead expansion….but sad to say i havent completed because of lacking groudhog… i cant find any of them but since then i always plant my crops so that i could find groundhog but sad to say i cant find it….

    • Ruth says:

      Groundhogs love potatoes. Don’t need to plant a lot.. Try a row of about 10. An hour later another 10 and so on. That way you won’t have to use all your energy @ once. because they won’t all be ready to harvest @ the same times.

      • Ruth says:

        Forgot to mention……it takes a little bit after you wack it for it to appear again. Sometimes you have to look very carefully in that red glow and you can locate him blinking his beady little eyes :>)

  12. Judy says:

    I have completed my land office and have purchased the 29 x 29 expansion. The expansion area has turned green, but I still cannot use the space. Everything stops at the original border line. Any suggestions?

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