FrontierVille: Sharp Axe Mafia Wars Cross Promo

FrontierVille and Mafia Wars have teamed up for a new cross promotion of their games. For a limited time, each time you level up in Mafia Wars, you can earn a Sharp Axe in FrontierVille.

The Sharp Axe is a new feature within FrontierVille. They allow you 4 Chops, costing you only 1 Energy. You can earn 1 free Sharp Axe from the Mafia Wars promo every 16 hours. Additional Sharp Axes can be purchased in the Market; 5 Sharp Axes for 50 Horseshoes.



In order to activate the opportunity, you need to receive the following pop up:



By clicking “Yes”, your Mafia Wars account will pop open on a second window, detailing the promotion:


FrontierVille Sharp Axe Mafia Wars Cross Promo 2


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