MouseHunt Introduces The Seasonal Garden, Zugzwang’s First Move & Zugzwang’s Tower

MouseHunt's New Seasonal Garden

The newest hunting grounds made available today for MouseHunters who have attained at least Lord/Lady ranking is the Seasonal Garden. Access to the Seasonal Garden is from Rodentia, as long as you have found Zugzwang’s Scarf and a Magic Feather.

Zugzwang’s Scarf and the Magic Feather can be found now that we can finally opening our Dragon Chests! If you have not yet won a Dragon’s Chest by defeating the Dragon Mouse in Dracano, you will not be able to venture into the Seasonal Garden.

Finding Zugzwang’s Scarf will automatically open access to the Seasonal Garden under the Rodentia tab of your Travel map.

The Seasonal Garden is very unique. The mice available to catch changes every few days, along with the seasons. All of the 24 new available nice in the region are weak to a Tactical trap combined with normal cheeses, such as swiss, brie, gouda or SUPER|brie+. However, Hunters seeking true mastery of these Seasonal Soldiers must find the special weaknesses that are unique to each season (more details below).

The best way to start catching these soldiers is craft the new trap Zugzwang’s First Move (ZFM). You will be required to smash your old Zugzwang’s Last Move (ZLM) in order to build this new trap. If you do not own ZLM, you can purchase one at the Seasonal Garden Trapsmith for 415,000 gold.

How To Craft Zugzwang’s First Move

Zugzwang’s First Move requires 3 parts:

  1. Zugzwang’s First Move Blueprints (available at the Seasonal Garden General Store for 615,000 gold)
  2. Magic Feather (found when opening a Dragon’s Chest)
  3. Chess Pieces (smashing your Zugzwang’s Last Move yields Chess Pieces)

Crafting Zugzwang’s First Move will transform your old Zugzwang’s Last Move as shown below:

Zugzwang’s Last Move
( 2,200 Tactical Power )
Power Type: Tactical
Power Bonus: 15%
Attraction Bonus: none
Luck: 7
Cheese Effect: Fresh
Zugzwang’s First Move
( 3660 Tactical Power )
Power Type: Tactical
Power Bonus: 15%
Attraction Bonus: none
Luck: 17
Cheese Effect: Very Fresh


Once you enter the Seasonal Garden, you will notice a new feature across the top of your menu bar called the Tower Amplifier. The amplifier is a power bonus that is applied to your trap when you hunt inside Zugzwang’s Tower (the next stage). Catching mice in the Seasonal Garden will increase your amplifier in different increments, depending on the type of mouse you catch. Failing to attract a mouse will cause some of your amplifier’s charge to be lost.



As stated above, each season has a special weakness to a specific kind of trap set up. These are:

Winter Mice – a Hydro Trap set up will increase your catch rate.
Spring Mice – a Physical/Tactical Trap set up will increase your catch rate.
Summer Mice – a Tactical Trap set up will increase your catch rate.
Fall Mice – a Shadow Trap set up will increase your catch rate.

Zugzwang’s Tower

In order to access Zugzwang’s Tower, you will need to collect 4 Key Shards. There is 1 shard dropped by a specific mouse from each season. Assembling these shards will craft the key you need to gain entry.


As soon as we have more info on Zugzwang’s Tower, we will let you know!


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