Vote On Facebook: Your School Could Win $500,000 From Kohl’s Cares

In celebration of Kohl’s Cares® 10th anniversary, they are donating $500,000 to 20 different schools – for a total of $10 million! You can help your local school win simply by installing the , placing your votes and then telling other friends and family.

Kohl’s Cares LLC, a subsidiary of Kohl’s Department Stores, allows anyone on Facebook who “Likes” Kohl’s up to 20 votes. You are able to vote up to 5 times per school. This enables you to not only help your own school win, but possibly one that other family members attend.

Eligible schools include operating public schools in the U.S. (excluding Puerto Rico) that serve grades kindergarten through 12, as defined by the U.S. Department of Education, and nonprofit private and charter schools that serve grades kindergarten through 12 and are run by or supported by legal U.S. residents or a U.S. corporation.

Fans have the opportunity to post “ideas” they have about how their favorite school could spend the contest winnings should they win. In order for a school to win, it must have a minimum of one posted idea, so make sure you put in your suggestion.

This contest is being run solely via Facebook, and voting ends September 3, 2010. Be sure to head on over to , cast your votes, and share the contest details with your friends and family. Only 10 schools win – hopefully it will be yours!


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5 Responses to “Vote On Facebook: Your School Could Win $500,000 From Kohl’s Cares”
  1. Robert L Forbuss School says:

    Thanks for a great post. I’m begging ( i have at admit) for votes. My son’s school is a public elementary and we have been working 24 hours a day to get votes since this contest started. But the Jewish community is killing it for us. Great for them because they are so united. Their private schools are pretty much taking over all the spots to win for their schools. My son’s school doesn’t have that kind of support.
    If anyone has a facebook account and wouldn’t mind doing something that would be so appreciated. Please give us some votes. Facebook~Kohl’s Cares and vote for Robert L. Forbuss Elementary school. We haven’t had any luck with our local media. I guess you could say Las Vegas nor our city mayor or governor really care about education in the state of NV. Thanks
    Robert L. Forbuss school

  2. Angela says:

    Hello my School is really desparete for money,..our kids need swing sets we also would need a new building, and place for our students. About my work place its very small the play ground is not that big and we have up to 6th grade, we need more room as for food we have to go to another school to bring the kids breakfast and lunch, it would be great not to drive so much we really need the money for the kids and for our work place please read this and i really hope that we can get this money it would be really great and very helpful….!!!

  3. Dectria Mason says:

    Hello my school need new playground equipment. I am a kindergarten teacher and I would like to see the money used for new playground equipment for my students as well as the whole school. The school name is Walton Elementary School in Fort Worth, TX. Help us, please if you can! Go Jets!

  4. SWPAnnA says:

    This wonderful school atop Mt Washington overlooking Pittsburgh on Grandview Avenue is a beautiful addition to the skyline of our great city. I watched my grandchildren “sign” the National Anthem at PNC Park a couple of years ago…As so many Catholic Schools close in the city, this one holds on for the families who value the tradition of a Catholic Education. I am saying a prayer to Our Blessed Mother, and wearing my Miraculous Medal in hopes that the votes for this fine school will bring benefits:)

  5. Juan Chavoya says:

    The cruel times the economy brings to the life of young children is awful. Even teachers have been removed in order to help save money, canceling classes for five days has been another method for this. We need drastic change to our public school for us to learn and grow so that one day we make a change in the world that will benefit us all. WE ARE THE FUTURE!!! JOIN… AND HELP US!!! GO LANCERS, AVALON HIGH SCHOOL!!!

    -Juan Chavoya

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