FrontierVille Quest: Overseas Marriage

Keep your eye open for a letter from your widdering aunty in the old country! She has an Overseas Marriage announcement for you, and five new missions to complete:

Overseas Marriage: Part 1
”Nice presents for husband and wife are good. Also much cloths for der making of wedding trousers…”

  • Craft Ten Presents (Presents will be consumed to complete this mission.)
  • Harvest 20 Cotton
  • Have 60 Cloth

Hint: Presents are crafted in the general store. You get cloth for visiting neighbors. (The presents will be consumed once you’ve fulfilled the conditions of the mission.)

Overseas Marriage: Part 2
”Nice clothings are making bride and groom so handsome!”

  • Craft 20 Clothes
  • Craft 10 Fancy Clothing

Hint: Clothing is crafted in the cabin. You’ll then use this to craft the fancy clothing in the general store.

Overseas Marriage: Part 3
”Food to give strength to der couple for nuptial bliss…”

  • Have 400 Food
  • Craft 80 Batter
  • Collect Ten Lard (The lard will be consumed to fulfill this mission.)

Hint: Batter is crafted in the inn. (Don’t get rid of it: you’ll need it in the next mission!) The lard will be removed once you’ve fulfilled the conditions of the mission.

Overseas Marriage: Part 4
”Cakes to make bride and groom fat and happy as ticks, plus traditional goodluck bushel of potatoes for groom’s mama!”

  • Craft 20 Cakes (Cakes will be consumed to complete this mission.)
  • Harvest Ten Potatoes

Hint: Craft the cakes in the inn. (They’ll be consumed once you’ve fulfilled the conditions of this mission.)

Overseas Marriage,: Part 5
”Most importantness, der bridal bed for immediate gushing forth of fat grandchildren!”

  • Craft Bed
  • Get Ten Baby Clothes

Hint: Beds are crafted in the sawmill. They require comforters from the chicken coop. Click on “ask” to request baby clothes from your friends. (All will be consumed when you’ve met the conditions of the mission.)


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2 Responses to “FrontierVille Quest: Overseas Marriage”
  1. theresa says:

    i am trying to get my gifts and can’t recieve them at all this is not right i go to the left side where all the others are and hit on it and go straight to the game and then a note says collect gifts at the dashboard and i go and no gifts where are they

    • Joanne Dolles says:

      There seems to be a lag in what is being displayed in game and what you have already collected from your game requests. If your game requests are clear, you have no other gifts to collect.

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