Mafia Wars: All About Italy Opening October 21, 2010.

Mafia Wars Italy
Mafia Wars Italy opens October 21, 2010! A select few will gain beta access on the 18th. This new city will use the Lira as its currency so watch out for the Italian Satchels of Lira popping up soon!

Here is what we have been able to find out, according to Zynga customer service:

Mafia Wars Italy Regions

Italy ‘Regions’ are like Vegas ‘Districts’. There are 5 initial Regions in Italy’s release:

  • Region 1: Roma
  • Region 2: Palermo
  • Region 3: Venezia
  • Region 4: Milano
  • Region 5: Napoli

    This winter Regions 6 through 8 will be released:

  • Region 6: Calabria
  • Region 7: Città del Vaticano
  • Region 8: All Roads Lead to Rome

    Mafia Wars Italy Properties

    The 6 initial properties:

  • Villa
  • Winery
  • Fishery
  • Auto Boutique
  • Soccer Stadium
  • Port
  • This winter there will be 1 additional property released:

  • Resort

    Note: The Port is similar to your Chop Shop, but instead of requiring parts to craft an item, it will cost Lira.


    All properties will require the following new building materials:

    Italia Hardwood, Marble Slab, Stone Column, and Terracotta Tiles.

    As we saw with the Las Vegas properties, there will be 1 extra exclusive part required for each property in order to complete building:

    Villa – Volcanic Bricks, found in Roma (Connect with La Familia)
    Winery – Wine Barrel, found in Palermo (Build the Winery)
    Fishery – Fishing Net, found in Venezia (Smuggle Goods Through a Fishery)
    Auto Boutique – Motor Oil, found in Milano (Rob a Collector)
    Soccer Stadium – Football Player, found in Napoli (Trash a Rival Camorra Stadium)
    Port – No exclusive part

    As soon as we have the number of required parts for each
    property we will post a complete chart!


    Mafia Wars Italy Collections


    Dinner Is Served:
    Collect: Toasted Ravioli, Traditional Pizza, Calzone, Gnocchi, Meatballs, Gelato, Cioppino
    Vault for: +10% item drop in Italy

    Roman Standards:
    Collect: Capitoline, Castle, Centurion, Eagle, Flag, Palm
    Vault for: +10 Attack, +10 Defense

    The Great Inventor:
    Collect: Bones of Man, Mother With Child, Portrait, Helicopter, Vitruvian Man, Tank, Crossbow
    Vault for +50 Health

    Famous Rulers:
    Collect: Marius-The Great Man, Caesar-The Statesman, Augustus-The First, Nero-The Madman, Trajan-The Kind Soldier, Constantine-The Unifier, Justinian-The Last
    Vault for: +15 Energy, +15 Stamina


    Mafia Wars Italy Achievements


    There are 10 new Achievements being added with the release of Italy. They are:

    All Jobs Lead to Rome – Visit Italia
    Viva Italia! – Complete Bronze Mastery of Chapters 1-5 in Italia
    Vintner Experto – Level 10 Winery
    The Deadliest Catch – Level 10 Fishery
    Bread and Circuses – Defeat 1000 opponents in Italia
    Centurion – Own 500 Fucile De Caccias
    Rome is Burning – Rob 900 properties in Italia
    Mediterranean Maestro – Level 10 Villa
    Rome, Sweet Home – Level 1 in all Italia Properties
    Hail Caesar! – Complete Ruby Mastery of Chapters 1-5 in Italia


    Mafia Wars Italy Boosts


    There will be 3 additional boosts revealed:

  • Olive Oil (+150 Robbing Defense)
  • Wine (+100 Defense)
  • Swordfish (+100 Attack)

    More Mafia Wars Italy Facts


    Fact: You will no long need to master all paths to finish a tier. Beating a boss will automatically advance you to a fully unmastered map on the next tier.

    Fact: Italian Boss fights are designed similarly to the Beat the Feds event. In theory, a really strong player could beat a Boss all by herself, but very few players will be able to do that. The Boss fights were purposely designed to encourage cooperation with your mafia to take down the Boss(es) together. You cannot use two Boss Fight consumables in a row (Health Kit, Shiv, Grenade, Stun Gun) Boss Fights will be timed and the boss will not heal until that timer expires, at which point, he will heal to full strength. Each Boss has a different timer.

    Fact: You can request help on a Social Job every 8 hours

    Fact: Some job consumables will be harder to obtain and may require doing multiple jobs (like New York City required Concealable Camera Loot as a consumable requirement for the job that produced Blackmail Photos) You will need Cooked Books (from Milano) to do the job (in Napoli) that produces Hidden Charges.

    Fact: Like Vegas Properties, each level will require more parts. There are ten levels, depicted with Roman numerals (I-X)

    Fact: Italy does not have a buildable vault like Vegas. However, it is Italy, and there will be a laundering fee again for the bank.

    Fact: Like Bangkok and Vegas, Energy and Stamina requirements for jobs will vary depending on a player’s level.

    Fact: There are no tournaments in Italy.

    Fact: Robbing will be made available 3 days after release to allow players time to build up properties.

    As soon as we have the loot and boss fight stats,
    we will post them!


    FrontierVille Secrets


6 Responses to “Mafia Wars: All About Italy Opening October 21, 2010.”
  1. Mike Douglas says:

    thanks guys. the facebookinsider is really really good. I have you bookmarked at the top of my list of bookmarks. Every morning I wake up I check up on and look at all the pretty posts. Mafia Wars opened yesterday and i’ve been playing it on my facebook profile all night long. All night long! ;D

  2. andrew says:

    Which level is it for?

    • Joanne Dolles says:

      Mafia Wars Italy is open to any player Level 5 and above.

      • MafiaMomma says:

        I have been trying to get into Italy all week and it keeps saying you cannot get into this zone you must be more powerful. I’m Level 12 with 50 Mafia. WHAT GIVES????



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