FarmVille: Country Fair Limited Edition Theme Returns

FarmVille has just re-released an older Limited Edition theme favorite – the Country Fair! The release includes the return of some of the most popular items from its previous release, as well as a few new goodies.

Re-released Limited Edition Country Fair theme items are the Carnival Tent, Drop Zone and Balloon Stand.

Newly released Limited Edition Country Fair theme items are a Dunk Tank, Pirate Boat Ride, Cotton Candy Tree and the Mini Pinto Horse.


FarmVille Country Fair Decorations


Drop Zone - 50 Farm Cash

Dunk Tank - 200,000 Coins

FarmVille Limited Edition - Balloon Stand

Balloon Stand - 90,000 Coins

FarmVille Limited Edition - Pirate Boat Ride

Pirate Boat Ride - 25 Farm Cash


FarmVille Country Fair Buildings


Ticket Booth - 40,000 Coins

Carnival Tent - 120,000 Coins


FarmVille Country Fair Animal


Mini Pinto Horse - 26 Farm Cash


FarmVille Country Fair Tree


FarmVille Limited Edition - Cotton Candy Tree

Cotton Candy Tree - 5 Farm Cash


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