FrontierVille Quest: In The Cabbage Patch

FrontierVille Cabbage Patch Family QuestsIt’s time to grow your FrontierVille family! But first, you have to complete the In The Cabbage Patch quest as follows:

In the Cabbage Patch: Part 1 – Rewards:
Have you heard? Cabbages grow great in the Frontier! You GOTTA get yerself some of this action. Maybe your friends have some seeds they can lend you.

- Clear Two Rocks
- Get Ten Cabbage Seeds (Post to your wall and ask your friends to send them!)
- Have or Obtain Two Piggy Poops (Manure Collection) (Oddly enough, this’ll vanish too!)

Hint: If you have no rocks, clear a space and wait. (They’re also available in the market.) Piggy poop comes from piggies. Click “ask” above to ask friends for cabbage seed.

In the Cabbage Patch,: Part 2 – Rewards:
Now you’ve got the seeds, better get planting! And you’d best help out those neighbors who sent you seeds in the first place! You’d be up the creek without ‘em!

- Plant 20 Cabbages
- Tend Ten Neighbor Cabbages

Hint: Cabbage is available in the market. If none of your friends are planting cabbage yet, Ol’ Frontier Jack always has a couple growing.

In the Cabbage Patch: Part 3 Rewards:
Holy cats! It’s true – babies DO come from the cabbage patch! Who’d of thunk it!

- Harvest 20 Cabbages
- Have or Obtain One Coleslaw (Cabbage Collection)
- Purchase “Second Kid” Mission in Market


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