Best FarmVille Farm Contest



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Contest Details:




Contest Judging:


Winners will be chosen by most popular vote in 3 different categories:

1. All free FarmVille Farms Leveled 1 to 25

2. All free FarmVille Farms Leveled 26+

3. Premium FarmVille Farms. These are farms containing 2 or more premium $FV purchased buildings.

We feel these groupings keep the entries closer together, and allows lower levels, as well as non-paying players, a fair shot at winning. Just because your farm is only a Level 17, doesn’t mean you don’t have a fair shot at a prize!


Contest Prizes:


Prizes are awarded to the top winner in each category. On January 1st, 2010, we will announce the winners and contact you to make sure you are a “neighbor” to one of our accounts. We will then Gift over a Premium FarmVille item(s) from the Market, valued at a minimum 30 $FV.

Note To Winners: If you would like to reserve your Gift choice(s) until newer items are available in the Market, we will hold off gifting to you right away.


Best FarmVille Farms Photo Contest Winners!

Congratulations to our winners and a special thanks to all those who took the time to both submit their farms, and vote for friends! Our winners are:

Free Farms Levels 1 to 25 – PresentsPlease
Free Farms Level 26+ – 2catsonemerald
Premium Farms – Jena Wood

All winners have been contact via the email address they provided when they submitted their photo.


Submit Your Farm For Fun – Level 1-25 Farms


Submit Your Farm For Fun – Level 26+ Farms


Submit Your Farm For Fun – Premium Farms


Good Luck Everyone!