Bejeweled Blitz Just Got Even Better With Boosts And Coins

The most popular 1 minute spent on Facebook just got even better! Bejeweled Blitz just released its newest features to the game – boosts and coins!

Two weeks ago we were invited to begin beta testing the new features, and we loved them right from the start. If you love the intensity of Bejeweled Blitz, you are going to enjoy these new features even more.

As you play the new game, you will soon discover the first new feature. Coins. As you play, you will have gold coins fall into random empty places on your board. Match the coins with yellow gems to have them added to your coin balance for double their value. If you miss some, don’t panic. At the end of the game, all coins left on your board are added to your coin total at face value.

As you can see from the image below, we earned 700 coins during our 1 minute round and have a total of 32,000 accumulated.

New Bejeweled Blitz Scoreboard


So what can these coins be used for? Well, boosts of course!

The second feature, sure to literally ‘boost’ your score, is a selection of 5 different boosts. Each of these cost a different number of coins and are purchased before you start the round. Each boost purchase last for 3 rounds. You can also purchase more than one boost at the same time, which can make for an incredibly interesting, and explosive game!

The boosts, their cost and their features are:

Mystery Gem – 6000 coins
Puts a random special gem on the board in the beginning of the game

Detonate – 2500 coins
Detonates all special gems on the board when you choose to click it

Scramble – 3500 coins
Scrambles all gems on the board

+5 Seconds – 5000 coins
Adds five seconds to the game

Free Multiplier – 7500 coins
Adds a multiplier to the board at the beginning of the game

Stay tuned as we will add more info on how to best use these boosts in combination and earn the highest score possible playing Bejeweled Blitz.



Bejeweled Blitz: How To Score BIG For A Laptop

One of my favorite games on Facebook is PopCap’s Bejeweled Blitz. With only a 1 minute timer, it turns your regular run of the mill gem swapping game into a great personal challenge!

You are able to play against friends and family, without having to send invites or recruit for a crew. Anyone on your friends list who has accessed the Bejeweled Blitz application, will automatically appear on your scoreboard.

Pop Cap also includes a very generous weekly contest that combines all of your friends scores into a team total, and gives you 1 contest draw entry each Tuesday morning based on your team total.

Your draw entry will fall into one of four different prize levels, ranging from a free Pop Cap all the way up to a free Pop Cap Laptop! Qualifying for the laptop entry should be fairly easy if you have a few friends that play at least once weekly. Only 1 million points between you and your friends is required, and with the newest version of Bejeweled Blitz cranking out some huge scores, it’s a snap.

How To Score Big:

I’ve seen rumblings about all the higher scorers being cheaters. Well I can confirm that I am not a cheater and I play a fairly decent game. Here’s a recent score of mine:



That’s not to say that there are not cheaters out there – there is unfortunately in any game, but if you follow these 6 tips provided by the Bejeweled Blitz team, you can score nicely:

1. Try to keep your speed bonus up at all times. With a maxed-out speed bonus every move is worth 1250 points!

2. Multiplier gems apply not only to matches, but also to your current speed bonus. For example, with a x3 multiplier, each match made with a full speed bonus would be worth 3750 points. So once you’ve established a respectable multiplier, maintaining your speed bonus is extremely valuable.

3. Keep an eye out for bigger matches. Look for the opportunity to match 4 or 5 gems. This will create Hypercubes, Flame and Star Gems. These special pieces are instrumental in creating large explosions, which will earn you lots of points, more chances at extra Multiplier Gems and will help mix up the board, potentially making it easier to find new matches. Lost opportunities mean lost points.

4. Matches made lower on the board are more likely to generate cascades. If you’re finding it hard to make matches lower on the board, try creating and using a Hypercube or Star Gem.

5. When you earn a Hypercube, don’t waste it on the first color you see. Try to use it to on the color with the most gems on the screen. Or if you have any multiplier gems on the screen, consider matching it to the color of that gem.

6. The score chart provided on the Game Over screen is a great place to discover strategies of your own. Make sure you take the time to review this chart for your highest scoring games to learn the secrets of your own success.

Do you score well in Bejeweled Blitz?
Go ahead and brag about your best score below!