Fish Wrangler: Is The RLC Boost A Farce?

FishWrangler250Have you purchased Red Love Chum (RLC) on Fish Wrangler, and been constantly frustrated at the catch results?

You are not alone…

For those of you who are not familiar with the game, Fish Wrangler is a widely popular game for those wanting something passive interactive. Players are allowed to cast once every 15 minutes, in the hopes of either catching a brand new fish, or one needed to complete a particular quest.

The developer of Fish Wrangler, also called Fish Wrangler!, offers an incentive to advance in the game. This is called Red Love Chum (RLC), and can be purchased using real money, or earned via a variety of popular offers.

RLC is supposed to give you an edge. According to Fish Wrangler, it will increase your level speed, decrease your travel time, and claims to give you a catch rate “boost” when working on a quest. We have seen concrete evidence that it works well for basic pole leveling, and does indeed decrease your travel time, but have yet to see any so-called boost benefit.

According to how the game is designed, if you arm yourself with RLC, you will gain a 1.5x boost rate, when trying to make a particular Quest Catch. For each day that passes without a Quest Catch, your boost rate increases.

Here is the boost rate chart:


Red Love Chum (RLC) Boost Benefits


As you can see from above, going 6 or more days without a Quest Catch, earns you an 8x boost. Should be nice, shouldn’t it?

Unfortunately, it does not seem to work…

There are reports all over the Fish Wrangler forums, as well as my own experience, that this “boost” is simply not there. Now, I understand that using RLC does not guarantee a catch, but when using it on a daily basis over a period of weeks, without one single Quest Catch, it makes one question spending real money for something that seems to bring no benefit whatsoever!

I, like many others, enjoy the passive play of this game, the interesting fish, and the challenging quests. But a purchasable benefit needs to actually supply the benefit it claims and using RLC as a Quest Catch boost is definitely a questionable benefit.

Let me know your experience using RLC for Quest Catches. Has it helped you complete a hard fought quest?


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