FishVille: Zynga’s New FishVille Is Now In Beta

Being domain name and blog developers, we are always on the lookout for good domain names and blogging ideas for our clietns, so when last month while searching, we were not surprised to read that Zynga had just trademarked the name “FishVille”.

With the phenomenal success of FarmVille, Cafe World and Mafia Wars, it seemed only a matter of time before Zynga moved into more niches. And, now they have, with today’s beta release of FishVille.

Much like it’s predecessors, Happy Aquarium and Fish World to name a few, FishVille has been fashioned using the same model as both FarmVille and Cafe World – buy fish, feed fish, sell fish, buy a bigger tank. Then, rinse and repeat; literally!


FishVille Tank


Additional tanks can be purchased using either coins or real money. You will be able to pretty up your tanks buy purchasing plants and decorations with the coins you earn selling your fish. A fairly decent variety of fish are available to purchase as you level up through the game. The time to maturity ranges from 5 minutes to 24 hours that we can see so far at our modest Level 3, but if FishVille follows its’ past model to a “T”, there most likely will be 48 hour and 72 hour fish as well as we get higher.

There is a fabulous selection of gifts to send to neighbours (Yes, you need neighbors again!), that will ensure your tanks look great. We also see that the option to purchase different tank backgrounds will be released as well.

With Zynga on target for an estimated $200 million in revenue this year, we are sure FishVille’s almost certain success will pad that figure nicely.

The application is not yet showing in Facebook’s search results, so here is the link you will need to get your tanks started: