FrontierVille Tools: What Are They For?

We have received dozens and dozens of requests and searches for the scoop on FrontierVille Tools. Here is what we have found so far:

When you help out on a neighbors homestead, you have the option of posting a message to your friends wall, letting them know you stopped by. They can then collect a Tool.

When you hire a neighbor to do chores around your homestead, you also have the option of sending them a Tool notification. However, we recommend you do not send this one, as it wastes valuable time you need to click all the food, bonuses and collection items that quickly pop up. You only have seconds before these goodies start to disappear.

So far, we have found a few instances were we actually need to use these Tools. We expect that many more uses will become apparent as we get further into the game. Here is what we have so far:

1. Tools are used to build a Saw Horse. You will be building one of these during the Craft A Crib quest. The Saw Horse requires 6 planks and 2 tools.

As we find more uses for Tools, we will update this post.


FrontierVille Quest: Do Family Chores

Do Family Chores
Rewards 25 XP + 10 Wood + ??


  1. Have Your Spouse Chop Down Five Trees
  2. Have Your Spouse Feed 20 Chickens
  3. Have Your Spouse Harvest 50 Wheat


  • To toggle between your spouse and your own avatar, click the avatar to place the blue star above the head of the player you wish to be using
  • If you cannot find your spouse, open your Family Album, click your spouse, click Customize, then click Play. Your spouse will then walk from where ever they are hidden.

These were the original requirements, but changed to the ones listed above on June 16, 2020:

  1. Have Your Spouse Chop Down Three Trees
    • to toggle between your spouse and your own avatar, click the avatar to place the blue star above the head of the player you wish to be using
    • if you cannot find your spouse, open your Family Album, click your spouse, click Customize, then click Play. Your spouse will then walk from where ever they are hidden.
  2. Have Your Spouse Feed Ten Chickens


FrontierVille Quest Guide – What You Need To Know To Plan Ahead

FrontierVille Step By Step Quest Guide

Spoiler Alert!

The following post details each FrontierVille quest, allowing you to plan ahead when playing the game. If you do not wish to know what quests lay ahead of you, please do not read

Want to know what lies ahead in FrontierVille? Want to make sure you are stocking the required supplies in order to level up quickly? Then keep reading!

Below you will find a detailed listing of each quest, in the approximate order you will come across it. The order is not 100% exact, as each player will complete the order slightly differently, but this will give you a solid idea of what to expect. These quests are also not Level specific. Leveling is based on the accumulation of experience only, whereas new quests are provided to you based on the completion of previous ones first.

We will update this post as we reach new quests, and when possible have detailed what rewards are earned at each stage. Be sure to bookmark this post in order to check back often for new updates!

Note #1: The first few quests are not included as they are simple tutorials that the game provides, and we did not feel they needed any explanation here.

Note #2: Last updated Aug 21, 2010.

Note #3: Please remember, these are not in the exact order you will see them as each person will complete the order slightly differently. You can only have 4 active quests at any one time so your order may differ from the list below.

Note #4: The developers have been changing and balancing the game often. Some wording may be slightly out of date. I am doing my best to keep everything current but cannot see exact wording on quests already completed.

Clear The Land – Rewards: ??

  1. Clear Three Grass
  2. Chop Down Two Trees
    • Only trees requiring 2 or more chops count for missions
  3. Clear One Rock

Find Lost Sheep – Rewards: 100 gold + 6 XP

  1. Find Your Sheep and Feed it

Start Building A Cabin – Rewards: 250 gold + 8 XP

  1. Buy a Cabin at the Market – this costs 4 Wood
  2. Whack the Framework Three Times
    • this requires 3 energy and 18 pieces of Wood to complete

Prepare The Harvest – Rewards: 500 gold + 10 XP + 40 Food

  1. Buy One Fruit Tree at the Market
    • requires Gold
  2. Buy One Pig at the Market
    • pigs cost 365 Gold
  3. Plant Seven Crops
    • requires Gold

Visit Your Neighbors – Rewards: 400 gold + 20 XP

  1. Visit Two Neighbors
    • be sure to collect Reputation hearts when completing up to 5 tasks
  2. Have Ten Cloth
    • cloth is rewarded when visiting your neighbors daily

Finish The Cabin – Rewards: 400 gold + 25 XP

1. Finish the Cabin

  • requires 1 Hammer, 1 Nail, 1 Brick, 1 Hand Drill and 1 Paint Bucket

Prepare The Ground – Rewards: 100 gold + 20 XP

  1. Clear Seven Grass
  2. Clear One Skull
  3. Clear Two Rocks

Move Lost Sheep – Rewards: 20 Food + 10 XP

  1. Move Your Sheep
    • to move your sheep, click the Move tool, then your sheep. Place it where you wish, then click the Grey tool arrow to save it.
  2. Own or Buy Four Fences
    • these can be purchased or gifted to you and can be of any style.

Customize Your Cabin – Rewards: 100 gold + 25 XP

  1. Customize Your Cabin
    • To customize, click on your Cabin, select Customize and have fun!

Spruce Things Up – Rewards: 300 gold + 40 XP

  1. Buy Two Hay Bales at the Market
    • hay bales cost 100 each
  2. Buy One Pitchfork at the Market
    • pitchforks cost 400 each
  3. Buy Three Other Decorations
    • choose any additional 3 items from the Decorations

Get Married – Step 1: Make Progress – Rewards: 40 XP

  1. Plant Twelve Crops
  2. Have 2000 Coins (gold)
  3. Buy Three Chickens at the Market
    • chickens cost 75 each

Get Married – Step 2: Build Up – Rewards: 400 gold + 50 XP

  1. Clear Eight Grass
  2. Build a General Store
    • requires a total of 71 Wood and 3 Hammers, 3 Nails, 3 Bricks, 3 Hand Drills and 3 Paint Buckets

Get Married – Step 3: Prosperity – Rewards: 50 XP

  1. Grow or Gather Food
    • you just need to have at least 150 Food stored up
  2. Have 3500 Coins (gold)
  3. Buy One Cow
    • cows cost 765 gold in the Market

Get Married – Step 4: Fancy Duds – Rewards: 50 XP

  1. Have Four Sets of Clothes
    • craft clothes in your Cabin using cloth and coins
    • each piece of clothes requires 6 cloth and 500 coins
  2. Have Four Ribbons

Get Married – Step 5: Pop The Question – Rewards: 75 XP + A Spouse + Increase Max Energy

  1. Have Two Fancy Outfits
    • these are crafted inside your General Store using Ribbon and Clothes
    • each Fancy Outfit requires 2 Ribbons and 2 Clothes
  2. Get One Bouquet
    • Complete the Wildflower collection to earn a Bouquet

Lay In Supplies – Rewards: 200 gold + 6 XP

  1. Have 25 Wood
  2. Have 50 Food

Keep On Farming – Rewards: 55 XP

  1. Plant 25 Crops
  2. Harvest 25 Crops

Make Medicinal Tea – Rewards: 3 Energy + 50 XP

  1. Own One Clover Tea
    • found when harvest Clover crops
  2. Own Two Mushrooms
    • found when clearing your land
  3. Own Two Purple Flowers
    • found when clearing Wildflowers

Lay In Firewood – Rewards: 35 XP

  1. Buy One Forest Saw at the Market
    • forest saw will cost 3500 gold
  2. Cut More Wood
    • store up at least 50 pieces of Wood

Time For Breakfast – Rewards: 50 XP

  1. Buy a Breakfast Meal
    • available under the Energy tab in the Market for 100 Food
  2. Harvest 12 Crops

Do Family Chores – Rewards 25 XP + 10 Wood + ??

  1. Have Your Spouse Chop Down Five Trees
  2. Have Your Spouse Feed 20 Chickens
  3. Have Your Spouse Harvest 50 Wheat

These were the original requirements, but changed to the ones listed above on June 16, 2020:

  1. Have Your Spouse Chop Down Three Trees
    • to toggle between your spouse and your own avatar, click the avatar to place the blue star above the head of the player you wish to be using
    • if you cannot find your spouse, open your Family Album, click your spouse, click Customize, then click Play. Your spouse will then walk from where ever they are hidden.
  2. Have Your Spouse Feed Ten Chickens

Make An Orchard – Rewards: unknown

  1. Plant Two Fruit Trees
  2. Have Six Fruit Trees
    • these trees can either be purchased or gifted to you

Prepare To Build A Crib – Rewards: 500 Coins + 25 XP

  1. Craft Ten Planks
    • planks are crafted inside your Wagon using using 7 Wood + 250 gold each
    • 3 planks can also earned when completing the Pine Tree Collection
  2. Have Four Tools
    • tools are gifted to your wall when neighbors visit your homestead or Hire you.
  3. Build a Barn
    • the barn framework costs 12 Wood and requires 110 Wood + 4 Nails, 4 Hammers, 4 Bricks, 4 Hand Drills and 4 Paint Buckets to complete

Clear Out The Grass/Keep The Land Clean – Rewards: 50 XP

  1. Buy One Goat
    • goats cost 195 gold
  2. Clear 25 Grass

Get Ready For Baby – Rewards: ??

  1. Craft A Crib
    • Using barn, craft 2 sawhorses using 5 planks and 2 tools
    • Using barn, craft crib using 2 sawhorses and 5 ribbons
  2. Spend 5000 coins
  3. Visit 25 Neighbors

Care For Your Child – Rewards: 75 XP

  1. Eat 400 Food
  2. Wear 5 Clothes – Req’d 3000 coins + 30 cloth
    • Using your cabin, create clothes using 6 cloth + 500 coins per 1 set of clothes
  3. Find and Wear a Warm Wool Coat
    • Warm Wool Coats are found when harvesting Sheep

A Thorny Problem – Rewards: 1000 Coins and 25 XP

  1. Have Your Child Clear 5 Thorns
    • remember to toggle over to your child’s avatar before clearing!
    • if you have already cleared all of your thorns, they will grow back. It may take a few days though.
  2. Have Your Child Clear 1 Cactus
    • remember to toggle over to your child’s avatar before clearing!
    • if you have no cactus, wait about a day and a new one will appear somewhere on your homestead.

Learning – Rewards: 2000 gold + 50 XP

  1. Buy a School House at the Market
    • The School House frame costs 22 Wood + 5000 coins
  2. Finish the School House
    • You will need 150 Wood and 8 Nails, Bricks, Hand Drills, Hammers & Paint Buckets to complete

Stumped – Rewards: 1000 gold + 25 XP

  1. Clear Four Stumps

Get Ready To Bake – Step 1: Ingredients – Rewards: 35 XP

  1. Plant 30 Pumpkins
    • you will need 1500 gold in order to plant the crop
  2. Buy 1 Cow
    • a cow costs 765 gold in the Market

Get Ready To Bake – Step 2: Ready The Kitchen – Rewards: 500 gold + 75 XP

  1. Buy an Inn at the Market
    • the Inn framework costs 25 Wood to purchase
  2. Finish The Inn
    • the Inn takes 210 Wood to build and 10 of each building supply (Bricks, Nails, Hammers, Hand Drills and Paint Buckets)

Start Ranching – Rewards: ??

  1. Buy 6 Sheep
    • each sheep costs 280 = 1680 gold total
  2. Sell 6 Adult Sheep
    • to sell your sheep, click the Delete tool, then your adult sheep, and they will each sell for 300 gold

Pig Farming – Rewards: 150 Food + 150 XP

  1. Buy 9 Pigs
    • pigs cost 365 gold each = 3285 gold required
  2. Sell 9 Adult Pigs
    • to sell your pigs, click the Delete tool, then your adult pigs, and they will each sell for 415 gold + 45 Food

Fill The Pockets – Rewards: 100 Wood + 50 XP

  1. Have 2 Bees
    • Bees are found when harvesting Clover
  2. Have 2 Arrowheads
    • Arrowheads are found when clearing land
  3. Have 2 Peanut Shells
    • Peanut Shells are left behind by Gophers

Eat Your Veggies – Rewards: 7 Energy + 75 XP

  1. Harvest 20 Corn
  2. Harvest 20 Peas
  3. Harvest 20 Potatoes

Eat Your Fruit – Rewards: 7 Energy + 75 XP

  1. Water or Harvest Cherry Trees 24 Times
  2. Water or Harvest Apple Trees 12 Times
  3. Water or Harvest Peach Trees 6 Times

3 Square Meals – Rewards: 100 XP

  1. Buy a Breakfast Meal
    • This meal costs 50 Food and gives you 7 Energy
  2. Buy a Lunch Meal
    • This meal costs 100 Food and gives you 15 Energy
  3. Buy a Dinner Meal – **Requires Minimum Level 19
    • This meal costs 200 Food and gives you 32 Energy

Birthday Time! – Rewards: 100 XP + Max Energy Increase

  1. Craft 2 Presents
    • Presents can be found on your Wall from friends posts or you can craft them inside your General Store for 2 Ribbons and 5 Cloth each
  2. Craft 1 Cake
    • Cakes require 4 Batter and 2 Fire
    • Craft 1 Batter inside your Inn using 20 Food + 900 Coins
    • Craft 1 Fire inside your Covered Wagon using 7 Wood + 5 Cloth
  3. Collect 3 Peach Candies
    • peach candies are collected when harvesting peach trees

Become a Master Farmer: Master Farmer Part 1 – Rewards: 50 Food + 200 XP

  1. Plant 60 Pumpkins
  2. Harvest 60 Pumpkins

Become a Master Farmer: Master Farmer Part 2 – Rewards: 100 Food + 400 XP + 5 Horseshoes

  1. Plant 300 Flax
  2. Harvest 300 Flax

Become a Master Farmer: Master Farmer Part 3 – Rewards: 1 Ribbon + 1000 XP + 15 Horseshoes

  1. Plant 1500 Peanuts
  2. Harvest 1500 Peanuts

Found A Town: Founder Part 1 – Rewards: 1350 XP

  1. Spiff up the Inn
    • Use the Customize feature on your Inn. If you have already customized your Inn, simply change 1 feature and it will reward you with the task completed.
  2. Pay 100,000 coins
    • Start saving! You will lose the 100,000 coins once you complete this goal.

Found A Town: Founder Part 2 – Rewards: 5500 XP + 10 Horseshoes

  1. Spend 500,000
    • REALLY start saving!

Found A Town: Founder Part 3 – Rewards: 11000XP + 25 Horseshoes

  1. Pay 1 Million Coins
    • Fulfilling this mission will consume 1,000,000 coins. You will lose them, so be prepared.

Clobber Snakes – Rewards: 45 XP

  1. Clobber 3 Snakes
    • Snakes are found when clearing grass, under rocks and especially when clearing skulls.

Scare Bears – Rewards: 65 XP

  1. Scare 6 Bears
    • Bears are found when chopping trees; especially large trees

Clobber Groundhogs – Rewards: 85 XP

  1. Clobber 12 Groundhogs
    • Groundhogs are found when harvesting crops and especially like potatoes

Cow Farming – Rewards: 250 Food + 250 XP

  1. Buy 12 Cows
    • Cows cost 765 coins in the Market
  2. Sell 12 Adult Cows
    • Cow sell for 840 coins + 50 food

Teach Hunting – Rewards: 125 XP

  1. Have your Spouse or Child Clobber 4 Snakes
    • Remember to toggle your avatar over to your spouse or child before clobbering!
    • Snakes are found when clearing grass, rocks, and especially skulls.
  2. Have your Spouse or Child Scare 7 Bears
    • Remember to toggle your avatar over to your spouse or child before scaring!
    • Bear are found when chopping trees; especially large trees.
  3. Have your Spouse or Child Clobber 21 Groundhogs
    • Remember to toggle your avatar over to your spouse or child before clobbering!
    • Groundhogs are found when harvesting crops; especially Potatoes!

Chicken Business – Rewards: 150 Food + 200 XP

  1. Buy 35 Chickens
    • Chickens cost 75 coins in the Market
  2. Sell 35 Adult Chickens
    • Adult chickens sell for 80 coins and 5 Food

Chicken Ranching – Rewards: 50 Food + 100 XP

  1. Buy 35 More Chickens
    • Chickens cost 75 coins in the Market
  2. Buy 8 Barbed Wire Fences
    • Barbed Wire fences cost 400 coins + 1 Wood

Chicken Tender – Rewards: 75 Food + 200 XP

  1. Feed 150 Chickens
    • Using your Chicken Coop does not count; they need to be fed manually
  2. Collect (and EAT) 5 Chicken Breast
    • Chicken Breasts are collected when feeding Chickens
    • Remember not to Redeem your Chicken Collection until you have 5 Chicken Breasts total
  3. Collect (and FEED) 5 Corn Fritters
    • Corn Fritters are found when harvesting Corn
    • Remember not to Redeem your Corn Collection until you have 5 Corn Fritters total

Build A Chicken Coop – Rewards: 1000 Coins + 250 XP

  1. Buy a Chicken Coop
    • Chicken coops cost 20,000 coins + 30 Wood
  2. Finish a Chicken Coop
    • Chicken Coop requires 264 Wood + 15 of each building supplies to build

Collect a Dozen Eggs – Rewards: 100 Food + 300 XP

  • Note: These eggs are all collected from your daily Chicken Coop bonus
    1. Collect (and EAT) 4 White Eggs
    2. Collect (and EAT) 4 Brown Eggs
    3. Collect (and EAT) 4 Spotted Eggs

    Get Ready For The Schoolmarm – Rewards: 50 XP

    1. Get the School House Daily Bonus 7 Times
      • Don’t forget to click your School House once per day and select the Bonus option!
      • Note: After you read the daily mail that pops up after collecting each daily bonus, make sure you look back over where ever your School House is built for a dropped item from the Family Collection!
    2. Buy Another Wagon at the Market
      • Covered Wagons cost 5000 coins + 8 Wood in the Market

    Clobber Foxes – Rewards: 300 Coins + 65 XP

    1. Clobber 15 Foxes
      • Foxes are found when feeding Chickens or Geese

    Prepare A New Bed – Rewards: 75 XP + 500 Coins

    1. Craft or Have 2 Comforters
      • Each Comforter requires 1 Downy feathers and 15 cloth
      • Downy Feathers are rewarded with each Chicken Coop Collection and Goose Collection trade in.
      • Use your Chicken Coop to craft Comforters
    2. Craft or Have 4 Sawhorses
      • Each Sawhorse requires 5 Planks and 2 Tools
      • Planks are made inside your Covered Wagon, costing 7 Wood and 250 coins each
      • Use your Barn to craft Sawhorses
    3. Have 4 Tools
      • Tools are collected from your Wall when neighbors visit your homestead

    Raise Geese – Rewards: unknown

    1. Sell 50 Adult Geese
      • Each Goose costs 300 in the Market
      • Each Goose sells for XX coins and XX Food
    2. Have 2 (and EAT) 2 Fois Gras
      • Foie Gras is part of the Goose Collection and is found when feeding Geese
    3. Harvest 40 Corn

    Keep Warm – Rewards: 250 Coins + 50 XP

    1. Collect (to burn) 150 Wood
      • You will lose the 150 Wood when completing the quest
    2. Collect (to use) 10 Fire
      • Craft Fire insider your Covered Wagon using 7 Wood and 5 Cloth each
      • You will lose the 10 Fire when completing the quest
    3. Collect (to wear) Two Fox Fur
      • Fox Fur is dropped when clobbering Foxes for the Fox Collection
      • You will lose the 2 Fox Furs when completing the quest

    Scout A Site – Rewards: 75 XP

    1. Buy Three Tents at the Market
      • Tents cost 7 Wood + 5000 Coins each
    2. Buy One Campfire at the Market
      • the Campfire costs 2 Wood + 8000 Coins
    3. Collect (to use) Two Lanterns
      • Lanterns are found when collecting your Barn daily bonus.

    Start Re-Foresting – Rewards: 75 XP + 50 Wood

    1. Buy 10 Pine Trees at the Market
      • Pine trees cost 350 coins each
    2. Buy 10 Oak Trees at the Market
      • You must be level 20 to purchase Oak Trees
      • Oak trees cost 550 coins each

    Get Equipped – Rewards: 125 XP + 500 Coins

    1. Have (to USE) 6 Wool Gloves
      • Wool gloves are found in the Sheep Collection
    2. Have (to USE) 4 Ropes
      • Rope is found in the Flax Collection
    3. Have (to USE) 3 Coffeecups
      • Coffeecups are found in the Inn Collection

    Build A Sawmill – Rewards: 200 XP

    1. Build a Sawmill
      • The Sawmill frame costs 40 Wood + 30,000 Coins and requires 20 Paint Bucket, 20 Hammer, 20 Hand Drill, 20 Brick, 20 Nail, 40 Energy and 400 Wood to build.
      • Click here to read all about the Sawmill and its’ functions.

    Breakfast In Bed - Rewards: 200 XP + 500 Coins

  • For complete details on this quest, please see FrontierVille Quest: Breakfast In Bed

  • Tend Neighbor Crops – Rewards: 250 Coins + 5 XP

    1. Tend One Unready Neighbor Crop
    2. Tend One Ready Neighbor Crop

    Chop Neighbor Trees – Rewards: 10 Food + 15 XP

    1. Chop Neighbor Pines Five Times
    2. Chop Neighbor Oaks Five Times

    Welcome Fanny Wildcat Part 1 – Rewards: 50 XP

    1. Give One Welcome Mat
      • Welcome Mats are found in the Cabin Collection
    2. Give Three Bouquets
      • Bouquets are rewarded when trading in the Wildflower Collection
    3. Give Four Ribbons

    Welcome Fanny Wildcat Part 2: Prepare Dinner For Fanny – Rewards: 50 Food + 50 XP

    1. Give Four Mashed Potatoes
      • Mashed Potatoes are in the Potato Collection
    2. Give Four Ribeye Steak
      • Rib Eyes are from the Ox Collection
    3. Buy Four Meals
      • Any meal, including Light Snacks, can be purchased from the Energy tab of the Market

    Welcome Fanny Wildcat Part 3: Everyone Loves Cake – Rewards: 65 XP + 25 Food

    1. Harvest 16 Peach Trees
    2. Craft Four Cakes
    3. Craft One Present

    Welcome Fanny Wildcat Part 4: Finding The Perfect Apple – Rewards: 450 Coins + 50 XP

    1. Use Your Child to Harvest 25 Apple Trees
    2. Use Your Child to Collect 1 School House Daily Bonus

    First Day Of School – Rewards: 450 Coins + 55 XP

    1. Craft Four Fancy Clothing
      • Craft Fancy Clothing in your General Store using 2 Ribbon + 2 Clothes/ul>
      • Buy One Lesson at the Schoolhouse
        • Lessons can now be purchased at the Schoolhouse for various combinations of Coins or Food + Ribbon

    Full details on how to Purchase, Enroll and Complete Schoolhouse lessons can be found at FrontierVille Buildings: School House & Lessons

    Sick Day – Rewards: 65 Food + 45 XP

    1. Give Four Apricot Oil
      • Apricot Oil is found in the Apricot Tree Collection
    2. Give Seven White Flowers
      • White Flowers are found in the Wildflower Collection
    3. Craft Seven Fires
      • Fires are crafted inside your Covered Wagon using 5 Cloth + 7 Wood

    Learn About Sunflowers – Rewards: 600 Coins + 85 XP

    1. Harvest 20 Sunflowers
    2. Unwither One Neighbor Sunflower
    3. Tend Five Neighbor Sunflowers

    Child Does Homework – Rewards: in progress

    1. Learn One Lesson at the School House
    2. Use your Child to Collect Two Daily Bonuses at the School House
      • Don’t forget to toggle your avatar over to your child!

    Punish Child Misbehavior – Rewards: 125 XP

    1. Have Your Child Clear 4 Skulls
    2. Have Your Child Collect The Barn Daily Bonus 2 Times
    3. Have Your Child Tend to 40 Pigs

    Search For Lost Hammer – Rewards: 35 XP + 1 Hammer

    1. Clear Three Neighbor Skulls
    2. Clear Five Neighbor Thorns
    3. Clear Three Neighbor Cacti

    NOTE#1: When you find a neighbor that has any of the above listed items, clear it, then click the Visit link of the same neighbor in your neighbor bar. Do not waste your 5 tasks on anything else on their homestead. When the neighbors’ page reloads, the item will still be there ready again! You can do this 5 times per neighbor.
    NOTE#2: Lower level players often have thorns, cacti and skulls around their uncleared land.

    Search For Lost Nails – Rewards: 50 XP + 1 Nails

    1. Chop Neighbor Oak Trees 25 Times
    2. Chop Neighbor Pine Trees 25 Times

    Feed The Farm Animals: Part 1 – Rewards: 50 XP

    1. Feed Three Neighbor Sheep
    2. Feed Four Neighbor Chickens
    3. Feed Five Neighbor Goats

    Feed The Ranch Animals – Rewards: 50 XP

    1. Feed Five Neighbor Cows
    2. Feed Four Neighbor Oxen
    3. Feed Three Neighbor Horses

    Tend Neighbors Crops: Part 1 – Rewards:

    1. Tend Ten Neighbor Tomatoes
    2. Tend Seven Neighbor Pumpkins
    3. Tend Three Neighbor Eggplant

    Apple Pie Contest – Rewards: 200 Coins + 50 XP

    1. Harvest 20 Neighbor Apple Trees
    2. Collect Two Apple Pies

    Tend Neighbor Crops: Part 2 – Rewards: 45 XP + 1000 Coins

    1. Tend Eight Neighbor Flax Crops
    2. Tend Six Neighbor Corn Crops
    3. Tend Two Neighbor Sunflower Crops

    Tend Neighbor Crops: Part 3 – Rewards: 65 XP + 3 Ribbons

    1. Ten 10 Neighbor Wheat
    2. Tend Five Neighbor Peas
    3. Tend One Neighbor Cotton

    The Fowl Watch – Rewards: 100 Coins + 15 XP

    1. Buy Nine Geese
      • Geese cost 300 coins each in the Market
    2. Buy One Water Trough
      • a Water Trough costs 2200 coins + 2 wood in the Market
    3. Hire Two Neighbors

    Checking For Breakfast – Rewards:

    1. Tend Ten Unready Neighbor Chickens
      • You are now able to tend/brush animals that are not yet hungry and still earn coins, XP, Reputation and the chance at collection items.
    2. Collect Two Eggs
      • Eggs are found in the Chicken Collection
    3. Collect Two Bacon
      • Bacon is found in the Pig Collection

    Help Neighbors Make Cheese – Rewards: 50 Food + 35 XP

    1. Tend Three Unready Neighbor Cows
    2. Tend Five Unready Neighbor Goats
    3. Collect Two Cheddar Cheese
      • Cheddar Cheese is found in the Cow Collection

    Rockin Those Oxen – Rewards: 100 Coins + 55 XP

    1. Tend Ten Unready Neighbor Oxen
    2. Collect Two Steer Horns
      • Found in the Ox Collection
    3. Collect Two Rope
      • Found in the Flax Collection

    Cure The Pigs – Rewards: in progress

    1. Tend 10 Unready Neighbor Pigs
    2. Clear 7 Wildflowers
      • These should be cleared from your own land
    3. Harvest 25 Apple Trees
      • Harvest your own trees, not neighbors

    Gather Weaving Materials – Rewards: 15000 Coins

    1. Harvest 15 Ripe Neighbor Cherry Trees
    2. Harvest 15 Flax
    3. Collect 100 Cloth
    4. It will cost 100 cloth to complete this mission

    Expand Your Homestead Parts 1 to 5

  • Customize Storage Shed

  • Storage Shed: Part 2 – Rewards: 75 XP + 60 Food

    1. Clear Four Grass
    2. Clear Five Rocks
    3. Put Farm Rake in Shed

    Storage Shed: Part 3 – Rewards: 100 XP + 100 Food

    1. Get Shovel From Storage Shed
    2. Clobber Four Snakes
    3. Clobber Three Foxes

    Storage Shed: Part 4 – Rewards: 100 XP + 320 Food

    1. Remove Watering Can from Storage
    2. Tend Four Neighbor Corn
    3. Tend Eight Neighbor Potatoes

    Storage Shed: Part 5 – Rewards: 300 XP + 1000 Coins

    1. Chop Down Two Trees
    2. Collect Two Spiked Boots
      • Spiked Boots are found in the Pine Tree Collection
    3. Place One Forest Saw in the Storage Shed

    Varmint Cannon: Part 1 – Rewards: 100 XP + 500 Coins

    1. Get One Saltpeter
      • Saltpeter is awarded when trading in the Manure Collection
    2. Craft 1 Fire
      • Fire is crafted inside your Covered Wagon
    3. Build Foundry
      • The Foundry frame costs 50,000 Coins + 50 Wood in the Market, requires 250 Wood to build, and 5 Cement, 5 Shingles, 5 Windows, 5 Pegs and 5 Mallets

    Varmint Cannon: Part 2 – Rewards: 100 XP + 3 Powder Kegs

    1. Craft or Buy One Powder Keg
      • Powder Kegs are crafted inside your Foundry ising 1 Saltpeter and 5 Fire
    2. Get 10 Insurance Waivers from Neighbors
      • this request is posted to your news feed
    3. Buy Snake Cannon
      • the Snake Cannon costs 5000 (4750) Coins (50 XP for purchasing)

    Varmint Cannon: Part 3 – Rewards: in progress

    1. Clear One Skull
    2. Fire Snake Cannon Twice
      • Aug 30 Update: there are still issues with this firing correctly for some players. The developer is working on it.
    3. Purchase a Bucket
      • buckets can be purchased in the Market for 250 (237) Coins + 1 Wood

    Last updated Aug 21, 2010.


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FrontierVille: How To Make A Wish List

The following tutorial explains how to add certain items to your FrontierVille Wish List. There are slightly different steps to take if you are wanting to add Collection items or to add other consumables, such as Ribbon, Fire, Planks, etc.

To add a Collection item to your Wish List:

1. Click your backpack and select Collections.
2. Make sure you have at least 1 Wish List spot open, as shown in circle #1 below.
3. Find the item you want to add and click the green +sign, as shown in circle #2 below.
4. Your item is now added to your Wish List!



To add a consumable item to your Wish List:

1. You need to have at least 1 of the consumable item you are wanting more of. If you do now own at least 1, you will not be able to add it to your Wish List
2. Click your backpack and select Inventory.
3. Make sure you have at least 1 Wish List spot open, as shown in circle #1 below.
4. Find the item you want to add and click the green +sign, as shown in circle #2 below.
5. Your item is now added to your Wish List!

Note: Unfortunately with consumables, if you do not already have the item in your Inventory, you will be unable to add it to your wish list. Consider asking a good friend or neighbor if you could borrow the item, add it to your list, then send it back to them.


FrontierVille - How To Make Inventory Wish List


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FrontierVille: Send Valuable Building Supplies As Gifts To Your Neighbors

The sending of gifts to your neighbors/friends is a common practice in almost all Facebook games. Gifting within FrontierVille is no different. Similarly, there are some gifts that are much more valuable than others, that may not be apparent when you first start playing.

As I have leveled up higher and higher within FrontierVille, I am seeing that quests require buildings to be completed. These buildings all take an increasing quantity of Wood, easily found around your homestead. Keep this in mind before you chop all of your trees down and spend the Wood on Market decorations. However, each building also takes an increasing amount of building supplies. These supplies are Hammers, Nails, Hand Drills, Bricks and Paint Buckets.

Each FrontierVille player has 2 different building supplies available on their Gifts page. My advice is to gift these to your neighbors on a daily basis. Send these as thank you gifts as well, and hopefully your friends will return the favor. Here is what you will be needing as you build up your FrontierVille town:



Cabin – Frame costs 4 Wood + 42 Wood to build + 1 of each building supplies

General Store – Frame costs 15 Wood + 56 Wood to build + 3 of each building supplies

Barn – Frame costs 12 Wood + 110 Wood to build + 4 of each building supplies

School House – Frame costs 22 Wood + 156 Wood to build + 8 of each building supplies

Inn – Frame costs 25 Wood + 210 Wood to build + 10 of each building supplies


Therefore, as you can see from above, you will be needing at least 26 of each building supply over time. While gifts such as Light Snacks and animals are nice gifts to send, these can be easily purchased in the Market using Food and/or Gold – building supplies cannot. They cost rare horseshoes (FrontierVille’s in-game currency requiring real cash.)

If for some reason you do not wish to gift building supplies to your neighbors, Ribbon also makes a fabulous and valuable gift. Ribbons are needed to craft wedding attire and preparing for your first child.

Everyone will be needing the building supplies eventually, so why not make your friends super happy now and start gifting them right away!

Hot Tip: Building supplies are also giftable via Wish Lists. To place supplies on your Wish List, open your Inventory box and click the + sign under the picture of the supply you wish to add. You need to have at least 1 in your inventory for this tip to work

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FrontierVille: Best FrontierVille Crops

Planting crops on your FrontierVille homestead is a valuable way to not only earn gold, but experience and food as well. As in any game, some crops are more valuable than others, but for different reasons. Once you decide if you want to level quickly, build up your gold faster, or stockpile food, use the chart below which details each FrontierVille crop as it is released.

Planting your crops requires no energy, which makes this a great task to complete before you are ready to sign off. Just remember to come back before they wither!

The wither time for a crop is twice what it takes to mature. Therefore, if a crop takes 1 hour to reach maturity, it will take 2 hours to wither after it reaches maturation. Once a crop has withered, you must clear or delete it. Clearing withered crops will not cost energy and you are refunded half the original cost.

It does cost 1 energy to harvest each planted crop. However, you are able to hire 2 neighbors each day to complete tasks around your homestead. Choosing 2 neighbors with a high reputation to harvest your crops for you, is a super way to save energy and still gain all the benefits of the crop being harvested.

Example: If you have a neighbor with a reputation level of 26, you will earn 26 XP for them harvesting crops/trees/animals for you.

FrontierVille Crop Chart

Note: Since you are able to hire neighbors to harvest your crops, we have assumed no energy cost to harvest in the calculations below. Keep this in mind when making your planting decisions.

Per Hour
Lvl 1
5 min
per Hr
Lvl 1
15 min
per Hr
Lvl 1
1 hr
per Hr
Lvl 1
24 hr
per Hr
Lvl 1 +
4 Neighbors
4 hr
per Hr
Lvl 1 +
5 Neighbors
8 hr
per Hr
Lvl 1 +
9 Neighbors
72 hr
per Hr
Lvl 6
12 hr
per Hr
Lvl 7 +
6 Neighbors
48 hr
per Hr
Lvl 15 +
11 Neighbors
4 days
per Hr
Lvl 17
18 hours
per Hr
Lvl 19
2 hours
per Hr

Last Update: July 3, 2010 – We will update this list as new crops are released!


FrontierVille: Big Rewards From Neighbors Who Help You

The social aspect of Zynga’s newest game FrontierVille, provides big rewards both for the neighbor helping, and the homestead owner. You will definitely want to have as many neighbors as you can. Here is why:

When you visit your FrontierVille neighbors homesteads, you are able to complete up to 5 tasks around their land. This includes harvesting crops, unwithering crops, chopping down trees, clearing land, and feeding animals. As a helper, you are rewarded with gold, experience, collection items and valuable reputation points. The rewards are generous, but don’t feel bad about taking them – FrontierVille rewards the homestead owner you are helping too!

If a neighbor has visited your homestead to help, you will see them standing somewhere on your land, and the work they have done will be highlighted in blue, such as seen below:


Click on your friends avatar and you will be given the option of accepting their help:



Once you accept their help, you will then see them walk around your land completing up to 5 tasks. All of the energy, loot, experience, and collection items they found, will also start popping onto the ground for you to collect! Make sure you collect it quickly, as if left too long, the rewards disappear.

This super feature of the game provides you with a nice little energy, gold, experience, and collection item boost, at any time during the day, without you even having to be online playing – simply collect the rewards once you log in!

If you are looking for , visit our Facebook fanpage discussion board for new friends!


FrontierVille: How To Find Collection Items

FrontierVille CollectionsZynga’s latest release, FrontierVille, has a wealth of collection items to find. At the time of its’ release on June 9th, there were already 37 different collections to complete, each containing 5 unique items. Once you complete a collection, you are rewarded with a variety of bonuses.


1. You can claim collection bonuses more than once
2. You can gift collection items to your friends and neighbors
3. You can place up to 5 collection items on your Wish List



Here is a list of the currently available collections, their rewards, and what tasks we know so far that you need to complete in order to potentially find one of the required items:

Cabin Collection – 2 Clothing + Free rocking chair
– Candlestick, Skillet, Fireplace Tool, Stove, Welcome Mat
– building your cabin and clearing the land

Clearing Collection – 35 Wood + free shove
– Arrowhead, Eagle Feather, Old Pottery, Mushroom, Spanish Coin
– from clearing grass, rocks, tress, stumps, thorns, cactus, skulls, and wildflowers

Family Collection - Reputation +5 and a free washboard
– Overalls, Portrait Photo, Hope Chest, Diary, baby Shoes
– opening mail and harvesting crops

Snake Collection – 40 Food + free apple tree
– Snake Skin, Snake Egg, Snake Rattler, Venom Vial, Snake Fangs
– from clobbering snakes

Oak Tree Collection – 3 Fire + Free Oak Sapling
– Termite, Axe, Bird’s Nest, Oak Leaf, Acorn
– from chopping oak trees (minimum 2 chop trees)

General Store Collection – 2 Tools + 50 Wood
– Desk Bell, Old Book, Cash Register, Grain Sack, Receipt
– build your general store

Corn Collection – Free Goat + 25 XP
– Corn Bread, Corn Chowder, Corn Fritters, Grits, Popcorn
– harvest corn crops

Wildflower Collection – 50 experience and 1 bouquet
– Orange Flower, Pink Flower, Purple Flower, White Flower, Yellow Flower
– from clearing wildflowers

Wagon Collection – 2 Planks + 2 Fire
– Brake Lever, Seat, Wagon Wheel, Yoke, Wagon Tongue
– collect your wagon bonus daily

Chicken Collection – 4 energy
– Chicken Breast, Chicken Broth, Chicken Drumstick, Omelette, Eggs
– from feeding chickens

Goat Collection – 25 XP + free cherry tree
– Can, Feta Cheese, Cashmere Sweater, Goat Milk, Goat Stew
– from feeding goats

Tomato Collection – 500 Coins
– Fried Tomatoes, Tomato Sauce, Salsa, Tomato Soup, Ketchup Bottle
– from harvesting tomatoes

Bear Collection – 1 Clothing + Animal Ready Boost
– Bear Skull, Bear Tooth, Bear Meat, Bear Pelt, Bear Claw
– from scaring bears

Pine Tree Collection – 3 planks + Free Pine Sapling
– Spiked Boots, Pine Cone, Pine Needles, Turpentine, Tree Wedge
– from chopping down pine trees

Barn Collection – 1 Sawhorse + Animal Harvest boost
– Salt Lick, Lantern, Milk Jug, Feed Pan, Hay Hook
– from building your barn

School Collection – 3500 Coins
– Eraser, Lunchbox, Paper, Pencil, Ruler
– from building a school house

Inn Collection – 1 Lucky Horseshoe
– Basket, Coffee Cup, Dinner Plate, Linen, Pillow
– from building an Inn

Sheep Collection – 3 cloth and 2 ribbons
– Wool Coat, Wool Gloves, Wool Hat, Wool Socks, Shears
– from feeding sheep

Cow Collection – 25 Food + free bucket
– Butter, Cheddar Cheese, Cottage Cheese, Milk, Swiss Cheese
– from feeding cows

Horse Collection – Free Mule
– Saddle, Horsehair Brush, Boot Spurs, Grooming Brush, Laso
– from feeding horses

Mule Collection – Fruit Ready Boost
– Bedroll, Bridle, Feedbag, Saddlebags, Harness
– from feeding mules

Pig Collection – Free Peach Tree + 25 XP
– Bacon, Ham, Pork Chop, Ribs, Sausage
– from feeding pigs

Ox Collection – Free Cow + 25 XP
– Branding Iron, Ground Chuck, Steer Horn, Rib Eye, Nose Ring
– from feeding ox

Clover Collection – free sheep + 25 Food
– Clover Tea, Bee, 4-Leaf Clover, Clover Honey, Clover Blossom
– from harvesting clover crops

Cotton Collection - 5 cloth and 1 ribbon
– Boll Weevil, Cotton Gin, Cotton Seed, Thread Spool, Yarn Ball
– from harvesting cotton crops

Peanut Collection – Unwither Crop Boost
– Boiled Peanuts, Peanut Brittle, Peanut Butter, Peanut Oil, Roasted Peanuts
– from harvesting peanut crops

Pea Collection – Wither Protection Boost
– Pea Soup, Pea Stew, Pea Pod, Peas and Rice, Snow Pea Stir Fry
– from harvesting pea crops

Potato Collection – 660 Food + free crate
– Baked Potato, Hashbrowns, Mashed Potatoes, Potato Roll, Potato Soup
– from harvesting potato crops

Wheat Collection – Free Haystack + Free Pitchfork
– Johnnycakes, Muffin, Cream of Wheat, Bread, Cookies
– from harvesting wheat crops

Pumpkin Collection – Free Goose + 25 XP
– Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin Seeds, Pumpkin Muffin, Jackolantern, Pumpkin Bread
– from harvesting pumpkin crops

Flax Collection - 4 Ribbon + 2 Cloth
– Canvas, Rope, Twine, Flaxseed Oil, Farmer Hat
– from harvesting flax crops

Cherry Collection - 3 energy
– Cherry Cider, Cherry Candy, Cherry Preserves, Cherry Cobbler, Cherry Pie
– from harvesting cherry trees

Peach Collection – 7 Energy + 1 Free Barrel
– Peach Cider, Peach Candy, Peach Preserves, Peach Cobbler, Peach Pie
– from harvesting peach trees

Apple Collection – Free Pig + 25 XP
– Apple Butter, Apple Candy, Apple Cider, Apple Cobbler, Apple Pie
– from harvesting apple trees

Pear Collection – 50 XP + Free Crate
– Pear Candy, Pear Cider, Pear Pie, Pear Preserves, Pear Cobbler
– from harvesting pear trees

Crafting Collection – 3 Tools + 50 Wood
– Jack Knife, Pin Cushion, Planer, Thimble, Whetstone
– unknown yet

Groundhog Collection – 4 energy
– Damaged Tomato, Chewed Corn, Peanut Shells, Eaten Peas, Pumpkins Rinds
– from clobbering groundhogs

Chicken Coop Collection – 50 Food + Downy Feathers
– White Egg, Brown Egg, Spotted Egg, White Feather, Brown Feather
- from collecting your Chicken Coop daily bonus

Sawmill Collection – +1 to Max Energy
– Bandsaw Blade, Sawdust, Logging Chain, Scrap Lumber, Circular Saw Blade
- from collecting your Sawmill daily bonus

Apricot Collection – 5000 Coins
– Apricot Candy, Apricot Cider, Apricot Fritter, Apricot Oil, Apricot Preserves
– from harvesting Apricot trees

Goose Collection – Downy Feather + 35 Food
– Goose Quill, Goose Egg, Foie Gras, Roasted Goose, Goose Soup
– from feeding your Geese

Sunflower Collection – +8 Energy
– Sunflower Seeds, Sun Butter, Sunflower Bread, Sunflower Oil, Sunflower Petals
– from harvesting your Sunflower crops

Fox Collection – Free Goose + 25 XP
– Fox Tail, Fox Fur, Fox Paw, Broken Egg, Chicken Bones
– from clobbering foxes

Postcard Collection – 1 Seed Drill
– Postcard Baltimore, Postcard Boston, Postcard New York City, Postcard Philadelphia, Postcard Richmond
– found inside Mystery Gifts

Land Office Collection – Free Ox + Free Barbed Wire Fence
– Survey Chain, Compass, Survey Post, Survey Transit, Territory Map
– found when whacking the Land Office or collecting its Daily Bonus

Mystery Animal Collection – 1 Stuffed Bear
– Studded Leash, Spiked Collar, Cute Bowl, Golden Bow, Fancy Treat
– found when opening Mystery Animal crates

Storage Shed Collection – Free Work Bench
– Door Hinge, Spider, Step Stool, Toolbox, Vice Clamp
– found when whacking the Storage Shed or collecting its Daily Bonus


FrontierVille: The Wilderness Arrives On Facebook!

The wilderness has arrived and it’s time to stake your claim with the latest social media game release from Zynga, FrontierVille!

Just released yesterday, June 9th, FrontierVille kicks off with a ton of content and activities to keep you entertained for as much, or as little time as you wish. Although being plagued by quite a few new release teething issues, it certainly looks promising. We struggled with connection issues, but when we were able to access the game, we really enjoyed our time playing.

The game centers around a wilderness frontier theme, where you are given the task of staking your claim, building your homestead, and eventually your own frontier town. There are plenty of activities and quests to keep you busy! Be sure to keep your eyes out for rattlesnakes, bears, and gophers!

Here are just a few of the game features:

  • Farming crops and animals
  • Crafting tools and supplies
  • Assemble buildings
  • Clearing your land
  • Quests/Tasks
  • Helping neighbor rewards
  • Bonuses for quick claiming of rewards

A group of tasks provides each FrontierVille player with the chance to earn gold, wood, experience, food, and/or reputation. You can also be lucky enough to find bonus collection items, for even more goodies. Some tasks, such as chopping down a tree, will earn you wood and experience, whereas others such as helping out on your neighbors land will earn you experience, food, gold and reputation.

There are plenty of features already released in FrontierVille, as our new section dedicated to the game here on, will provide you with the details, tips and tricks you will want to level up fast.

Be sure to bookmark us, , or join our to ensure you catch the latest news and updates, as we too go west and venture out into FrontierVille!


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