FarmVille: Unicorns Breed Foals “Coming Soon”!

FarmVille UnicornsI just received word from an inside source at Zynga, that in the near future we will be able to breed our FarmVille Unicorns for foals!

This is great news for those players who are breeders and are looking to expand on their collection. It is a great opportunity for other players to grab these little guys from news feeds as well

Unicorns are currently available in the Mystery Game and are rumoured to be wandering onto farms lately as well. Keep your eyes open for these beauties!

Most details coming as soon as we have the official announcement – coming soon!


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Mafia Wars: How To Find Mission Collection Loot

Mafia Wars Mission Collection

Mafia Wars latest addition to our collections list is the Mission Collection. Each of the 7 required loot items can possibly be rewarded when completing specific missions.

Mafia Wars Hit Squad - Vault Mission CollectionFor successfully vaulting the Mission Collection, the rewards are generous! You will receive:

  • Hit Squad Armor ( 65 Attack / 45 Defense )
  • +10 Attack
  • +10 Defense
  • +20 Health

You can only vault the collection once.


How To Find Mission Collection Loot


Each of the 7 collection items potentially are awarded when completing a specific mission with your fellow mafia as follows:

BLASTING CAPS -> Drops from the Truck Hijacking mission (Easy)
SNIPER SCOPE -> Drops from the Bribe The Contact mission (Easy)
CODE BREAKER -> Drops from the Bank Robbery mission (Medium)
MOOK JONG -> Drops from the Bribe A Government Official mission (Medium)
EARBUD SHADES -> Drops from the Steal A Dockyard Shipment mission (Hard)
STICKSHIFT GRIP -> Drops from the Transport Stolen Uranium mission (Hard – 6 people)
FAKE IDENTITY -> Drops from the Take Out A Rival Operation mission (Hard – 7 people)


FarmVille: Double Mastery Weekend Until November 28th 9pm PST

FarmVille Double Mastery WeekendIt’s Double Mastery Weekend once again on FarmVille! Take advantage of this to increase your mastery on some of those more difficult crops and trees to complete.

From now until 9pm PST November 28th, all crops and trees harvested will earn you double the mastery rewards. Use a mastery bushel to your crops and earn triple rewards!

For those of you in the USA busy with Thanksgiving celebrations and Black Friday shopping, consider planting a 1 day or 2 day crop so you don’t loose out on this event.

Here is a list of 1 and 2 day crops you could plant:

1 Day Crops:

  • Grapes
  • Peppers
  • Soybeans
  • Red Tulips
  • Cucumber
  • White Roses
  • Orange Daisies
  • Purple Pod Peas
  • Square Melon
  • Peas
  • Iris
  • Sunflowers
  • Electric Lilies

2 Day Crops:

  • Cabbage
  • Squash
  • Eggplant
  • Daffodils
  • Broccoli
  • Pineapples
  • Bell Peppers
  • Lavender
  • Pink Roses


Mafia Wars: Smokin’ Double Barrels Event

Mafia Wars Gun BarrelsMafia Wars latest event, Smokin’ Double Barrels, allows you to build 2 different exclusive weapons at double the speed.

For the next 7 days, collect special Gun Barrels parts to build either the Predator Minigun or the Lock and Stock, every 12 hours.

Predator Minigun
55 Attack / 46 Defense
Lock and Stock
50 Attack / 58 Defense

Gun Barrels can be collected from your Facebook newsfeed (up to a max of 10 per day) or gifted to you by your fellow mafia.

These exclusive weapons are only here a few more days, so take advantage of building 2 per day right away!


FarmVille: 2 Free Farm Cash From ABC Family

The latest FarmVille sponsored link offers every 2 Free Farm Cash from ABC Family. All you need to do is participate in the ABC Family 25 Days of Christmas poll in order to collect your reward. (Unfortunately, the offer is only available to US residents.)
FarmVille: 2 Free Farm Cash From ABC Family
FarmVille: 2 Free Farm Cash ABC Family 25 Days of Christmas Poll

FarmVille: 2 Free Farm Cash ABC Family Countdown Calendar

Have you grabbed your 2 free Farm Cash yet? If not, go get it before this offer disappears!


MouseHunt: The King’s Giveaway For King’s Credits

MouseHunt: Kings Giveaway
A brand new feature added last night to MouseHunt is the ability to earn King’s Credits. You can redeem these credits for special loot and in-game prizes. To kick off the new feature, the King has announced the King’s Giveaway event, to last for a limited time.

King’s Credits are earned by catching as many of the 3 new event mice as you can find. These mice are: Treasurer Mouse, Snooty Mouse and the High Roller Mouse.

Mousehunt Treasurer MouseTreasurer Mouse
Catching the Treasurer Mouse earns you a few King’s Credits
Weak to any trap, except the Parental


Mousehunt Snooty MouseSnooty Mouse
Catching the Snooty Mouse earns you a bunch of King’s Credits
Weak to all traps except the Parental


Mousehunt High Roller MouseHigh Roller Mouse
Catching the High Roller Mouse earns you a ton of King’s Credits – Jackpot!
Weak to all traps except the Parental


How To Catch The Event Mice


The event mice can be found in all regions except the Meadow. To increase your chances in catching an event mouse, and the re-release of the Mobster Mouse and the Leprechaun Mouse, you will need to increase your Prize Power.

To increase your Prize Power, you can:

Mousehunt Lucky CoinsFind and Use Lucky Coins
Lucky coins are randomly dropped by all mice and can use tossed into your friends Wishing Well’s. Earn +3 or +5 Prize Power boost for each coin you toss.


Mousehunt Lucky HorseshoesLucky Horseshoes
Lucky Horseshoes are random prize of the day gifts to send and receive. Go to your Specials tab to “toss” these horseshoes for a +3 prize power boost


Mousehunt Lucky UnderwearLucky Underwear
Lucky Underwear is also a prize of the day to give and receive. Wearing lucky underwear gives you a +5 prize power boost. If you are gifted the underwear, you can find it under your Specials tab


Mousehunt Beginner's LuckBeginner’s Luck
For each new friend you invite to play MouseHunt, you will earn a +8 prize power boost when they sound the horn for the 1st time.


If you encounter, but fail to catch a prize mouse, you will earn +1 boost to increase your chances of catching it the next time.

NOTE: Should you catch a prize mouse and win King’s Credits, you will be unable to encounter that same type of prize mouse for 24 hours to both give other hunters a chance to win and increase your chances of encountering one of the other Prize Mice. Should you catch a Mobster or Leprechaun, you will be unable to encounter another one for 90 days.



FrontierVille: Cabbage Crop

FrontierVille CabbageWe finally have a new FrontierVille crop – Cabbage!

It takes 16 hours for Cabbage to ripen and will wither after a further 16 hours. Harvesting uses 1 Energy, gives 9 XP and 419 Coins. There is a chance of finding an item from the Cabbage Collection when harvesting or watering Cabbage.

Cabbage is initially locked in your Market, until you complete the In The Cabbage Patch quest.


Cabbage Collection


Be sure to be on the lookout for the new items available as part of the Cabbage Collection. They are Cabbage Rolls, Sauerkraut, Coleslaw, Fried Cabbage and Cabbage Stew.

Cabbage Rolls

Cabbage Stew


Fried Cabbage




FrontierVille Quest: In The Cabbage Patch

FrontierVille Cabbage Patch Family QuestsIt’s time to grow your FrontierVille family! But first, you have to complete the In The Cabbage Patch quest as follows:

In the Cabbage Patch: Part 1 – Rewards:
Have you heard? Cabbages grow great in the Frontier! You GOTTA get yerself some of this action. Maybe your friends have some seeds they can lend you.

- Clear Two Rocks
- Get Ten Cabbage Seeds (Post to your wall and ask your friends to send them!)
- Have or Obtain Two Piggy Poops (Manure Collection) (Oddly enough, this’ll vanish too!)

Hint: If you have no rocks, clear a space and wait. (They’re also available in the market.) Piggy poop comes from piggies. Click “ask” above to ask friends for cabbage seed.

In the Cabbage Patch,: Part 2 – Rewards:
Now you’ve got the seeds, better get planting! And you’d best help out those neighbors who sent you seeds in the first place! You’d be up the creek without ‘em!

- Plant 20 Cabbages
- Tend Ten Neighbor Cabbages

Hint: Cabbage is available in the market. If none of your friends are planting cabbage yet, Ol’ Frontier Jack always has a couple growing.

In the Cabbage Patch: Part 3 Rewards:
Holy cats! It’s true – babies DO come from the cabbage patch! Who’d of thunk it!

- Harvest 20 Cabbages
- Have or Obtain One Coleslaw (Cabbage Collection)
- Purchase “Second Kid” Mission in Market



FarmVille: 50% Off Brand New County Fair Items

50% Off New County Fair ItemsLast night’s FarmVille update brings us 7 new County Fair items. They are the Dwarf Goat, Pinto Pony, Festival Band, Garlic Stand, Cotton Candy Machine, Deluxe Carousel and a Giant Slide.

For the next 3 days, you can find these Limited Edition County Fair items at your Market for 50% their regular price. So, don’t delay, go grab these while they are cheaper!


Limited Edition FarmVille Animals


FarmVille Limited Edition Pinto Pony


Limited Edition FarmVille Decorations


FarmVille Limited Edition Cotton Candy Machine FarmVille Limited Edition Deluxe Carousel FarmVille Limited Edition Festival Band FarmVille Limited Edition Garlic Stand FarmVille Limited Edition Giant Slide



FarmVille Animals: Black Forest Horse, Autumn Horse & Wild Turkey’s Are Back!

In last night’s FarmVille update, three past favorites returned, and are here to stay! They are the Black Forest Horse, the Autumn Horse and the Wild Turkey. Each of these can now be found permanently in the Market.


FarmVille Wild Turkey

Wild Turkey - 18 $FV

Black Forest Horse - 30 $FV

Autumn Horse - 30 $FV



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