Mafia Wars Releases New Bangkok Passport Loot

Details on Mafia Wars latest episode, Mafia Wars: Bangkok, have been slowly widdled out to players, but finally everyone noq has something to work towards – your Thai Passport.

There of course is a prerequisite in order to enter this new Asian territory, and it allows you to gather up all the loot required now, before Bangkok is officially opened. No firm date as been set for the opening of Mafia Wars: Bangkok, but we suspect it will definitely be over the holiday season, when most players are off school and home for the holidays from work.

There are 3 loot items you need to collect in order to gain your Thai Passport, and all 3 are located in New York. They are a Triad Coin, Yakuza Sake and a Thai Note, as shown below:



Zynga has been secretive about the new episode until now, but its’ new placeholder page offers a little tidbit on what’s to come. Looks like everyone will need to choose a side!

“For decades, the Japanese Yakuza and Chinese Triads have battled for control over the lucrative criminal markets of Thailand. As a newcomer, you’ll need to choose a side to succeed in Bangkok. This isn’t a one-way relationship, though – as you increase your standing with your chosen faction, you’ll also earn access to additional items to fill out your arsenal.”



It’s been reported that the 3 loot items are not easy to acquire, and take a heck of an amount of energy, but it’s a small price to pay now to hopefully enjoy the new release over the Christmas holidays.

Let us know your success in gathering the new Bangkok loot – leave a comment below!



Restaurant City Secrets Series: Getting Rich with the Island Layout

Has your restaurant got stuck because you can’t handle the flow of customers efficiently? If so, you might be interested in something called the “island layout.” Many people consider this layout to be one of the Restaurant City secrets of success. Would you like to learn more?

The island layout isn’t something you need to worry about right away. But once your restaurant reaches at least 2 chefs or 5 tables, the layout of the place becomes ever more important. This is when the best players move to an island layout.

The point is to make your employees as efficient as possible which means you’ll earn the most coins and Gourmet Points in the least amount of time.

What is the island layout? It’s an arrangement of tables and stoves into little self-contained groups. The idea is that you can have one stove serving its own group of neighboring tables, so the staff never has to walk very far. Each group of tables and stove is like its own island, hence the name. As your restaurant grows, you can create more islands, ensuring that you can handle the maximum amount of customers with the minimum amount of staff.

Why use this layout? If you set it up right, each chef will be right beside the tables they serve, while the waiters have to move as little as possible to take care of their tables. Lay out your restaurant with islands, and the food handling portions of your business will become much more efficient.

This article isn’t the place for me to explain exactly how to create the ideal island layout for your restaurant. But there is a Restaurant City guide that covers this in detail along with revealing many other secrets of the game. To find out more, visit this: Restaurant City Secrets site.


MouseHunt 12 Days of Christmas Begins – New Loot Daily!

Finally, the Festive Comet is starting to melt a little quicker, and revealing more and more of the goodies inside! Since its’ landing back on December 3rd, we have so far found 2 new weapon blueprints; the Gingerbread House Surprise and the Gingerbread Base. My thoughts and opinions of these two weapons will be revealed further below.

The MouseHunt 12 Days of Christmas, part of The Great Winter Hunt ‘09, seems to be fairly straightforward. Starting December 12th, a new piece of loot is revealed in the Festive Comet each day. According to Dev Dave, the pieces will be easier to find on the day they are released. Keep this in mind – if you are not able to actively play daily, make sure you at least log in and sound the horn once per day to keep the Kings’ hourly trapchecks running for you.

We will be updating this list daily on exactly what the new loot items are and which mouse is dropping it. Once all 12 items are revealed, MH Larry will be announcing what goody we will be able to craft with our new stash.


The 12 Days of Christmas:


December 12:

  • One Droid Action Figure
  • Dropped by the White Mouse and Candy Cane Mouse
  • TIP – save your Gingerbread cheese and use Swiss or Brie to catch the White.

December 13:

  • Two Festive Mitts
  • Dropped by the Dwarf Mouse and the Present Mouse
  • TIP – save your Gingerbread cheese and use Swiss or Brie to catch the Dwarf.

December 14:

  • 3 Santa Hats
  • Dropped by the Christmas Tree Mouse and Abominable Snow Mouse
  • TIPS – Use a Physical set up. SB+ would be best for the Christmas Tree Mouse, otherwise use Brie to catch the Abominable Snow Mouse.

December 15:

  • Four Festive Stockings
  • Dropped by the Stocking Mouse (of course!) and the Troll Mouse
  • TIP – Use your strongest Physical trap for these guys

December 16:

  • Five Festive Ornaments
  • Dropped by the Ornament Mouse (of course!) and the Treant Mouse
  • TIP – A strong physical trap and aim for a Treant – they are the easier of the two to catch.

December 17:

  • Six Snow Balls
  • Dropped by the Nutcracker and the Abominable Snow Mouse
  • TIP – Use a Physical trap, SB+ or Gingerbread cheese and try for the Nutcracker. ASM have been abundant in the Festive Comet, but the Nutcracker may be the easier of the two to catch.

December 18:

  • Seven Gingerbread Mice
  • Dropped by the Present Mouse and the Bear Mouse
  • TIP – Save your SB+ and Gingerbread Cheese. Throw some Brie on and catch the easy Bear Mouse with a Physical set up.

December 19:

  • Eight Elf Shoes
  • Dropped by the Elf Mouse (they are back!) and the Dwarf Mouse
  • TIP – The Elf Mouse is a limited edition mouse from last year, so put on your best Physical trap and grab this one for your collection!

December 20:

  • Nine Reindeer Antlers
  • Dropped by the Present Mouse and the Centaur Mouse
  • TIP – The Present mouse is a physical mouse, whereas the Centaur is a tactical. Use the best set up you have between the two power types and use SB+ if possible. If not, use Gingerbread cheese.

December 21:

  • Ten Candy Canes
  • Dropped by the Scrooge Mouse, Candy Cane Mouse, Hydra Mouse
  • TIP – You most likely are going to want to use SB+ to catch one of these guys!

December 22:

  • Eleven Christmas Lights
  • Dropped by the Christmas Tree Mouse and the new Frozen Mouse
  • TIP – Put on your best Physical set up and use SB+
  • ***NEW** 3 new mice introduced today; Frosty Snow Mouse, Toy Mouse and Frozen Mouse!

December 23:

  • Twelve Litres of Eggnog
  • Dropped by the Toy Mouse, Gargoyle Mouse, Scrooge Mouse and the Christmas Tree Mouse. There have been reports of the White Mouse dropping as well, but unconfirmed by the Devs.
  • TIP –


Stay Tuned For The Details
On What These Items Will Craft!


New Festive Comet Weapons:



Top 10 Facebook Applications For December 7, 2009

Once again this week we have the usual suspects making up our Top 10 list. FarmVille has now surpassed 70 million monthly users, while the rest of the pack remains fairly constant.

Top 10 Facebook Applications For December 7, 2009



Our big gainers for the week show typical holiday trending; filled with a variety of seasonal applications to check out.

– What better way to get in the holiday spirit then by sending great gifts with Christmas Cheer!! Stop by, send some adorable gifts to your friends, “Celebrate!!” the gifts you receive and watch your Christmas Cheer Meter soar!!

– Send festive cards to your friends! Unlock the animated sparkly ones!

– A superior app to MyCalendar! See why over 35 million users from 200+ countries use Birthday Calendar to make their friends’ birthdays special! Enjoy a calendar view, notifications, email/cellphone alerts, ecards, virtual gifts and more.

Top 10 Facebook App Gainers For December 7, 2009



App of The Week

Our App of The Week, not shown on either of our lists, but one I am positive we will see shortly is Zynga’s new PetVille. Just released onto Facebook back on December 2nd, and already gaining 944,000+ users, PetVille is sure to be a chart addition next week.

– Create your own virtual pet, decorate his/her home, and help keep him clean! It so far seems to be a cross between YoVille and Pet Society. Keep in mind it’s in beta, so there are likely the usual Zynga related wonkiness to work out. Worth a look…

App Warning!

Our App Warning goes out to the latest in a series of phishing applications, called Activate, created solely to steal your Facebook password and personal information.

For the curious readers we have, Activate can be found at – DO NOT INSTALL IT!

We sent out a warning late last week about a similar application called Account Verification, that has since been removed by Facebook. “Activate” will surely be terminated as well, but in the meantime, keep your personal data safe by reading the warning details we have posted at: Facebook Phishing Applications

Links To The Top 10 & Others Mentioned:

  • FarmVille –
  • Causes –
  • Social Interview –
  • Cafe World –
  • Mafia Wars –
  • Happy Aquarium –
  • Pet Society –
  • FishVille –
  • YoVille –
  • Texas Hold’em –
  • Happy Pets –
  • Snowball Fight –
  • Birthday Calendar –
  • Fish Isle –
  • PetVille –

If you have any comments or suggestions about our Top 10 lists, please feel free to let us know below!


MouseHunt: Festive Comet Launches “The Great Winter Hunt ‘09″

“The Festive Comet” earlier discovered by those kooky Digby scientists has landed, creating a new hunting area, along with new festive mice, new loot, and some old friends all dressed up for the season.

New Area – Festive Comet:

The new area, aptly named Festive Comet, is accessible to all players. The best bet for those of you having to travel is to hit Gnawnia first for free, then jump over to Festive Comet for 863 coins.

Festive Comet contains not only new Rare Breeds, but a variety of mice from various regions. These mice are; Abominable Snow, Bear, Centaur, Dwarf, Gargoyle, Hydra (Sorry! No Ship Blueprints being dropped), Moosker, Steel, Treant, Troll, White, and Worker.

New Festive Rare Breed Mice:

There are 7 new “Rare Breed” mice for you to collect, bringing the total of Rare Breeds available to 17.

The new mice are:

  • Present Mouse
  • Nutcracker Mouse
  • Ornament Mouse
  • Stocking Mouse
  • Candy Cane Mouse
  • Scrooge Mouse
  • Christmas Tree Mouse

The Scrooge Mouse looks to be one of the biggies to catch, dropping Satchels of Gold worth 1000 coins and 5000 coins. The Christmas Tree mouse is the most rare, so ensure you are using your strongest trap and base to nail this one!

Gingerbread Cheese:

In order to make Gingerbread Cheese, simply smash 1 Plank of Gingerbread. It automatically turns into 15 pieces of Gingerbread cheese.

If you have never smashed anything before, go to your Crafting tab (located under Inventory), click on the green Use Your Hunters Hammer arrow, and select Plank of Gingerbread to smash.

New Gifts/Loot:

According to the devs:

A few resident mice here have been spotted carrying gifts… twelve to be exact. I have a strange suspicion that collecting all the different items will prove to have a benefit!

So far, we have only been able to spot a few of the gift items being dropped, and the additional ones available at the limited time Festive Gift Shoppe.

Items Dropped:

  • Icing sugar
  • Plank of Gingerbread
  • Candies

Available & Giftable from the Festive Gift Shoppe:

  • Greeting Card
  • Mistletoe
  • Posing Mouse Action Figure
  • Christmas Coal
  • Burroughs Laboratory Map Piece
  • Slightly Smaller Gift
  • Icing sugar
  • Plank of Gingerbread
  • Candies
  • Swiss Cheese
  • Brie Cheese
  • Gouda Cheese

New Crafting Recipes

The scientists also believe, given enough time, that they should be able to use this new “gingerbread”, as well as including some of the other festive items, to capture the essence of the holiday and create some most interesting trap components!

As you can see from the dev’s comments above, as of the time of this post, apart from Gingerbread Cheese, there are no available recipes. They are coming though!

However, there seem to be a few “scrooges” out there with a strange sense of “Holiday Cheer”. They have been posting fake crafting recipes, costing players over 100K. These recipes result in nothing…

We highly recommend you DO NOT attempt to craft anything, until it has been officially posted by the game developers. We will be updating this post as the new recipes are released by them, so you will be able to find them here as well.

Until then, Happy Holiday Mousin’ Mates!!


Bodyguards and Mafia Wars Bullies

You’ve got to love collecting the criminal lifestyle when you play Mafia Wars.  What self-respecting mobster lacks those Mafia Wars bodyguards?  Sure, they are decent defensive equipment (DEF 25), but there are better to be had in the game.  Why are the bodyguards on everyone’s list of desirable loot?

Even without the lure of more mafia status, bodyguards are a useful loot because having them can prevent you getting your kass icked on the fightlist..  With all the tips I’ve read about getting a ‘whipping boy” from Mafia Wars strategists, it’s no wonder that Mafia Wars bodyguards are such a needed loot for beginning players.

You want to discover where you can find Mafia Wars bodyguards?  They are found in the loot drops of Hitman Tier – Protect Your City from a Rival Family job.  Having solid bodyguard defense as early as level eighteen is one great thing about this particular defensive equipment.  (If you’re already visiting Cuba, you can pick up a Guerilla Squad with even greater defense than bodyguards in El Padrino tier – Storm the Presidential Palace.)

Another thing to like about Mafia Wars bodyguards is that the job where you loot them is a decent experience yield.  Expend thirty-one energy and receive 58 experience.  That’s a 1.87 ratio, which I like strategy-wise for leveling up more rapidly.  Since the job is a good experience earner on top of a prime loot, it’s a smart bet.  When your attacker is generally at your level, bodyguards will help you win the fight.  It’s smart to get bodyguards for as many of your crew as you can, since bodyguards are the best defense available to you at the beginner levels.

Bodyguards may not be enough to eliminate your fightlist difficulty, though.  If your attacker has you outmanned, outgunned, and outclassed, bodyguards won’t end your losses – although they will increase your percentage of wins!  It’s no fun to be someone’s Mafia Wars whipping boy.

You need to tighten up your fighting strategy for Mafia Wars.

Are your personal stats out of balance?
Is your crew size puny?
Have you neglected mafia equipment?

Weak fight strategy will equal you being used to wipe the floors of Mafia Wars.  I know that the desire to level up with speed has players piling all their points into energy, but if you’re being targeted as an easy mark your strategy has to alter; try to put a few points into defense.  And a tiny mafia crew is a bulls-eye painted on your forehead – you’ll be outmanned every time!  Building a decent sized mafia crew isn’t just for fun, it’s a first line of defense.  Don’t forget that each member of your mafia has to have all three pieces of Mafia Wars equipment – weapon, armor, and vehicle.  If you’re looking to discourage a persistent attacker, get the top defensive equipment you can locate.

Mafia Wars bodyguards and fight strategy can end that losing cycle – good luck!


Revolutionizing Everyday Communication: Social Media Sites

Social Media websites have grown phenomenally in recent years. Millions of people use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. to connect with their virtual friends and share important tit-bits of their life. Wikipedia estimates that 1. 5 billion people use social Media websites. This speaks of the enormous power of social sites in terms of its reach.

While websites like Facebook, Twitter etc, have become a global phenomenon regional social media sites are not far behind. It would be difficult to believe but Japan occupies second place in terms of Twitter community. QQ, the largest social networking site of China has more than 300 million active members who form a vibrant community.

It is no wonder that large corporations have begun taking notice of social networking sites. They are actively utilizing the power of social sites to communicate with their customers. It is easy to spot a dedicated group for a particular product or a brand. The raw power of social sites can be gauged from the fact a simple application on Facebook can become viral and reach millions of users in no time. Which other medium can boast of such power in terms of reach and effectiveness?

Social networking sites have become integral part of social life. It does not matter if a person is a customer, producer or a marketer. If he is not using social site he is risking losing his business to his competitor.

Marketers have begun using the social sites to broadcast their message. There have been cases where the company whose product failed initially was able to re-launch the product successfully with the help of social sites.

Large corporations are not behind either. Dell Corporation successfully utilized Twitter to promote its promotional campaigns. The company created a special offer exclusively for Twitter users. It is believed that Dell Corporation was able to generate revenues to the tune of $ 10 million from Twitter alone. This example demonstrates the viral power of social sites which can catapult a brand into top league in no time.

There is much more scope for innovation in the technological interface of social networking sites. As the technology progresses we may witness the complete integration of various applications within social networking sites.


Top 10 Facebook Applications For November 30, 2009

We have two new additions to our Top 10 Facebook Applications list, with one zooming up out of no where and the other my prediction from last week.

I predicted last week that we would see FishVille not only in our Top 10, but in the #7 position. I was close! FishVille made it to #8 as of this mornings’ application data. In just a few short weeks we have seen over 20 million new players start their aquarium collection.

However, the big news today is the surge of Social Interview out of nowhere to land at #3, with a whopping 31 million users. Social Interview asks you 20-25 questions about your friends and your life.

The reviews on this application are extremely positive! One review in particular summed up what I suspect makes Social Interview so appealing:

social interview allows me to express ma(sic) feeling without jurisdiction. i love it

Here is this weeks Top 10 list:

Top 10 Facebook Applications For November 30, 2009



On our Top 10 Gainers list this week, we are seeing a few new ones worth your time to check out:

Fish Isle – Escape from the hustle and bustle of land living and move out to sea in Fish Isle! Create your own fish farm, decorate your personal tropical getaway, visit friends on nearby islands, and much, much more.

Reviews of Fish Isle so far are extremely positive. There seems to be a few connectivity issues, but that has been the norm for all too many applications the past week or two, so don’t use that as a gauge of the apps’ entertainment value.

seems to be gathering mixed reviews and is a one time use app until the developers start mixing up their content. Otherwise, some good fun.

Here is the balance of our Top 10 Gainers this week:


Top 10 Facebook App Gainers For November 30, 2009



Links To The Top 10 & Others Mentioned:

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  • Causes –
  • Social Interview –
  • Cafe World –
  • Mafia Wars –
  • Happy Aquarium –
  • Pet Society –
  • FishVille –
  • YoVille –
  • Texas Hold’em –
  • Happy Pets –
  • Snowball Fight –
  • Zoo World –

If you have any comments or suggestions about our Top 10 lists, please feel free to let us know



FarmVille Players, Send Your Friends An Exclusive Gift!

It seems the push is definitely on to move FarmVille away from Facebook, and over to In an effort to encourage us to do so, Zynga has introduced a variety of Exclusive Gifts, made available only to those using the interface.

As you can see from the image below, there currently are 7 new giftable items, that from within Facebook show as a “ Exclusive”. Once you open in your browser, these items immediately are unlocked, assuming you have reached the required game level.

If you choose not to use FarmVille’s new browser based version, you can still accept Exclusive gifts sent to you by your friends and neighbors. However, you may want to take a few moments to go try it out. We have had great success using the web based version and almost no connectivity issues. As much as we love Bits The Cow, it is wonderful to play without seeing her! Exclusive Gifts:

  • Barrel of Grapes
  • Wooden Log
  • Ladder and Bucket
  • Orange Flag
  • Purple Flag
  • White Flag

If any of you have me as a neighbor, I am loving the Barrel of Grapes! (hint hint!)



FarmVille Storage Buildings: A Pathetic Whack From Zynga

Literally millions of people had been anxiously awaiting the release of some sort of storage capability on their FarmVille farm. The ability to expand our farms has been painstakingly drip fed to us, resulting in the need to be able to put stuff somewhere! With seasonal decorations costing a pretty coin, and keepsakes galore, almost every player has been begging for the ability to store items.

So, when Zynga made the following announcement last week, I quickly scooted over to my farm to start storing!

“We’ve heard some of you are feeling a bit cramped on your farm. FarmVille is proud to introduce STORAGE! Now you can decorate to your heart’s content while knowing that you have a place to store your stuff. By the way, have you seen the new Country Fair items? Check ‘em out and see why the sheep are having such a blast! ”



My first thoughts? “You have GOT to be %#&@! KIDDING me!

Unfortunately, the amount of FarmVille storage allowed per building is pathetic…

The options are far from giving us the ability to “decorate to your heart’s content while knowing that you have a place to store your stuff.” In fact, it is sorely lacking.

Regular Red Barns allow you to hold 6 items. A Tool Shed will allow an additional 2 items. FarmVille combines these totals together and will show each building containing ?/8. This means, when you click on your tool shed, despite being able to only put 2 items inside, it will say 2/8. What you see in your tool shed also appears in your barn and vice versa. Animals cannot be stored.

That’s it… We can store 8 items total.

Considering the Red Barn takes up 6 land plots to place, and it can store 6 items, I am hard pressed to find the logic behind this! Why bother storing if the barn is going to consume the same amount of space? The same logic goes to the tool sheds. These take up 2 spaces, and can only store 2 items…

Now Zynga is a business and as such is out to make money – completely understandable! I too make my living online but acknowledge that added value is what keeps customers happy and coming back for more. The options Zynga has made available for those willing to pay real cash for additional storage are sorely lacking in this added value.

A premium barn (any other color than red) holds just 20 items, and the pink tool shed holds 15. Granted, this is a combined 35 items, but I suspect not everyone paying is going to want a PINK(!) tool shed just so they can store stuff!

The premium barn costs 27FV$ and the pink tool shed an additional 22FV$. This works out to approximately $9.00usd. Considering you can purchase hundreds of different fabulous games out there for $10-$20, I honestly think their pricing structure is a little wonky.

So in conclusion….

1. Free player FarmVille storage allows up to 8 items, but takes up to 8 spaces.
2. Premium player FarmVille storage allows up to 35 items, but is PINK(!) and will cost up to 49FV$.

Not sure about the rest of you, but I am definitely disappointed…

Oh by the way… Zynga? Can you please send me a new wheelbarrow? I placed mine in my barn and it seems to have been gobbled up by a turkey or something because I have not seen it since….


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