MouseHunt: The King’s Giveaway For King’s Credits

MouseHunt: Kings Giveaway
A brand new feature added last night to MouseHunt is the ability to earn King’s Credits. You can redeem these credits for special loot and in-game prizes. To kick off the new feature, the King has announced the King’s Giveaway event, to last for a limited time.

King’s Credits are earned by catching as many of the 3 new event mice as you can find. These mice are: Treasurer Mouse, Snooty Mouse and the High Roller Mouse.

Mousehunt Treasurer MouseTreasurer Mouse
Catching the Treasurer Mouse earns you a few King’s Credits
Weak to any trap, except the Parental


Mousehunt Snooty MouseSnooty Mouse
Catching the Snooty Mouse earns you a bunch of King’s Credits
Weak to all traps except the Parental


Mousehunt High Roller MouseHigh Roller Mouse
Catching the High Roller Mouse earns you a ton of King’s Credits – Jackpot!
Weak to all traps except the Parental


How To Catch The Event Mice


The event mice can be found in all regions except the Meadow. To increase your chances in catching an event mouse, and the re-release of the Mobster Mouse and the Leprechaun Mouse, you will need to increase your Prize Power.

To increase your Prize Power, you can:

Mousehunt Lucky CoinsFind and Use Lucky Coins
Lucky coins are randomly dropped by all mice and can use tossed into your friends Wishing Well’s. Earn +3 or +5 Prize Power boost for each coin you toss.


Mousehunt Lucky HorseshoesLucky Horseshoes
Lucky Horseshoes are random prize of the day gifts to send and receive. Go to your Specials tab to “toss” these horseshoes for a +3 prize power boost


Mousehunt Lucky UnderwearLucky Underwear
Lucky Underwear is also a prize of the day to give and receive. Wearing lucky underwear gives you a +5 prize power boost. If you are gifted the underwear, you can find it under your Specials tab


Mousehunt Beginner's LuckBeginner’s Luck
For each new friend you invite to play MouseHunt, you will earn a +8 prize power boost when they sound the horn for the 1st time.


If you encounter, but fail to catch a prize mouse, you will earn +1 boost to increase your chances of catching it the next time.

NOTE: Should you catch a prize mouse and win King’s Credits, you will be unable to encounter that same type of prize mouse for 24 hours to both give other hunters a chance to win and increase your chances of encountering one of the other Prize Mice. Should you catch a Mobster or Leprechaun, you will be unable to encounter another one for 90 days.



MouseHunt Introduces The Seasonal Garden, Zugzwang’s First Move & Zugzwang’s Tower

MouseHunt's New Seasonal Garden

The newest hunting grounds made available today for MouseHunters who have attained at least Lord/Lady ranking is the Seasonal Garden. Access to the Seasonal Garden is from Rodentia, as long as you have found Zugzwang’s Scarf and a Magic Feather.

Zugzwang’s Scarf and the Magic Feather can be found now that we can finally opening our Dragon Chests! If you have not yet won a Dragon’s Chest by defeating the Dragon Mouse in Dracano, you will not be able to venture into the Seasonal Garden.

Finding Zugzwang’s Scarf will automatically open access to the Seasonal Garden under the Rodentia tab of your Travel map.

The Seasonal Garden is very unique. The mice available to catch changes every few days, along with the seasons. All of the 24 new available nice in the region are weak to a Tactical trap combined with normal cheeses, such as swiss, brie, gouda or SUPER|brie+. However, Hunters seeking true mastery of these Seasonal Soldiers must find the special weaknesses that are unique to each season (more details below).

The best way to start catching these soldiers is craft the new trap Zugzwang’s First Move (ZFM). You will be required to smash your old Zugzwang’s Last Move (ZLM) in order to build this new trap. If you do not own ZLM, you can purchase one at the Seasonal Garden Trapsmith for 415,000 gold.

How To Craft Zugzwang’s First Move

Zugzwang’s First Move requires 3 parts:

  1. Zugzwang’s First Move Blueprints (available at the Seasonal Garden General Store for 615,000 gold)
  2. Magic Feather (found when opening a Dragon’s Chest)
  3. Chess Pieces (smashing your Zugzwang’s Last Move yields Chess Pieces)

Crafting Zugzwang’s First Move will transform your old Zugzwang’s Last Move as shown below:

Zugzwang’s Last Move
( 2,200 Tactical Power )
Power Type: Tactical
Power Bonus: 15%
Attraction Bonus: none
Luck: 7
Cheese Effect: Fresh
Zugzwang’s First Move
( 3660 Tactical Power )
Power Type: Tactical
Power Bonus: 15%
Attraction Bonus: none
Luck: 17
Cheese Effect: Very Fresh


Once you enter the Seasonal Garden, you will notice a new feature across the top of your menu bar called the Tower Amplifier. The amplifier is a power bonus that is applied to your trap when you hunt inside Zugzwang’s Tower (the next stage). Catching mice in the Seasonal Garden will increase your amplifier in different increments, depending on the type of mouse you catch. Failing to attract a mouse will cause some of your amplifier’s charge to be lost.



As stated above, each season has a special weakness to a specific kind of trap set up. These are:

Winter Mice – a Hydro Trap set up will increase your catch rate.
Spring Mice – a Physical/Tactical Trap set up will increase your catch rate.
Summer Mice – a Tactical Trap set up will increase your catch rate.
Fall Mice – a Shadow Trap set up will increase your catch rate.

Zugzwang’s Tower

In order to access Zugzwang’s Tower, you will need to collect 4 Key Shards. There is 1 shard dropped by a specific mouse from each season. Assembling these shards will craft the key you need to gain entry.


As soon as we have more info on Zugzwang’s Tower, we will let you know!



MouseHunt 12 Days of Christmas Begins – New Loot Daily!

Finally, the Festive Comet is starting to melt a little quicker, and revealing more and more of the goodies inside! Since its’ landing back on December 3rd, we have so far found 2 new weapon blueprints; the Gingerbread House Surprise and the Gingerbread Base. My thoughts and opinions of these two weapons will be revealed further below.

The MouseHunt 12 Days of Christmas, part of The Great Winter Hunt ’09, seems to be fairly straightforward. Starting December 12th, a new piece of loot is revealed in the Festive Comet each day. According to Dev Dave, the pieces will be easier to find on the day they are released. Keep this in mind – if you are not able to actively play daily, make sure you at least log in and sound the horn once per day to keep the Kings’ hourly trapchecks running for you.

We will be updating this list daily on exactly what the new loot items are and which mouse is dropping it. Once all 12 items are revealed, MH Larry will be announcing what goody we will be able to craft with our new stash.


The 12 Days of Christmas:


December 12:

  • One Droid Action Figure
  • Dropped by the White Mouse and Candy Cane Mouse
  • TIP – save your Gingerbread cheese and use Swiss or Brie to catch the White.

December 13:

  • Two Festive Mitts
  • Dropped by the Dwarf Mouse and the Present Mouse
  • TIP – save your Gingerbread cheese and use Swiss or Brie to catch the Dwarf.

December 14:

  • 3 Santa Hats
  • Dropped by the Christmas Tree Mouse and Abominable Snow Mouse
  • TIPS – Use a Physical set up. SB+ would be best for the Christmas Tree Mouse, otherwise use Brie to catch the Abominable Snow Mouse.

December 15:

  • Four Festive Stockings
  • Dropped by the Stocking Mouse (of course!) and the Troll Mouse
  • TIP – Use your strongest Physical trap for these guys

December 16:

  • Five Festive Ornaments
  • Dropped by the Ornament Mouse (of course!) and the Treant Mouse
  • TIP – A strong physical trap and aim for a Treant – they are the easier of the two to catch.

December 17:

  • Six Snow Balls
  • Dropped by the Nutcracker and the Abominable Snow Mouse
  • TIP – Use a Physical trap, SB+ or Gingerbread cheese and try for the Nutcracker. ASM have been abundant in the Festive Comet, but the Nutcracker may be the easier of the two to catch.

December 18:

  • Seven Gingerbread Mice
  • Dropped by the Present Mouse and the Bear Mouse
  • TIP – Save your SB+ and Gingerbread Cheese. Throw some Brie on and catch the easy Bear Mouse with a Physical set up.

December 19:

  • Eight Elf Shoes
  • Dropped by the Elf Mouse (they are back!) and the Dwarf Mouse
  • TIP – The Elf Mouse is a limited edition mouse from last year, so put on your best Physical trap and grab this one for your collection!

December 20:

  • Nine Reindeer Antlers
  • Dropped by the Present Mouse and the Centaur Mouse
  • TIP – The Present mouse is a physical mouse, whereas the Centaur is a tactical. Use the best set up you have between the two power types and use SB+ if possible. If not, use Gingerbread cheese.

December 21:

  • Ten Candy Canes
  • Dropped by the Scrooge Mouse, Candy Cane Mouse, Hydra Mouse
  • TIP – You most likely are going to want to use SB+ to catch one of these guys!

December 22:

  • Eleven Christmas Lights
  • Dropped by the Christmas Tree Mouse and the new Frozen Mouse
  • TIP – Put on your best Physical set up and use SB+
  • ***NEW** 3 new mice introduced today; Frosty Snow Mouse, Toy Mouse and Frozen Mouse!

December 23:

  • Twelve Litres of Eggnog
  • Dropped by the Toy Mouse, Gargoyle Mouse, Scrooge Mouse and the Christmas Tree Mouse. There have been reports of the White Mouse dropping as well, but unconfirmed by the Devs.
  • TIP –


Stay Tuned For The Details
On What These Items Will Craft!


New Festive Comet Weapons:



MouseHunt: Festive Comet Launches “The Great Winter Hunt ’09″

“The Festive Comet” earlier discovered by those kooky Digby scientists has landed, creating a new hunting area, along with new festive mice, new loot, and some old friends all dressed up for the season.

New Area – Festive Comet:

The new area, aptly named Festive Comet, is accessible to all players. The best bet for those of you having to travel is to hit Gnawnia first for free, then jump over to Festive Comet for 863 coins.

Festive Comet contains not only new Rare Breeds, but a variety of mice from various regions. These mice are; Abominable Snow, Bear, Centaur, Dwarf, Gargoyle, Hydra (Sorry! No Ship Blueprints being dropped), Moosker, Steel, Treant, Troll, White, and Worker.

New Festive Rare Breed Mice:

There are 7 new “Rare Breed” mice for you to collect, bringing the total of Rare Breeds available to 17.

The new mice are:

  • Present Mouse
  • Nutcracker Mouse
  • Ornament Mouse
  • Stocking Mouse
  • Candy Cane Mouse
  • Scrooge Mouse
  • Christmas Tree Mouse

The Scrooge Mouse looks to be one of the biggies to catch, dropping Satchels of Gold worth 1000 coins and 5000 coins. The Christmas Tree mouse is the most rare, so ensure you are using your strongest trap and base to nail this one!

Gingerbread Cheese:

In order to make Gingerbread Cheese, simply smash 1 Plank of Gingerbread. It automatically turns into 15 pieces of Gingerbread cheese.

If you have never smashed anything before, go to your Crafting tab (located under Inventory), click on the green Use Your Hunters Hammer arrow, and select Plank of Gingerbread to smash.

New Gifts/Loot:

According to the devs:

A few resident mice here have been spotted carrying gifts… twelve to be exact. I have a strange suspicion that collecting all the different items will prove to have a benefit!

So far, we have only been able to spot a few of the gift items being dropped, and the additional ones available at the limited time Festive Gift Shoppe.

Items Dropped:

  • Icing sugar
  • Plank of Gingerbread
  • Candies

Available & Giftable from the Festive Gift Shoppe:

  • Greeting Card
  • Mistletoe
  • Posing Mouse Action Figure
  • Christmas Coal
  • Burroughs Laboratory Map Piece
  • Slightly Smaller Gift
  • Icing sugar
  • Plank of Gingerbread
  • Candies
  • Swiss Cheese
  • Brie Cheese
  • Gouda Cheese

New Crafting Recipes

The scientists also believe, given enough time, that they should be able to use this new “gingerbread”, as well as including some of the other festive items, to capture the essence of the holiday and create some most interesting trap components!

As you can see from the dev’s comments above, as of the time of this post, apart from Gingerbread Cheese, there are no available recipes. They are coming though!

However, there seem to be a few “scrooges” out there with a strange sense of “Holiday Cheer”. They have been posting fake crafting recipes, costing players over 100K. These recipes result in nothing…

We highly recommend you DO NOT attempt to craft anything, until it has been officially posted by the game developers. We will be updating this post as the new recipes are released by them, so you will be able to find them here as well.

Until then, Happy Holiday Mousin’ Mates!!


MouseHunt: They Are Back – Hollowhead Locations!

It’s that time of year again, and in good haunting fashion, the Hollowhead mice are on the loose, and they are dropping SuperBrie+!

Here is the official word from Dave Vanderburg:

Terror filled screeches have been heard from areas all around the Kingdom… these reports of spooky activity can only mean one thing — Hollowheads are running rampant!

The King’s researchers have noticed the Hollowheads concentrating their haunting efforts on one specific area in almost every region. Spread out and see if you can find where they are hiding.

Hollowhead mice tend to hoard any SUPER|brie+ cheese that they manage to steal. With a little luck you may catch one that was holding on to a piece or two.

Stay alert MouseHunters! Hollowhead mice love to trick traps and make off with your cheesy treats!

Happy Halloween Hunting!

We scrambled to find the locations for you all, and here is what we have:

Gnawnia Region – Harbour
Whisker Woods Region – Great Gnarled Tree
Burroughs Region – Bazaar
Furoma Region – Training Grounds
Bristle Woods Region – unknown if possible yet – will update asap
Rodentia – SS Huntington II
Tribal Isles – Cape Clawed

Catches are pouring in using a variety of traps and bait, but Swiss, Brie and Rockforth cheese seem to be working better.

Good luck everyone and Happy Hunting!


Ronza’s Rock’n Return: Goodies To Buy Or Not To Buy?

For all you MouseHunt players, unless you have been living under a rock the past week, you will be well aware that the much anticipated landing of Ronza has finally happened!

In fact, most of us were so eager to see her wares, we almost crashed not only her airship, but the HitGrab servers too! Our poor favorite devs had to ask us to please leave off clicking the map in order for her to land successfully.

Ronza’s arrival has brought tons of goodies, along with a hefty price tag on most of them. Here is a breakdown and TheFacebookInsider’s analysis of what you should consider buying with your MouseHunt gold.

HitGrab Rockin’ Horse:

The HitGrab Rockin’ Horse is the weakest of traps offered by Ronza this appearance. It’s closest competitor would be the Swiss Army Mouse Trap. In a side by side comparison, you can see the Rockin Horse has greater power, a better attraction rate, and a whopping increase in luck. It also requires significantly fewer points to obtain.




However, the price of the HitGrab Rockin’ Horse is twice as expensive as the Swiss Army Mouse Trap, making this a tough buy for most Novice players. When you consider that this trap won’t last you much further than the Harbour, unless you are looking to collect a Special Edition item, you may want to save your gold for the upcoming NVMRC Forcefield Trap.

On the flip side though, you could potentially eliminate the need for the NVMRC Forcefield Trap. While the HitGrab Rockin’ Horse may not perform well in the Calm Clearing, it will do a fantastic job in the Laboratory. The super increase in luck that this trap provides should have those much needed Radioactive Cheese Curd Potions raining down on you!

Conclusion: You won’t make a ton of gold with this offering but, you could save gold by skipping the need for the NVMRC Forcefield Trap and moving on to a specialized Tactical or Shadow traps a little sooner.

Magma Base:

This one is a no brainer – if you have the gold, buy it! I did, and am lovin’ it!

The Magma base is the most powerful base we have seen overall. While the Tribal base has a higher actual Power result when a high level trap is attached, if you are looking at all attributes combined, the Magma will out perform it.


Magma Base


The Magma base is also easily attained by players at mid level of play. With only 238,000 points required, compared to the 14,000,000 needed for the Tribal base, this one will last you for a significant length of time.

The only downfall of the Magma base is the insanely stale cheese effect. However, the overall price of a few more pieces of stale cheese will be easily compensated for with your increased catch and loot drop rate.

Conclusion: A No Brainer! Go get it

Giant Speaker:

At first glance the Giant Speaker is a much better trap than the Mutated Venus Mouse Trap or Zugzwang’s Last Move. It has a low point requirement, which will make it easily attainable by Master leveled players, and will perform nicely for those of you in the Great Gnarled Tree – especially for collecting Gnarled Cheese Potions!


Giant Speakers Trap


However, the price tag attached to this cool looking trap is in the range of a much higher player. Chances are you will have to sell off some SB+ in order to afford it. Is it worth it? Yes and no…

If you do not already own the Venus Mouse Trap, then this is definitely going to be one you will want to consider picking up. The Giant Speakers will outperform any tactical trap currently available. But, if you DO already own the VMT, you have already put a significant amount of gold into your Tactical arsenal, and should continue following that path.

1. If you do not have the VMT, then yes, go for it.
2. If you already own the VMT, save your gold.

Krakens’ Chaos

The Kraken’s Chaos is the most odd-balled offering Ronza has brought to date. It is the first Hydro weapon, and surprisingly, it is also has the lowest amount of luck. It also has a WHOPPING price tag of 860,000 gold. But, Ronza is well known for her extra lucky traps and bases, so what makes Kraken’s Chaos attractive? Simply….The Hydra Mouse…


Krakens Chaos


Anyone who has spent any time at all in the Lagoon, not only trying to catch that ever elusive Hydra, but to have her drop the Ship Blueprints as well, will know that having a Hydro weapon would have made all the difference. Until now, the 1st hydro weapon you had an opportunity to purchase was on the SS Huntington II – AFTER you already caught the Hydra or paid for the prints to build your ship. Now you can arm yourself in advance.

Kraken’s Chaos is also going to significantly out perform both the Net Cannon and the Harpoon Gun once you arrive on the ship. Over in the Tribal Isles, the Chaos again is going to give you an immediate boost to an Ancient Spear Gun comparable weapon, to catch those seashells in Elub Shores.

1. If you already have crafted the Ancient Spear Gun, don’t bother with Kraken’s Chaos, unless you are looking for an expensive novelty item.
2. If you do not have the Ancient Spear Gun, grab this one – if you can afford it…

That’s all hunters! Hope you find my opinions helpful and have good luck hunting!


MouseHunt: How To Bust A Bad D.H.U Streak

MouseHunt Pink Boxed Journal Page

Anyone who has played MouseHunt past the beginning Novice level, is well familiar with the dreaded “pink box” (also known as “red box” or “PB”). As you progress further into the game, there are times when your Journal page literally swims in a sea of pink!

Ever notice how it always seems to happen, right before you are about to level up? That last 1% of any level always seems to be filled with pink boxes, stolen cheese and “failed to attacts”…

So what do most hunters do to try and change their luck?

Some head over to the forums and vent their utter disgust and frustration in the “Cheese and Whine” section.

Others post status updates lamenting the D.H.U factor bestowed on them.

And… almost all of them waste their gold…

*Gasps!* Wasted precious gold? (And with Ronza on her way too??)

The Trap/Base Swap Myth:

Most MouseHunt players are under the misconception that if you are having a bad luck streak of “failed to attracts” and pink boxes, that swaping your trap and/or base will reset your luck. This is absolutely false.

Chances are, you are already using the best possible combination you can for the area you are in, ranking level you have, and mouse you are trying to catch. If you are to swap your trap/base, you will be changing it to a lower ranked one, therefore reducing the chances even further of ending your bad streak. The longer your streak, the more gold you potentially lose…

If you have the best possible set up you can use, then simply leave it. Your luck will turn around on its’ own!

The Location Hop Myth:

Most MouseHunt players are also under the misconception that if you are having difficulties catching a specific mouse, you should simply hop over to another area and then hop back – resetting your D.H.U factor.

(Your “D.H.U Factor”, for those who do not know, is a running joke indicating how much the “Devs Hate You”. It is generally used to explain why things are going wrong for a particular hunter.)

I am guilty of this myself! I have only 7 remaining mice to catch (at the time of this post) and heck if one of them isn’t a silly Shelder! I have all 6 Jungle of Dread mice, but that Shelder eludes me…

I have traveled back and forth from the SS II Huntington numerous times, costing me a small fortune each time.

Will changing locations change my luck? According to Dave Vanderburg (one of the game developers)… No – it won’t. Any perceived benefit from location hopping is purely a coincidence.

In Conclusion:

Don’t bother swapping traps or bases, and definitely do not waste your gold hopping around. Accept that bad streaks and pink boxes are a part of the game, and know that GOOD streaks come just as easily.

And yes…The Devs DO Luv You too