Ponzi Inc Perks List

For all you Ponzi Inc. fans out there, here is our list of Perks you have available to you. We will add to the list as more Perks are revealed and/or added to the game.

Ponzi Inc. Perks


Break Room Donuts
Cost – $5000
Adds +10 Morale for 1 day

Muffin Baskets
Cost – $50000
Adds +50 Morale for 1 day

Company Meeting
Cost – 2 coins
Adds +50% Productivity for 1 day

Crack The Whip
Cost – 4 coins
Adds +100% Productivity for 1 day

Employee Reviews
Cost – 6 coins
Adds +150% Productivity for 2 days

Cost – 2 coins
Reduces job completion time by 15% for 1 day

Unrealistic Schedules
Cost – 4 coins
Reduces job completion time by 25% for 1 day

Mandatory Overtime
Cost – 6 coins
Reduces job completion time by 35% for 2 days

Delivery Service
Cost – 1 coin
Reduces equipment delivery time by 1 hour

Professional Movers
Cost – 2 coins
Reduces equipment delivery time by 2 hours

Choplifting Service
Cost – 3 coins
Instantly delivers any equipment

Rushed Construction
Cost – 2 coins
Any building upgrades are immediately completed

Pizza Delivery
Cost – 1 coin
Reduces job completion time by 1 hour

Motivational Speech
Cost – 2 coins
Reduces job completion time by 3 hours

Rush Job
Cost – 4 coins
Instantly completes all jobs

Want Ads
Cost – $5000
Increases the rate that new employees become available by 25% for 1 day

Newspaper Article
Cost – $50000
Increases the rate that new employees become available by 50% for 1 day

Headhunter Agency
Cost – 3 coins
Instantly replenishes the Hire Employees listing

Cost – $10000
Removes the graffiti, dino lure, or fire alarm perk from your building. Adds +10 to Morale for 1 day

Good PR
Cost – $10000
Counters a Bad PR Perk and adds +10 Morale for 1 day

Online Job Listing
Cost –

Bonus Checks
Cost – ?

How To Cripple Your Competition:


Use these perks on your competition! To view the ones available to you, click on the neighbor you wish to crush, then click on your Perks tab. The following Perks become available to you (if you have completed the jobs required first)

Fire Alarm
Cost – $250000
Use on another player to reduce their productivity by 10 for 1 day

Cost – $25000
Use on another player to deface their building. Lowers Morale by 10 for 1 day

Bad PR
Cost – $100000
Use on another player to create a negative PR campaign. Lowers Morale by 10 for 1 day

Dino Lure
Cost – $500000
Use on another player to cause the Dinosaur to pay them a visit. Lowers morale by 10 for 1 day


Ponzi Inc: Game Review and Strategy Tips

.™ is a tycoon type game with a fabulous tongue-in-cheek twist on office humor. According to its developers Challenge Games, “Ponzi Inc draws its humor from the likes of The Office™, OfficeSpacev, and Better Off Ted™”. With the prime directive to “Get rich quick”, you will create your corporation, hire your friends, and build up your empire – all starting from your parents garage.

“In Ponzi Inc., players assume the role of a small business owner with the final goal of being the Global CEO of the largest company in the world. Players complete comical jobs, pimp out their offices, and make strategic choices that will let them grow from their parent’s garage to an ultimate planet-orbiting office complex.”

The game is extremely entertaining, and a fresh break from the plow-plant/mix-serve/decorate games that are all over Facebook. The creativity of Challenge Games keeps you attentive and literally laughing out loud. However, the game does possess a challenge as well – you actually have to think and plan! Yes, there is a definite strategy required, but the entertainment value you receive is well worth it, and the comedic graphics are a total hoot.

From Dinosaur lures to office building graffiti; grandma’s relic computer to state-of-the-art PC’s; and your parents garage to orbiting satellite offices, Ponzi Inc has it all. Hire your friends as employees, or pay for imaginary workers. Be careful though! Some of these wacky workers take 90 minute lunches, don’t understand acronyms and steal staplers!

Motivate your employees and thus increasing your company morale with ‘Perks’ such as donuts, water coolers, and snack machines. Increase your productivity, and therefore your profit, with upgraded office equipment, break room/mail room appliances, and even hire “Matthew, the collating Ninja”!

Here are a few tips to get you started:

1. Resist the temptation to hire all of your friends at once.

Your company morale is calculated by dividing your morale rating by the number of employees. If this percentage drops below 100%, you could lose employees. Work on increasing your morale as you are hiring, to keep them in balance. Each item you purchase/upgrade and each of the Perks earned give you either a moral boost, productivity boost, or decreases the amount of time it takes to complete jobs. Therefore, watch for upgrades offering a moral boost before you hire.

Ponzi Inc Hire Workers


2. Upgrade your equipment regularly.

Your equipment is one of your best investments; as upgrades increase your productivity, morale and/or time it takes to complete jobs. As you can afford it, spread your upgrades around to each room. You will reap a wider range of benefits doing this, versus upgrading everything in 1 room first. Spread your upgrades around each item in the room as well, instead of maxing out just one item. Diversify!

Ponzi Inc Upgrade Equipment


3. Use your Perks wisely!

Avoid using your perks unnecessarily. There is no reason to use a Delivery perk (which reduces delivery time by 1 hour) on an item upgrade that will be delivered in 15 minutes. Save your perks for the best possibly scenario, as they are extremely valuable. If you run out of perks, you can purchase more via Challenge Coins. These cost real money via a credit card, Paypal or by completing offers.

Ponzi Inc Use Perks


4. Watch your Agenda closely.

Ponzi Inc Agenda

On your left side menu is your Agenda. This lists each of the tasks you need to complete. Completing these tasks earns you profit. A set amount of profit is required to advance to the next level. The tasks that appear on your Agenda go hand-in-hand with your ‘Do Jobs’ tab and your Perks. Use both of them to complement each other and reap the rewards.

5. Plan your jobs.

Each job requires a specific number of employees, takes a specific amount of time to complete and will payout a range of profit. Plan out your time using your available employees and how long you will online/offline. For example, if the job requires 7 hours to complete, this would be a good one to assign your employees to before heading to bed. If you are taking advantage of an 8 minute job, be sure you are available to collect your pay shortly after.

A 50% time bonus is awarded to those who collect quickly. A 25% time bonus is awarded to slightly slower collectors and anyone taking more than 28 hours to collect pay will forfeit it to their employees. Therefore to maximize your profit, ensure you are doing jobs you will be able to collect on shortly after they have been completed.

Ponzi Inc Do Jobs List


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