Restaurant City Secrets Series: Getting Rich with the Island Layout

Has your restaurant got stuck because you can’t handle the flow of customers efficiently? If so, you might be interested in something called the “island layout.” Many people consider this layout to be one of the Restaurant City secrets of success. Would you like to learn more?

The island layout isn’t something you need to worry about right away. But once your restaurant reaches at least 2 chefs or 5 tables, the layout of the place becomes ever more important. This is when the best players move to an island layout.

The point is to make your employees as efficient as possible which means you’ll earn the most coins and Gourmet Points in the least amount of time.

What is the island layout? It’s an arrangement of tables and stoves into little self-contained groups. The idea is that you can have one stove serving its own group of neighboring tables, so the staff never has to walk very far. Each group of tables and stove is like its own island, hence the name. As your restaurant grows, you can create more islands, ensuring that you can handle the maximum amount of customers with the minimum amount of staff.

Why use this layout? If you set it up right, each chef will be right beside the tables they serve, while the waiters have to move as little as possible to take care of their tables. Lay out your restaurant with islands, and the food handling portions of your business will become much more efficient.

This article isn’t the place for me to explain exactly how to create the ideal island layout for your restaurant. But there is a Restaurant City guide that covers this in detail along with revealing many other secrets of the game. To find out more, visit this: Restaurant City Secrets site.


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