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FarmVille Secrets

We received a copy of this guide for evaluation and it is fabulous for beginner to intermediate players!

If you’re new to the world of FarmVille, it won’t likely take long for you to figure out why this game has captured the imagination of so many people. There are a ton of options when it comes to what seeds you can grow, what buildings and decorations you can put on your farm, and which types of livestock you choose to raise.

Because you do have so many options though, it can be a little difficult at first to figure out where to start in order to develop your farm right.

Don’t waste another second wondering if your crops are going to make it. Get the guide that the entire Internet is using to blast through FarmVille at top speed!

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Mafia Wars Blueprint

We received a copy of this guide from the author for evaluation. This is definitely one of the most comprehensive guides available for all levels of play – espcecially since it covers the Cuba and Moscow expansions and includes all future updates. Excellent value on this one!

From the author Tony:

All the other guides out there promise the same information but they’re missing something. They load up on useless filler, telling you how to sign up for Facebook or telling you how to use illegal cheats that will get your game BANNED. Why would you pay money for that?

My guide is written to be 100% Legal and to show you only useful tips that you can use to dominate Mafia Wars. You won’t roll your eyes every other page as I don’t rehash any old information. I get right down to business – showing you what you need to be the best.

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Dominate Mafia Wars

This is currently the top selling Mafia Wars guide available to date and provides a ton of valuable information.

For most of you, the “hidden secrets behind Godfather points and all the secret loopholes and exploits you can employ to use them to your favor” tip is going to be extremely valuable!

Also watch for “How you can literally double your Godfather points overnight completely on autopilot. I felt like an idiot when I discovered this- and once you learn this you’ll be blown away!”

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The Online Game: Internet Attraction System

The newest and hottest way to pickup girls recently has been through the internet. With an insane growth in websites like Facebook and MySpace… and not to mention online dating websites… the internet has officially become the #1 playground where singles meet.

But let’s face it… for guys… it’s definitely NOT easy.

The Online Game: Internet Attraction System just isn’t another e-book – it’s a full package designed to help your game substantially. So if you want to turn your computer into a seduction machine and seriously make that Facebook account useful, then seriously look into this program.

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