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  Can view forum   Can view forum lists only   Can view forum and topic lists only
  Can view admin posts   Can start new topics   Can reply to topics
  Can create linked topics   Can break linked topics   Can edit own topic titles
  Can edit any topic titles   Can pin topics   Can move topics
  Can move posts   Can lock topics   Can delete topics
  Can edit own posts forever   Can edit own posts until reply   Can edit any posts
  Can delete own posts   Can delete any posts   Can pin posts
  Can reassign posts   Can view users email addresses   Can view members profiles
  Can view members lists   Can report posts   Can bypass spam control
  Can bypass post moderation   Can bypass post moderation once   Can upload images
  Can upload media   Can upload files   Can use signatures
  Can use images in signatures   Can upload avatars   Can use private messaging
  Can subscribe   Can watch topics   Can change topic status
  Can rate posts   Can moderate pending posts