Cafe World Q & A

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    How Fast Does Food Spoil In Cafe World?

  2. Rating: +2

    What Levels Can I Purchase Additional Stoves In Cafe World?

  3. What Levels Can I Purchase Additional Counters In Cafe World?

  4. My Cafe World Neighbor Is Level 19 And Has 16 Stoves. How Is This Possible?

  5. My Cafe World waiter is on the wrong side of the counter.

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    I have lots of food to serve, customers present but waiters won't serve why?

  7. How do you hire new Cafe World staff?

  8. I have available Cafe World seats but when people come in they are waiting and end up leaving. Why?

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    Do we have to pay Cafe World employees?

  10. At what levels can I expand my Cafe World?

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    My staff won't work!

  12. How do I change the outfits on my waiters?

  13. I have fired all my Cafe World staff. How do I re-hire them back?

  14. Is there a way to make the back wall in Cafe World not so dark?

  15. What levels do you have to be to hire more employees?

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    why is it that I have lots of food on the counter but I have very few customers coming into my cafe. There are so few customers I haven't anything cooked in 24 hours. How do I generate more customers?

  17. Does food spoil on Cafe World counters?

  18. What does it mean when a customer walks in and has a clock over his head?

  19. Is there a difference when your Cafe World neighbor is light purple or dark purple at the bottom?

  20. What level unlocks the Extravagant Cafe expansion?

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    How can I go back to a smaller Cafe?

  22. I don't get any feed from my friends in Cafe World.

  23. Is there any efficiency difference in the various types of ovens?

  24. How long will the gingerbread house be available for?

  25. How do I get a link on my home page to just show my Cafe World neighbors free servings?

  26. How is it determined what food gets served from the counters when you have several available?

  27. Is there away to find out which items I have cooked or not?

  28. I've noticed that a few people have tables set in the grassy areas.

  29. Does adding and removing my Cafe World doors make my food disappear from my counters and stoves?

  30. Can you use more than one spice on a single dish?

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    Is there any other way of getting Cafe World Dollars/Cash , not coins besides buying it with a credit card?

  32. How do I change stoves and counters?

  33. Where is my Super Stove?

  34. On cafe world i have concrete (times 32) do i have to sell them individually or can i sell them in whole?


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