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    How Can I Change My Facebook Live Feed Settings?

  2. How Do I Change My Name On Facebook?

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    How do I delete a Facebook group that I created?

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    Is Facebook planning an adult section?

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    Is there a way to limit who sees my photos, wall posts and videos?

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    What's the difference between Live Feed and News Feed?

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    I hid Vampire War Posts from friends, now I want it back. What do I need to do get see the status updates again?

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    Why do Zynga games load so slow and sometimes not at all?

  9. I find your FB info very helpful, but I don't want to see the game tips. Is there a way to select just FB info to appear on my wall?

  10. How do I set my Facebook so I don't receive a ton of emails from what people post?

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    Is there a way to set your wall so its always on live feed?

  12. Once I am in "Live Feed" I have to hit the "home" button to update on my site, it used to not be that way and other friends still have auto update for new post. Is there something I can do to get it back?

  13. How do I delete a friend?

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    How are you notified that someone has become a fan on your fan page?

  15. How can I see "older posts"?

  16. Do you need voluntary translators? I read something about, but don't know if it is true. I'd be glad to help, if possible. Sil

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    When I click on the "notifications" sign on the bottom right of my screen, the top of that section goes up too high (that is, I can't see the top) so I can't see the most recent notifications and (more importantly) I can't click on the "view all" icon.

  18. What happened to the "Send an update to fans" box on my Fan Page? It's not there anymore.

  19. Can you go back and publish a gift, that you skipped publishing the first time you received it?

  20. What's up with this app going around that says FB is going to delete your account if you don't go to this app and save it?? Says FB Activate; sounds fishy!!

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    How do I delete a friend list?

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    My news feed link is gone form my privacy setting. How do I get it back?

  23. If you have a Facebook Fan Page what information is generated in the statistics section? Do you get a list of everyone who has visted your page or is it just gender/age specific info?

  24. Is "Profile Spy" a real app or a hoax? Is there a way to know who looks at my profile page?

  25. Is there a way to access my friends and have them automatically appear alphabetically?

  26. Is there a way to hide the game updates my friends are playing, from posting on my wall?

  27. Are you going to charge us for using FB or is this just a hoax?

  28. How do I "report" a friend?


  30. Is there a way to use a picture that is already in an album as a profile pic?

  31. Why is it I have over 115 friends, but the friends "count" on my profile page says I only have 112?

  32. Is there a way to view previous Facebook chats?

  33. Is the new webcam vchat for real?

  34. Is the Automation Lab rumor true?

  35. Are we going to start being charged for games?

  36. Is there a setting that I need to change in order to like a post or dislike it. I can no longer like or dislike.

  37. Since FB updated a couple days ago, I cannot get to live feed. There are no buttons or options to add it. HELP!!!

  38. Is there a way to block someone from popping up on your chat or seeing when you are on-line?

  39. In facebook chat, there is no "send" button for me to click on to send a reply.

  40. Is there a way of seeing who has viewed my profile?

  41. Is there a way of seeing who has blocked me?

  42. Is their a limited number of neighbors that you can fertilize and feed their chickens a day?


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