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    Do FarmVille Dairy Barns Rotate?

  2. What Do Turtles Give In FarmVille?

  3. How do I add FarmVille neighbors?

  4. What do black cats give on FarmVille?

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    What is Super Grow on FarmVille?

  6. How do I get Farmville dollars (FV$)?

  7. What are the best paying FarmVille crops to plant?

  8. Is there a way to "Save" my farm?

  9. How do you stack fences on FarmVille?

  10. What is the little yellow jelly bean balloon thing that appears during harvesting and floats to the ground?

  11. What do the numbers beneath the pictures of my neighbors mean?

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    What do we do with the FarmVille "droopy flowers"?

  13. I just logged on to Farmville and all my neighbors are gone.

  14. Do the calfs in farmville grow into full grown cows?

  15. Can you master in poinsettia's?

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    I am unable to see my friends FarmVille posts.

  17. If you buy the snowcover how long does it last?

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    I have seen an egg roll out of the chicken coop. Why does it do that?

  19. How do you get gifts from Farmville Gifts?

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    Will you be allowing us to buy (for coins not cash) more than one chicken coop? my farm is overrun with chickens

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    I bought the snow that covers the farm. How do I get rid of it?

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    How do I make my FarmVille farmer stay blocked in?

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    What do the stars indicate under the seeds when you go to the market?

  24. Why can I not store more items. I have 4 sheds and one barn and can only store 14 items?

  25. How do you use the Harvester?

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    When did they change the XP received when you visit a neighbor's farm? It used to be 5 or 6 (plus 1 per for fertilizer) and now you only get 1 point for visiting and 1 per fertilizer

  27. How do I get rid of the "floating" Christmas present that is on my screen whenever I sign in?

  28. What is FARMVILLE GIFTSS? Wondering if this is even legit?

  29. Can you steal animals from your neighbors farm?

  30. How do I stop my animals from walking around?

  31. What is the workshop used for?

  32. I don't have a christmas tree but I have gifts that are unopened. How do I open them?

  33. What are unique gifts so that we can earn a ribbon

  34. How do I get rid of my Christmas tree?

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    What is a unique crop ?

  36. Why don't I get gifts from the mystery eggs, only chickens?

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    Can my animals walk away? My baby elephant is missing.

  38. How do you use the cash from the Farmville Cash Sender Application

  39. What are the hot air balloons for?

  40. How do you hold a barn raising on FarmVille?

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    How do you rearrange your squares of crops?

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    I cannot collect from one of my friends when they offer a bonus or collectible

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    How do I expand my screen to see my whole farm?

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    After a plot of land is placed, can it be moved?

  45. Where do people get these fabulous things like water mills, water falls and kilns? Did they buy them ?

  46. What purpose does the greenhouse have?

  47. How do you keep your farmer boxed in so she won't wander around the farm?

  48. When is the last day to build the horse stable?

  49. How do you get fertilizer?

  50. How many levels are there in FarmVille?

  51. Is Farmville going to add new crops that last forever?

  52. Will there be a building to store calves in?

  53. Can I still get collectibles if I use a Harvester or Tractor?

  54. Can I delete faster?

  55. Why are there NO dogs on Farmville?

  56. How do you stack hay bales?

  57. Is there a limit to the number of chickens on a farm?

  58. Never got a Local Celebrity Blue Ribbon never popped up.

  59. Why in China, you can not get on to FarmVille? Is there another way to get to FarmVille?

  60. How do I get one of those orange mystery box? I want to get ribbons from it, but don't ever get one.

  61. I can't seem to find the white picket fences on FarmVille. Can you tell me where they are?

  62. Late one night I saw farm expansion in the market for 10,000 COINS (instead of FV money). I bought it and immediately went back to see if I could buy more, but the option was gone. Was that a fluke, or does that offer appear from time to time?

  63. Does FarmVille block bonuses from some of their neighbors?

  64. Where do I go to find the code for the gold box I have on my farm?

  65. How many times can my crops be fertilized by different neighbors in a 24-hour period?

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    Can the ability to rotate buildings be added?


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    My last neighbor is not showing on my list.

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    How long after crops ripen must they be harvested before withering?

  70. What does 'locked limit 1' mean?

  71. I was going to buy a hot rod harvester in Farmville when I reached Bangkok in Mafia Wars but now that I've made it there the harvester isn't in Farmville anymore. Did they take it off?

  72. One of the mystery eggs allowed you to enlarge your Avatar. Is there any way to get the Avatar back to its original size?

  73. How do I collect twine?

  74. I don't have the delete icon anymore. It has been replaced with the co-op icon. How can I delete now?

  75. Can we change the puppy's feeding time?

  76. What is the general store for?


  78. What does it mean to "stay"?

  79. What is the purpose of the double avatar?

  80. Is there a deadline for redeeming your easter eggs.

  81. How do I build a river or stream through my farm?

  82. I've tried and tried, but CANNOT get the black stallion! Help!

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    How can I find out what SIZE my farm is?

  84. Can we change the weather on Farmville?

  85. How do I get rid of the Co-Op icon on the bottom of my screen? Everytime I try to collect my gifts it goes to the Co-0p.

  86. Where can I store my tractor, seeder and harvester?

  87. How do you turn off the tractor?

  88. Is the all in one vehicle a farce?

  89. My all-in-one farming vehicle never showed up!

  90. Someone needs horseshoes for their stable...some people can gift her the horseshoes but for some reason I can't...why is that?

  91. How many FarmVille neighbors can join a co-op?

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    How do I get FV Cash from the Super Farmville Cash Sender?

  93. I think I am at the 24x24 many neighbors do I need to expand to an even larger farm

  94. How much gas does the airplane use?

  95. How do you stop fences, for example, from showing up after you've bought the amount you want? I can only leave the game and come back. Is there another way?

  96. How can I get a Garage for my tractors when it is locked at the market?

  97. I built the garage, but how do I "put a vehicle" into it? What do I do with the vehicle parts that people are sending me?

  98. What are the 15 unique trees needed for the blue ribbon?


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