FarmVille: Animal Feed Trough Attracts Wandering Animals

FarmVille has released a new feature today – an Animal Feed Trough. This new building. part of their buildings with a purpose series, allows you to entice wandering animals to your farm with fresh animal feed, giving you the opportunity to adopt them.



Once your Animal Feed Trough has been placed onto your farm, you will need to ask for Animal Feed. This request goes out to your wall so friends and neighbors can help:



You need to completely fill up your FarmVille Animal Feed Trough in order to have a wandering animal stop by. It takes 20 bags of feed to do this:



Animal Feed can be collected from your News Feed wall, from visiting your neighbors Animal Troughs, or by purchasing in the Market. Each bag of feed costs 1FV$.

Once you find animal feed on your wall or from a neighbors trough, you will find it in your Gift Box. Simply add it to your trough.

FarmVille will be adding new wandering animals to collect with this new feature. As soon as we know more about what those animals are, we will let you know!

Good luck collecting the new Wandering Animals with your new FarmVille Animal Feed Trough!



FarmVille: Build Your Underground Storage Cellar Now

FarmVille’s new Underground Storage Cellar has now arrived! If you do not yet have access to it, hang tight, it will be arriving shortly. This latest feature is now in roll out to everyone.

The new Underground Storage Cellar increases your storage capacity. You will now be able to store up to 500 items, while only taking up a small amount of space on your farm.

Underground Storage Cellar

The nitty-gritty:

  • Cost: 1 Free Storage Cellar found in your Gift Box. If you accidentally delete or sell it, you can purchase one in the Market for 10,000 coins.
  • Capacity: up to 500 items
  • Level Required: Players who have reached at least Level 16

Building your Underground Storage Cellar works similar to how we built Tuscan Wedding. You will need to collect Shovels from your friends and neighbors, which in turn both increase your cellar depth, and can be redeemed for exclusive gifts and decorations.

Once you place your Storage Cellar on your farm, look inside to view your progress, your friends’ progress, view your inventory or “Ask for More” shovels.




Inside FarmVille Underground Cellar


Once you have placed your Storage Cellar, ask your neighbors for Shovels:




The above request will go our directly to the specific neighbors you ask, allowing them to easily send you Shovels. In return for their assistance, they will get to choose from the following rewards as thanks:



As you increase your quantity of shovels, you are able to redeem them for exclusive prizes and decorations:

  • Mole – 20 Points
  • Crystal Rock – 40 Points
  • Miner Sheep – 60 Points
  • Cave Gnome – 120 Points
  • Antique Tractor – 200 Points

Underground Storage Cellar Mole

Underground Storage Cellar Crystal Rock

Underground Storage Cellar Cave Gnome

Underground Storage Cellar Vintage Tractor



FarmVille: Backyard Fort & Ice Cream Shop

FarmVille’s newest Limited Edition theme, Summer, brings us two new limited edition buildings; the Backyard Fort and an Ice Cream Shop.

Both items are available for the next 9 days in your Market:

  • Backyard Fort – $FV 30
  • Ice Cream Shop – 220,000 coins

FarmVille Limited Edition Backyard Fort

FarmVille Limited Edition Ice Cream Shop


Send a pic your farm featuring either of these buildings to and you could be featured here on the Insider!


FarmVille: 7 Days of Summer Event

For 7 golden days, FarmVille is bringing back favorite collections and releasing brand new items. Each day’s theme is different and only lasts a day, so make sure to check back every 24 hours!

The event starts Monday August 9th at 12:01am EST and lasts, well, 7 days of course!

Be on the lookout for these Animals:

  • Tiki Pig
  • Yukon Elk
  • Japanese Egret
  • Yukon Grizzly Cub
  • UFO Cow
  • Adobe Bobcat
  • Tuscan Horse
  • And more…

Be on the lookout for these Buildings:

  • Tuscan Farmhouse
  • Japanese Manor
  • Tiki Tree House
  • Tuscan Observatory
  • Adobe Mansion
  • And more…

Be on the lookout for these Decorations:

  • UFO
  • Tiki Statue
  • Momiji Tree
  • Tuscan Fountain
  • Chateau Pool
  • Tiki Volcano
  • And more…

Be on the lookout for these New items:

  • Beaver
  • Weasel
  • Camargue Horse
  • Camargue Foal
  • And more…

FarmVille 7 Days of Summer Event Decorations


FarmVille: Garage & Upgraded Vehicles Arrive

We just previewed this early today and it has now just been released. The new FarmVille Garage feature allows you to upgrade and store your Vehicles, enabling you to plow, plant and harvest even faster!

Please Note: This feature is currently only available to some users. FarmVille will be slowly rolling this feature out to all players soon!

The ability to build a Garage is available to players who have reached at least Level 22. They are used to store up to 20 Vehicles, such as Tractors, Harvesters and Seeders. To get started, the Garage Frame can be purchased from the Market for 50,000 Coins.

Build A Garage

Building your new Garage is very similar to other Buildings with a purpose we have seen, such as the Stable, with a few less parts required. Your Garage construction will require 10 Boards, 10 Bricks and 10 Nails.


FarmVille Garage Requirements


Once you have placed your Garage Frame, click on “look inside” from the Garage’s menu. Doing so will open a page that displays what you need to complete your Garage. You can collect materials for your garage in three different ways:

  • From neighbors via the Free Gifts Menu
  • Ask For More
  • Completing with Farm Cash
  • Note: You have the option of buying each part individually, or the complete set required, at any time

Upgrade Your Vehicles

Completing your Garage unlocks the ability to upgrade your Vehicles. To upgrade a Vehicle, place it in your Garage and click “look inside”. You will see the following menu that will display all of your stored vehicles:


FarmVille Upgrade Vehicle Requirements


Upgrading your Vehicles will increase the number of plots they affect (2×2, 3×3 etc). The higher level your Vehicle is, the more plots it will affect. Currently, the highest you can level your Vehicles to level 4.

Upgrading Vehicles requires Vehicle Parts. You can obtain Vehicle Parts two ways:

FarmVille Vehicle Parts

  • Ask For More
  • Completing with Farm Cash
  • Note: If at any time during your upgrade process you decide that you’d rather simply purchase the Vehicle Parts, you can do so by clicking the “Buy Parts” button that can be found in the Garage’s menu.

Once you have parts, you will see the following menu. From this menu you can select which Vehicle you would like to apply the Vehicle Part to:


FarmVille Upgrade Vehicle: Choose Which One


Each Vehicle Level requires the following:

  • Level 1: 2 Parts
  • Level 2: 5 Parts
  • Level 3: 10 Parts (Must be level 26 or above)
  • Level 4: 15 Parts (Must be level 26 or above)

Once you complete a level on your Vehicle, you will receive a pop-up that will allow you to post a feed to your wall. The first 10 Neighbors who click on this feed will receive 1 Vehicle Part.

All Vehicles that are stored in your Garage can still be used as normal. At the time, you may only have one Garage on your Farm and Biplanes cannot be stored in them.


FarmVille: Unreleased Garage

This feature has now been released!
It looks like we may soon have a Garage to place our FarmVille vehicles into!

We have just come across some images, detailing what looks like the various construction phases of a Garage. Assuming this follows the same lines as past FarmVille construction releases, parts will giftable to and from neighbors.

Note: There is no known date of release and it is not a guaranteed featured.

FarmVille Unreleased Garage 1

FarmVille Unreleased Garage 2

FarmVille Unreleased Garage


Will you be constructing the FarmVille Garage if it is released? Let us know below!



FarmVille Buildings: New England Coastal Mansion & Coastal Hideaway

As part of the current New England theme, two new buildings have just been released: the Coastal Hideaway and the Coastal Mansion.

These buildings are Limited Edition, released on August 5th and available for the next 10 days.

  • Coastal Mansion – 42 FV$
  • Coastal Hideaway – 350,000 Coins

FarmVille New England Coastal Mansion

FarmVille New England Coastal Hideaway


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