FrontierVille: Cabbage Crop

We finally have a new FrontierVille crop – Cabbage! It takes 16 hours for Cabbage to ripen and will wither after a further 16 hours. Harvesting uses 1 Energy, gives 9 XP and 419 Coins. There is a chance of finding an item from the Cabbage Collection when harvesting or watering Cabbage. Cabbage is initially locked...

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FrontierVille Quest: In The Cabbage Patch

It’s time to grow your FrontierVille family! But first, you have to complete the In The Cabbage Patch quest as follows: In the Cabbage Patch: Part 1 – Rewards: Have you heard? Cabbages grow great in the Frontier! You GOTTA get yerself some of this action. Maybe your friends have some seeds they can lend...

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FrontierVille Quest: Overseas Marriage

Keep your eye open for a letter from your widdering aunty in the old country! She has an Overseas Marriage announcement for you, and five new missions to complete: Overseas Marriage: Part 1 ”Nice presents for husband and wife are good. Also much cloths for der making of wedding trousers…” Craft Ten Presents...

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FrontierVille Quest, Mission, Tasks & Goal Guide – Part 2

The Following Details Quests Released After August 2010. Click Here For Older Quest Details! Spoiler Alert! The following post details each FrontierVille quest, allowing you to plan ahead when playing the game. If you do not wish to know what quests lay ahead of you, please do not read Want to know what lies ahead...

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FrontierVille Buildings: How To Build a Storage Shed

The following details what exactly your FrontierVille Storage Shed is used for, and how to build one: To Purchase & Build: Purchase: Market Cost: 20 Wood + 20,000 (19,000) Coins Bonus: receive ? XP when you purchase and place onto your homestead Requirements to Build: 5 Cement, 5 Shingles, 5 Pegs, 5 Mallets, 5...

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FrontierVille: Build A Storage Shed Coming Soon

Running out of room for all your FrontierVille decorations? Think it’s past time for some storage? Well hang tight to your knickers and bloomers – Storage Sheds are on their way! FrontierVille just made sneak status update, indicating that we will soon be able to build a storage shed.    

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FrontierVille: Rogue App Frontier Helper Silently Spams Your Wall

If you are a fan of FrontierVille, you may be tempted to allow access to a new app called Frontier Helper. Don’t. The application, developed by, is highly suspect and is virally making its rounds to players news feeds. Like most of these deceptive apps, it promises “100′s of neighbors...

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FrontierVille Quest: Homestead Expansion

The ability to expand your homestead has finally arrived! The quest can be activated from the Specials tab for 5000 Coins, and once complete, will increase your homestead to 29×29 Big Homestead. Note: All prices below are assuming you have not completed the Rithmatic School House lesson. There are multiple parts...

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FrontierVille: Sharp Axe Mafia Wars Cross Promo

FrontierVille and Mafia Wars have teamed up for a new cross promotion of their games. For a limited time, each time you level up in Mafia Wars, you can earn a Sharp Axe in FrontierVille. The Sharp Axe is a new feature within FrontierVille. They allow you 4 Chops, costing you only 1 Energy. You can earn 1 free Sharp...

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FrontierVille Postcard Collection

There was a new FrontierVille collection introduced Aug 2, 2010 – the Postcard Collection.     So far, we know that the following items from the Postcard Collection can be found inside the newly released FrontierVille Mystery Gifts: Postcard Collection – rewards 1 Saltpeter Postcard Baltimore ...

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FrontierVille Releases Mystery Gifts

FrontierVille has now added the ability to send Mystery Gifts to your friends and neighbors. You never know what could be inside! The Mystery Gift box is not found on your Free Gifts page. You will find the link to send them down in your neighbor bar, as seen below:     So far, we have found 4 different...

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FrontierVille: Tend Unready Neighbor Animals

You can now tend unready animals on the homesteads of your FrontierVille neighbors. This is excellent news for those searching for specific collection items. Tending an unready animal is easy. You simply click the animal. Brushing/tending the animal multiple times will change it to a Hungry state. For example, tending...

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