FarmVille: Guide To FarmVille Orchards & Tree Mastery

FarmVille is the process of rolling out its latest new feature – orchards with Tree Mastery!

You’ll get your first Orchard frame for free and there is no level restriction. Everyone gets one!

The Orchard is a constructable building, so you’ll need a grand total of 30 parts (10 bricks, 10 nails and 10 wooden boards) to finish it. Like other constructable buildings, you can ask your neighbors for these parts by posting to your feed, give parts to your neighbors via the Free Gifts page, or acquire new parts by purchase (with Farm Cash) or through Special Delivery Boxes.



Once an Orchard is fully complete, you can choose to start building another one by buying an incomplete Orchard frame in the Market (for 1,000 coins) or a fully complete Orchard (30 Farm Cash). You can have as many Orchards as you have farm space for, provided you are building only one at a time.


How To Add Trees To Your Orchard


Each Orchard can hold up to 20 trees, which you can move into the Orchard simply by clicking on tree, selecting Move, and then clicking on the Orchard you want to move the tree in to. Visually the Orchard will show each of the individual trees you put into it. You cannot directly choose where the trees are placed in the Orchard, but you can choose the order by which they go into the Orchard, and that order determines how the Orchards look visibly.


Mystery Tree Seedlings


An Orchard is harvestable once every 24 hours. When you harvest it, you’ll gain the total amount of coins each of the trees would normally give during a harvest if they were placed individually on the farm.

Harvesting an Orchard may also give you a Mystery Seed. When this happens you’ll get a notice, and the Mystery Seed will be placed in your Gift Box.

The Mystery Seed is a new tree—the exact identity of the type of tree depends on the makeup of the Orchard.

For example, if your Orchard has 15 Apricot Trees and 5 Guava Trees, chances are the Orchard will produce an Apricot seedling rather than a Guava seedling. In addition, the Mystery Seed is an upgraded version of tree that produced it.

For example, if the seedling comes from an Apricot tree then it will produce an Apricot Golden tree (a Level 2 tree).

Note that some Level 2 trees may already be available in FarmVille in one form or another, and they do not produce anything better than Level 2 trees (there are no Level 3 trees… yet). That doesn’t mean you can’t have them in your Orchard though!


Watering Cans


You won’t know what kind of tree it is until it’s fully grown. In order to grow a Mystery Seed into a tree, you’ll need to first place it on the farm and then water it ten times.

You can gift individual Watering Cans through the Free Gifts page (and that’s how you can receive them from your neighbors), or you can buy them from the Market for 1 Farm Cash each. To water the sapling, simply click on it and choose the Watering option (if you don’t have any Watering Cans, you can use the menu to ask or buy for more).

Once watered ten times, the Mystery Seed will now be fully grown into the new tree. This new tree acts like any other tree—you can harvest it individually, move it, store it, or put it back into any Orchard that has room.


Tree Mastery


Harvesting trees will also now contribute to Tree Mastery! That’s right, you can now Master all of the different Tree types and receive Mastery Signs for them. In this fashion they work just like crop mastery—each time you harvest a tree it leads towards mastery of that tree (whether the tree is on the farm or in an Orchard). You can earn 3 stars for each tree type, which is also reflected in the Tree Mastery Sign (which you’ll earn for getting the first star for that tree). Level 1 and Level 2 trees are both masterable. Once you’ve harvested a tree type enough to get the first star, you’ll see a reward window and the Mastery Sign will show up in your Gift Box.

You can check on how far along your Mastery is in a couple of ways. When you look inside the Orchard you can see how many stars you’ve earned for each tree as well as the progress bar that shows how far you have to go to get the next star. You can see the same level of information by clicking on the revised “Collections” button in the UI menu on the bottom right. Previously you were able to select from “Collections” or “Ribbons” but now you have a third option for “Masteries”. That will bring you to the new Masteries windows, which visually shows all of your Crop and Tree masteries. This is also the window you’ll see if you click on the “Tree Masteries” button in the Orchard window.



Hint: offers a wider selection of trees to send to your neighbors for free


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