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When you are going to do a people search, using social networking websites is out of the question. It is because that if you compile all the user accounts of all social networking websites, you will have more than 2 billion of such profiles. Because of this, social networking websites are very powerful if you are serious to find friends through the Internet.

Probably the biggest and most significant change in the history of chat was the introduction of the graphical emoticon or smiley face symbol. First seen on ICQ in the early nineties, and then mastered by Microsoft with their MSN program later, the smiley face personified everything that the internet generation was feeling at the time. It was cool, it was digital and it could avoid wasting long periods of time typing.

Microsoft didn’t rest on its laurels, and continued to develop the idea of using graphical images to represent what it saw as people’s feelings. In a later version of MSN Messenger, they came up with the genius idea of allowing people to add their own emoticons to their client, effectively opening up a new industry of custom logos and emotes which would drive their product forward for the next five years.

Here is a question for you, would you ever propose or accept a proposal for marriage on a first date? That’s a rhetorical question because we all know the answer, at least I hope so. Also think about the one liner dudes that go up to a girl and say something corny like, “What’s a girl like you doing in a place like this?” Yeah, real smooth.

Then why would someone use similar methods to attract people to their business. When people are considering getting involved in a serious relationship, consciously or unconsciously they want to know, what does this person have to offer me? How can they enhance my life?

The disadvantages:

1. Fraudulent information.

When you are going to search one person, you might be shocked why there are a lot of accounts about that person (especially if he’s a celebrity.) You might even think how in the world can he manage 25 user accounts. With this, there are several fake user accounts in these websites. Now, you do not want a poser, or an imitation, right?

Like information that can help their business. For example:

• Free software that can help them market there business better?

• A web site or a forum that has great information related to there business.

• Techniques you have found successful in building your business…etc.

I think you get the point. If you use attraction marketing and your consistent, you won’t have to send annoying messages, people will view you as a leader and seek you out to find out more about your business

Resource Author Francisco Rodriguez Higueras
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Strategic Social Media Marketing on Facebook

“Social Media Marketing on Facebook”

When it comes to social media marketing its a good rule of thumb to remember genuineness is rewarded and commercial behavior is more often tossed in the spam bin.

Facebook really produces an opportunity for this genuine and creative interaction.  An account will even be deleted if there is not a person’s name as the user name or it’s discovered that they are not a real person.

This is perhaps one of the key factors that helps to build trust which can then in turn lead to influence.

Communication on Facebook happens mostly in the form of “messages”.  You have your one-to-one communications and your one-to-many.

These messages can come in the form of:

  • Event Invitations – These would be RSVP style invitations to members of groups or to friends.
  • Group Messages – Administrators of groups with 5,000 or less members can send out a message to all members that goes right into their personal inbox.
  • Personal Updates – When you add a message to your profile it will appear on your friend’s pages (status, updates, notices).  If you add a message to your friends wall it will appear on all their friend’s home pages.

Having a lot of friends on Facebook is obviously your first key to success.

To get started:

  • Each day make 20 new friends
  • And write on their walls
  • Make a minimum of 500 targeted friends
  • Form Your Group
  • Come up with a name and purpose
  • Create Your Group
  • Fill in details – describe group’s purpose
  • Invite Your 500 plus Friends to Join
  • Grow Your Group to 1000 Quickly
  • When adding friends create a personable message to ask for friendships.
  • Request friendship from other people of influence in your industry.
  • Don’t try to add everyone all at once, but gradually over time.
  • Approve others requesting your friendship.

This takes a little discipline and commitment but it’s really not that complicated.
Simply staying connected and adding value to your friends on Facebook is the key to unlock your social media marketing goldmine.

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Facebook has become a universal fetish for teens, college students, moms, dads, business people, musicians, artists, baby boomers, grandmas and grandpas…there is no limit to the reach of Facebook.  Frightening?

This phenomenon has effectively superseded traditional industrial media (newspapers, film and television), by transforming news or social developments into social dialogues. Social media allows numerous sources of information on the same topic to be created and accessed, the content of which is referred to as user-generated content or consumer-generated media. With such a wide reach, it is no surprise that the marketing sphere has embraced it wholeheartedly.

Given the vastness of the online world and potentially limitless number of audience members, the idea of social media marketing is an appealing one. Marketing through social media should be thought of as a viable option when you consider the fact that the most affluent consumers are the most likely to be influenced by media when it comes to the selection of home repair services. In general, online reviews and opinions have begun to play a large part in swaying the decisions of many consumers on a myriad of services and goods.

If you’re getting hit with hard with marketing messages by people that you’ve met on Facebook, do these people a favor…

TELL THEM TO STOP! You don’t have to put up with bad Facebook Marketers and poor Facebook Etiquette.  What I suggest, you tell people is… “Hey, we just met.  You’re coming on a little heavy with the marketing.  I’m here on Facebook to create relationships and to meet people. Slow down.”

Many companies or businesses may find it a great wrench to move away from more traditional marketing and into media marketing. It’s true that time is needed to fully come to grips with a different approach to information, but when used correctly, social media can eventually prove to be a great return on their investment

Resource Author Francisco Rodriguez H.
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