FarmVille: New Chicken Coops With Mystery Eggs

FarmVille has been on a roll the past few weeks with a ton of new features, and finally the 22×22 expansion!

One of these fabulous new features is the latest addition to their ‘buildings with a purpose’ series – a Chicken Coop!

We suspected this building was coming but were surprised to see it giftable. It can also be purchased at the Market for 5000 coins, and can house up to 20 chickens. However, its seems that as of right now, we are allowed only 1 Chicken Coop. The reasoning behind this is not known, so don’t shoot the messenger

***NOTE*** As stated above, you are only allowed 1 coop. If you receive more than 1 chicken coop as a gift, each additional coop will automatically turn into a chicken and be placed in your Gift Box.

The new FarmVille Chicken Coops not only allows us to save space on our farms, but also bring another new feature – Mystery Eggs. FarmVille Mystery Eggs are awarded randomly from chickens inside your new coop. The more chickens you have in your coop, the more often you could be rewarded with a Premium White Mystery Egg (white, brown, black or gold).

When you are awarded one of these Mystery Eggs, you will have the option to post it to your feed and share with your friends. Up to 5 friends will be able to claim an egg to crack open.

But, it seems there are more interesting ones to come!



As you can see from the above screenshot, “Different color chickens give you better eggs”. We can only assume from this, that we will be seeing a wider variety of Mystery Eggs rolling about. (one would think it was Easter time!)

Premium Mystery Eggs come in 4 colors – White, Brown, Black and Gold. Here is the list of prizes inside, according to a post on the Zynga forums:

Premium White Mystery Eggs:

* Chicken Coop (If you don’t have one already)
* White Chicken
* Brown Chicken
* Garden Gnome
* Pink Flamingo

Brown Mystery Eggs:

* Brown Chicken
* Black Chicken
* 1 Fuel refill

Black Mystery Eggs:

* Black Chicken
* Golden Chicken
* 10 Fuel Refills

Golden Mystery Eggs:

* Golden Chicken
* Tree Swing
* Hot Tub
* Fire Pit
* Golden Gnome
* 20 Fuel Refills

Until then, enjoy the new FarmVille fun!



8 Responses to “FarmVille: New Chicken Coops With Mystery Eggs”
  1. says:

    OMG! I GOT A BROWN CHICKEN! SAME WITH MY FRIEND CAMERON! we also have gotten garden gnomes.

    • Mary Haas says:

      How do you explain the guy who has two chicken coops? I think if it is good for one it should be good for all. I know for a fact he has two because I took a picture of it and he posted his own photo of it!

      • Joanne Dolles says:

        Sorry, since we are not Zynga, we can’t explain it. All we can do is report how the game is displayed. Inside the Market, it clearly says Limit 1 (locked) for both Garden Sheds and Chicken Coops.

        It most likely is one of their usual glitches. We’ve had goats standing in the middle of our feilds so nothing surprises me

  2. jason says:

    any idea how a farmer can get more than one mystery egg a day? I saw one person post several yesterday.

    • Joanne Dolles says:

      If a player is harvesting their chickens at different times of the day, it is possible for them to receive more than 1 mystery egg. This would be assuming that not all of their chickens are inside the Chicken Coop. They most likely are scattered throughout their farm.

      • Mark says:

        I have had my chickens in the coop for days and all I get is money from them. Am I doing something wrong?

        • Joanne Dolles says:

          You’re not doing anything wrong. Premium eggs are collected randomly so it could be days before you see one.

  3. Hi,
    I would like to add that the coop must be always a bit larger than actually required. As this would allow the chickens to move freely within the coop, thus having some sort of exercise.
    backyard chicken coop´s last blog ..Comment by


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