FarmVille: Tuscan Wedding Favor Items

The Tuscan Wedding Celebration is the latest event being hosted by FarmVille. The concept is similar to what we have seen with the Valentine, Pot of Gold, and Easter events, but will require a little more effort.

Everyone is provided with a Wedding Tent in their gift box to start. If you by chance deleted your tent or did not receive one, and would like to start collecting, you can purchase one from the Market for 1 F$.

There are 4 different items you need to collect 4 each of; Olives, Goat’s Milk, Eggs and Truffles. Once you have collected all 16, you can trade them in for 5 Favors. These favors can then be traded in for Limited Edition Tuscan items.

The 4 items can be gifted by your neighbors, or harvested from around your FarmVille farm as follows:

Olives – from harvesting Olive trees
Eggs – from harvesting Chickens
Truffles – from harvesting Pigs
Goat’s Milk – from harvesting Goats

FarmVille Tuscan Wedding Progress


Here are the Limited Edition Tuscan Wedding items you unlock as your favor count increases:

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