Mafia Wars: Bangkok Job Mastery Rewards

It takes time, patience and an insane amount of B$ to complete Diamond Level Mastery in Mafia Wars Bangkok. This is the only city so far that requires 4 complete levels to master, instead of the normal 3 we saw in New York, Cuba and Moscow.

It’s worth it! The job mastery rewards earned are by far some of the best items we have seen in the game to date. Here is what you can look forward to:


Mafia Wars Bangkok Tiger Sak Yant
Episode 1 – Brawler
Tiger Sak Yant
65 Attack 42 Defense

Mafia Wars Bangkok Royal Thai Police Tank
Episode 2 – Criminal
Royal Thai Police Tank
58 Attack 74 Defense

Mafia Wars Bangkok Harpoon Cannon
Episode 3 – Pirate
Harpoon Cannon
88 Attack 51 Defense

Mafia Wars Bangkok Armored War Elephant
Episode 4 – Commandant
Armored War Elephant
96 Attack 69 Defense

Mafia Wars Bangkok Ronin Armor
Episode 5A – Oyabun
Ronin Armor
72 Attack 111 Defense

Mafia Wars Bangkok Typhoon Cleavers
Episode 5B – Dragon Head
Typhoon Cleavers
70 Attack 112 Defense

Mafia Wars Bangkok Xinthriy Executive Jet
Episode 6 – Saboteur
Xinthriy Executive Jet
78 Attack 125 Defense

Mafia Wars Bangkok Thai Giant Centipede
Episode 7 – Assassin
Thai Giant Centipede
133 Attack 80 Defense


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