FrontierVille Buildings: Sawmill

Here are all the details released so far about FrontierVille’s Sawmill:

To Purchase & Build:

Purchase: Market
Cost: 40 Wood + 30,000 Coins
Bonus: receive 27 XP when you purchase and place onto your homestead
Requirements to Build: 20 Paint Bucket, 20 Hammer, 20 Hand Drill, 20 Brick, 20 Nail, 40 Energy and 400 Wood


The Sawmill can be customized via the Walls, Roof, Trim and Details.

Crafting Workbench:

Your crafting workbench is found inside the Sawmill and can be accessed by clicking on ‘Go Inside’. The items you can craft inside the Sawmill are:

Furnishings: requires 4 Sawhorses + 4 Tools
Feather Bed: requires 1 Furnishings + 2 Comforters

Note #1: Craft Comforters first inside your Chicken Coop.

Note #2: Craft Sawhorse first inside your Barn.

Daily Bonus:

The Sawmill will automatically drop wood from every Pine and Oak tree on your homestead when you claim the daily bonus. The amount of wood you receive will correspond with how mature your trees are. For example, 2 chop trees yield 2 pieces of wood, 8 chop trees yield 8 pieces of wood, and 12 chop trees yield 12 pieces of wood.

You also have the chance at receiving an item from the Sawmill Collection.

List of Quests/Goals Requiring The Sawmill:

– Details coming soon



8 Responses to “FrontierVille Buildings: Sawmill”
  1. Pamela Rast says:

    Where in the world can you get hammers and drills? They are soooo infrequent and so many are required to finish these items! I cannot afford to buy the horseshoes…. so that is out of the question. Also…. can you get rid of having to pick up EVERY one of the items produced by an accomplishment? You stick those windows in there telling of the accomplishment, and by the time you publish….. you have lost all the items. I have stopped posting so I can get my bonuses.

    • Joanne Dolles says:

      Your neighbors gift you hammers and hand drills. You can also add them to your wish list. You may want to considering increasing the number of neighbors you have to increase your chances of getting these items.

    • Vicki K says:

      Just so you know, you don’t have to click on all the food, coins and xp when you do something. It does give you bonus coins if you do, but all the items will be added for you. So keep publishing, you won’t lose anything.

  2. brad says:

    Is there any point, other than looks, to having more than one of the different buildings? If you have two sawmills, can you get a daily bonus from each?

    As for publishing – if the items drop below that pop-up, you can click OK button – but don’t publish yet. You can pick up the dropped items while that publish window is coming up, and finish it only when you’ve gotten all your loots.

    • Joanne Dolles says:

      Yes, you can collect the daily bonus from duplicate buildings. I have 2 chicken coops and at one point had 2 school houses and 2 cabins. There is a point you will need 2 covered wagons and can collect daily from both

  3. Oleatha says:

    I would like to know just when do you get the dang ‘peanut shells’ from the groundhogs!,,I have already done the groundhog missing and NOT ONE stinking ‘peanut shell!!,,it’s driving me nuts,,!,,it’s the only thing holding me back from getting this mission done!!!,,

    I have also asked over and over is there a ‘feature on here’ where i can get notified when i have a reply to my questions?????,,Please send to my ‘INBOX’ on fb,,so I can ‘FIND’ IT,,thx

    • Zoey says:

      Plant potatoes so your chances of a groundhog happens more frequently. Eventually you will receive the required amt of peanut shells. Same thing for the clover tea quest. I had to plant clovers over and over and over, drove me crazy, but I eventually completed the quest.

  4. koolio says:

    i cant find any ribeye?! hellp

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