FrontierVille: The Wilderness Arrives On Facebook!

The wilderness has arrived and it’s time to stake your claim with the latest social media game release from Zynga, FrontierVille!

Just released yesterday, June 9th, FrontierVille kicks off with a ton of content and activities to keep you entertained for as much, or as little time as you wish. Although being plagued by quite a few new release teething issues, it certainly looks promising. We struggled with connection issues, but when we were able to access the game, we really enjoyed our time playing.

The game centers around a wilderness frontier theme, where you are given the task of staking your claim, building your homestead, and eventually your own frontier town. There are plenty of activities and quests to keep you busy! Be sure to keep your eyes out for rattlesnakes, bears, and gophers!

Here are just a few of the game features:

  • Farming crops and animals
  • Crafting tools and supplies
  • Assemble buildings
  • Clearing your land
  • Quests/Tasks
  • Helping neighbor rewards
  • Bonuses for quick claiming of rewards

A group of tasks provides each FrontierVille player with the chance to earn gold, wood, experience, food, and/or reputation. You can also be lucky enough to find bonus collection items, for even more goodies. Some tasks, such as chopping down a tree, will earn you wood and experience, whereas others such as helping out on your neighbors land will earn you experience, food, gold and reputation.

There are plenty of features already released in FrontierVille, as our new section dedicated to the game here on, will provide you with the details, tips and tricks you will want to level up fast.

Be sure to bookmark us, , or join our to ensure you catch the latest news and updates, as we too go west and venture out into FrontierVille!

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  1. Joyce says:

    I love playing Frontier Ville and the many interesting challenges you’re giving us. It’s a great game. The only thing I don’t like about it, it freezes too much! I know it’s not in my computer because I don’t have this problem with the other games. Suggestions: I would like to be able to plant some okra, turnip greens, and or black-eyed peas! All and all it’s a great game!

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