Vampire Wars: Risk vs Reward of Mandy And Akem

Are you a Vampire Wars fan? If so, we’ve got two elders, Mandy and Akem, who betting that you will want to gamble for the chance of winning some rewards. Let’s check them out…

Mandy’s Wheel

Is a bit of blood worth winning energy, rage (a good thing to have) or experience? You bet it is! Blood Magic is Mandy’s specialty.

Dare you gamble on a spin of Mandy’s Wheel? She requires payment in blood. Beware the Witch’s Curse. Once every four hours you can spin the Wheel and hope that Mandy will choose to reward you. If you win a reward, she will reward others in your clan at random. If you get cursed, only you will suffer.

Have you often wondered how to spin more often? In a word, bribery. Mandy will take 15 favor points and half the normal blood payment as a bribe to let you spin as often as you wish. As a reward for the bribe, Mandy will not curse you so there will only be good things that come from that spin. The curse will cost you blood to fight the damage but the good news is that only the blood on hand is affected.

Most of the time the gift is beneficial such as energy, rage (a good thing) or experience but it is a gamble. The odd time, Mandy will curse you so beware!

Keep your eye out for Blood Magic that will appear right beside your level number. This happens if you have an active clan and they are spinning the wheel. To see what you have and for how long, click on it when it appears and you will be taken to the Active Magic.

Gaming Tip!
Is your browser lagging when you play Vampire Wars? If you are using Internet Explorer, change to a faster browser for your game play. IE is a bulky and slow browser that isn’t very good for gaming. Using a lighter, faster browser such as Opera, Chrome or Firefox will help to ensure that you don’t lose fights because of browser lag.

Akem’s Gamble

Once a every 24 hours, Akem Manah gives you the opportunity to gamble on the chance that you may win rare and valuable abilities. It seems that Akem is susceptible to bribes and will let you spin more than once a day for a payment of 10 favor points.

In the Gamble, you are given three chests to choose from. In two are common abilities but there is one chest that holds something truly special. Take a gamble and fervently hope that you will win a treasure from the Crypt.

Akem looks favorably upon the faithful that risk a gamble every day. Treasures from the Crypt are bestowed upon those that play on multiple, consecutive days. Who knows what you might be rewarded with, you’ll have to play to discover these joys.


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