Fake “Free FarmVille Cash” Promises Frustrate Players

There has been a rash of fan pages, applications and groups started lately, promising FarmVille players a boatload of Free FarmVille Cash, or Free Mystery Boxes, that has millions not only disappointed, but rake waving mad. Some of these scams even go as far as claiming to be “official Zynga initiatives”, as I will show below.

In a nutshell, these programs, offers, and deals are scams. You will not receive 500 Free FarmVille Cash in 24 hours, there is no Free FarmVille Cash Program being offered by Zynga, and you will not receive a free Mystery Box within 6 days of inviting all your friends…

That is the whole point of these fake offers – inviting friends to join. The more fans and members these pages have, the more people the creator has to either market other products to, or names built up for ulterior motives.

Here is just 3 of the so-called FarmVille programs we have chosen to showcase, affecting the largest number of people. Keep in mind, there are many more out there:


Over 121,000 people have fallen for this one…

As you can see below from this one, they claim to be Zynga, working towards increasing the number of FarmVille players. They also state that in order to qualify for up to 100 free FarmVille cash, you need to invite all your friends and at least 15% must accept. At that point you will have $FV added to your “balance”.

Firstly, we manage a Facebook Fan page, and there is NO way to see who invites who, nor how many people accepted invitations. Fan page creators can only see a list of fans; the exact same list you see on the left side of any fan page.



Secondly, there is no “balance” on a Fan page, therefore there is nowhere to add the $FV. They are trying to fool you into thinking it will appear in your FarmVille account balance, but, fan pages are not directly linked to applications, therefore it is impossible for them to know your account details.

However, what worries me about this one is their so-called “verification” process. There is NO verification process to become a fan. If you are required to enter ANY of your personal information what-so-ever, you are most likely going to become the victim of a hacking attempt.


Over 46,000 people have fallen for this one…

As you can see below, this one claims to be an “official Zynga initiative”, which simply is not true. Supposedly, all you need to do is invite all your friends, and 500 $FV will be awarded to you. As mentioned above, it is not possible to track who invites who on fan pages. Simply stay clear of this one.




Over 113,000 people have fallen for this one…

Following the same scheme as the others, this one requires you to send the invite to at least 70% of your friends, or else be “disqualified” from receiving a FarmVille Mystery Box.



There are also numerous other gifting applications out there, that while are not intended to defraud or scam anyone, do end up leaving the participant extremely frustrated.

We have had numerous questions sent to our Quickie Q & A section asking why players cannot find their “gifts” in their FarmVille accounts. This is because these gifting applications are purely for entertainment. When you send a gift to your friend, all they can do with it is look at it. It cannot be integrated into their FarmVille farm.

While these types of gifting groups are harmless, and fun for many who love to collect things, those expecting to actually receive the item to use on their farms are going to end up sorely disappointed.

Here is an example of one such application, that not only has frustrated many, but has gathered a whopping 6.5 million users. Most likely almost all of them expecting to receive the actual gift.



Once again I will say that these gifting applications are not scams – just more of an annoyance than anything.

Avoid Disappointment!


The only place you can send or receive actual FarmVille gifts, $FV cash, or FarmVille Mystery boxes is on the actual FarmVille Game Application, or on their website FarmVille.com itself. Zynga offers no other programs or promotions, outside of any contests/offers/etc detailed on their own application Fan page, or within the actual game itself.

I hope this has saved a few of you out there from getting burned!!




7 Responses to “Fake “Free FarmVille Cash” Promises Frustrate Players”
  1. Debra says:

    I and I am sure others would like to have a way to harvest our animals without having to click on everyone individually. Is there any idea you have coming?

    • Joanne Dolles says:

      I have tons of ideas they could use, but since I am not Zynga, nor have any affiliation with them, I highly doubt they will be implemented..lol

  2. Neil says:

    One other thing, is there a way to make those baby calf grow into cows or maybe change them into cows?

    • Joanne Dolles says:

      So far, we are unable to mature our baby calfs. I think most people like them as babies…. And they still produce a coin bonus for us daily as they are now. I wish they allowed the baby turkeys to stay babies though!

  3. manela says:

    i love palyaing farmville is a very good game, but… very careful about all thes inconvenents going around can made u very ill!

  4. Neil says:

    Yes it’s true that it’s hard to harvest them one by one and it takes a lot of time picking and clicking them. What I would like to say is that the developer must also be players of the game so that they know where to see the INCONVENIENCES of the game. Yes, I also have a lot of ideas but as Joanne says above, “I doubt if they will be implemented.”



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